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Contributor at Hardball Times and Beyond the Box Score.

Retrosheet enthusiast. Chicago.

My wife chose my avatar.

User Blog

wOBA Against Leaderboards


Looking at Weighted On-Base Average for pitchers.

Game Day data in MongoDB


A Perl project that pulls data from MLB's AtBat servers and shoves them into a local MongoDB.

When is an error more likely to occur in a game?


Looking at how base/out state, inning, and score impact the frequency of errors.

Prospects Debuting too Early?


Looking at which players debuted prior to their age 21 season with disastrous consequences.

Greatest Discrepancies in Career Fielding


Looking at the careers where UZR, DRS, and FRAA disagree the most.

Stolen Base Rates for Pitchers


Which pitchers are best at preventing the stolen base? And which pitchers are giving away the extra base?

Changing run environments within a single season


Looking at outlier months in league average runs-per-game.

Jose Molina and Called Strikes


Using a simpler method to appreciate the best pitch framer in the game.

Strikeouts: Good for pitchers, and for hitters?


An attempt to explain the asymmetry between the value of a strikeout for pitchers and batters.

2013 Team Previews: Cubs


What to expect from the 2013 Cubs.

The Rise of the Called Strike.


Called Strikes are on the rise over the last two decades, while swinging strikes have remained static. Is the new pitcher's era an empire built upon the Called Strike?

Kimbrel vs Gagne and K%+


Using league-adjusted strikeout rates to put Craig Kimbrel's historic 2012 season into context.

WAR After 35


Looking at which players have had more success in the latter years of the their career through the lens of Wins Above Replacement.

History's Most Lopsided Teams


Examining teams throughout history that have leaned heavily to one side of the roster or another.

The Most Overrated Players of All-time


Comparing Elo-Ratings with adjusted WAR totals to reveal the most overrated and underrated players of the past century.

The Dangers of the Hanging Change-up


Using PITCHf/x to determine how location of the change-up affects home run rates.

History of The Bunt Double


A quick look at one of baseball's strangest events through the years.

Saberizing a Mac #9: Retrosheet (part 1)


The next step in creating your own sabermetric database.

Adding Defensive Adjustments to ERA+


Pitching in front of sub-par defenses for a significant number of seasons can have an extremely detrimental effect on a pitchers league-adjusted, park-adjusted statistics. What happens when we try...

Saberizing a Mac #8: Creating a WAR database


Continuing Beyond The Box Score's series on creating your own sabermetric database.

Do Defensive Metrics Disagree Too Much?


Examining the greatest discrepancies between some of the more the popular defensive metrics of the day.

WAR of the Ages


Using Wins Above Replacement to measure changing age trends in baseball's history.

A-Rod and the Career Home Run Race


A look at A-Rod's dwindling chances at hitting 763 Home Runs before career's end.

Saberizing a Mac #7: Year-to-year correlations


The next step in building your own sabermetric database.

Saberizing a Mac #6: Calculating FIP, FIP-, ERA-


Beyond the Box Score continues it's classic series on creating your own sabermetric database.

Saberizing a Mac #5: Calculating wOBA


After years of dormancy, Beyond the Box Score re-opens a classic guide to creating your own sabermetric workbench.

A Brief History of Pitcher's Hitting


Looking at the best and worst seasons and careers of pitchers in the batter's box.

Greatest Traded Seasons


Remembering which player-seasons in the Live Ball Era accumulated the most WAR with two different ballclubs.

Using WAR Variations to Measure 'Career Shapes'


WAR is a fantastic tool by which we measure a player's overall value with a baseline set at "replacement-level." What happens when we raise that baseline to All-Star or even MVP level? Which...

The Decline of the First-Pitch Out


An examination of the disappearance of the first-pitch out in the last few decades and a celebration of those pitchers who excelled at inducing them.

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