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Contributor at Hardball Times and Beyond the Box Score.

Retrosheet enthusiast. Chicago.

My wife chose my avatar.

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Greatest Final Seasons


Which players in baseball history have gone out on top?

Limiting Damage from the Longball


A look at which pitchers have given up the fewest amount of runs via the home run.

Knowing When To Surrender the Walk.


A look at which pitchers are issuing the free pass in the best and worst base/out conditions.

Introducing kwERA Minus


Looking at the best pitching seasons in recent and baseball history through the lens of kwERA.

Do hitters step it up with an ace on the mound?


Can certain elite pitchers inspire their offenses to perform better at the plate?

The Greatest Positional Player Trios


With the new Pujols-Trout-Hamilton triple threat now being hyped in Anaheim, let's take a look at some of the other more remarkable hitting trios in baseball history.

Is The #5 Hitter a Dying Breed?


Part two in a series of the evolution of major league lineup construction.

Who Was The Best Bunter of All-Time?


Exploring which batters in Baseball history achieved the most bunt hits with the bases empty.

Beanballs! Headhunting! Pitcher Retaliation!


Attempting to quantify retaliation efforts in pitchers.

How Has Reliever Usage Changed?


A look at some of the advantages relief pitchers may be gaining as Baseball evolves.

Evolution of the Lead-Off Hitter


A look at what qualities in the lead-off hitter have changed over the years.

Carlos Ruiz's Strange Power Surge


A look at some rare statistical aspects of Carlos Ruiz's tainted breakout season.

Greinke's Strange Game


A look at one of the stranger pitching performances of 2012 that you may have missed.

World Series Bash Brothers


These are the most dangerous offensive duos in World Series history.

Who wins the extra-long at-bat?


Examining whether batters are more likely to succeed once they've seen 8, 10, 12, or even 18 pitches in an at-bat.

The Most Dominant Post-Season Pitching Staffs Ever


Exploring the Detroit Tiger's dominant pitching in the ALCS and where it ranks in post-season history.

Does Blowing a Late Lead Affect Performance?


Does the sense of hopelessness that comes from blowing a late-lead have an effect on subsequent game outcomes?

Outliers, Mirages, and Flukes: Quantified


Quantifying the flukiest seasons in baseball's history.

What Baseball Study Do You Want to See?


Don't have the time to research that theory of yours that is surely going to change the way we look at baseball forever? Share it with the group, and maybe someone can help.

Stop using K/9 and BB/9!


A look at BABIP's effect on the 'per 9' metrics and why you shouldn't use them.

Just how dead is aggressive baserunning?


A deeper look at the evolving conservative habits of third-base coaches.

Is Fantasy Baseball Brainwashing You?


Paranoid thoughts about Wins, RBI's, Saves and Rick Astley.

How Far Back Do You Trust FIP?


Examining the predictive nature of Fielding Independent Pitching in previous decades.

The play at the plate is dead.


A look at the sad, but necessary decline of the "Play at the Plate."

Compact Rotations, Then and Now


I belong to a pretty nerdy Yahoo group comprised of Retrosheet enthusiasts who regularly exchange email to discuss potential errors and discrepancies they've mined from the vast and deep universe...

Joe Sheehan, Parallel Universes, and HR/FB Ratio

A look at the worst HR/FB ratios of the past decade and how they regressed.

WAR Remix: Pitching Peaks (Part 2)

Expounding on a look at the greatest pitching peaks in the live-ball era as determined by rWAR.

Differences Between SP And RP Since 1950

A quick look at the evolving differences between RP and SP over the last 5 decades.

The Greatest Pitching Peaks of Our Lives


Looking at the greatest 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year pitching performances.

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