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Retrosheet enthusiast. Chicago.

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One More Crazy Thing About Mike Trout's Season

# NAME Year rWAR Games WAR/G x100 1 Babe Ruth 1923 13.7 152 9 2 Mike Trout 2012 10 117 8.5 3 Rogers Hornsby 1924 12 143 8.4 4 Babe Ruth 1921 12.6 152 8.3 5 Babe Ruth 1920 11.6 142 8.2 6 Barry...

How Base-States Affect The Batter-Pitcher Match-Up

Looking at how various stats change according to how many runners are on base.

Do Pitchers Induce More Ground Balls in Double Play Situations?

Examining how GB% changes when pitchers need it the most.

Ultimate Buzzkill: BABIP with Runners On

Ultimate Buzzkill: BABIP with Runners ON: Looking at the wild swings in ERA caused by BABIP from the stretch.

Adrian Beltre and The Unsexiness of Defense

Adrian Beltre and The Unsexiness of Defense; Looking at how Baseball views really good, but not elite, gloves.

Bryan LaHair and a Recent History of Flashing in the Pan

Looking at recent player-seasons that burned bright and fizzled out quickly.Looking at players who burned bright and fizzled out quickly in the span of a single season.

Gavin Floyd and Extreme Outcome Pitchers

Attempting to quantify the 'feast or famine' tendencies of certain pitchers to throw either a dud or a gem.

Positional Black Holes, Part II

Extending the search for baseball's worst Positional Black Holes back into the 1950's.

Positional Black Holes

"There is an inexorable place in the cosmos where time and space converge. A place beyond man's vision, but not his reach. 'Tis the most mysterious and awesome point in the universe-- where the...

WAR Across America

Exploring which states and cities in America have given rise to the most talent in baseball's history and which states and cities should probably try soccer instead.

Hanley Ramirez and Disappointing Primes

Exploring Hanley Ramirez's disappointing 'prime years' as it compares to other early successful position players in baseball's history.

Jordan Zimmermann and Pitching to Contact

Earlier this season, Nationals' starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann sat down with Fangraph's David Laurila and spoke about the deliberate attempts he has made to work deeper into games by 'pitching...

R.A. Dickey and Peaking At 37

After a pair of consecutive one-hit shutouts, becoming a best-selling author, and very nearly being selected as the NL's starting pitcher in the All-Star Game, Mets' ace R.A. Dickey is having the...

Switch-Hitters, Sometimes.

Shane Victorino has had a conspicuously bogus time in the left-handed batter's box this season. Halfway through 2012, the Flyin' Hawaiian has been limited to a miserable .264 wOBA against...

MVP, but no All-Star

Here's a list of players that won the MVP but were not All-Stars in the the same season: Jimmy Rollins 2007 Justin Morneau 2006 Chipper Jones 1999 Juan Gonzalez 1996 Terry Pendelton 1991 Robin Yount 1989 Kirk Gibson 1988 Dave Parker 1978 Don Newcombe 1956

When FIP Won't Buy Wins

There's been an unhealthy amount of discussion in the mainstream media recently over the quality of Cliff Lee's 2012 season. Heading into yesterday's game against the Mets, Lee was still winless...

A Look at Run Expectancy and Stolen Bases in 2011

There are just three requirements essential to the modern, fulfilled ballpark experience: 1. The hot dog 2. The mustard 3. Tom Tango's run expectancy table. On occasion you can certainly forgo the...

Tim Lincecum and Other Epic Collapses in History

Tim Lincecum left the mound in Seattle's Safeco Field last Saturday with an horrendous 6.19 ERA, more than three full runs above his career mark before the 2012 season. This disaster of a first...

Samardzija and Control

I tried to put Jeff Samardzija's improved control into historical context.


Looking for the best Late-Bloomers in baseball's past.


Beachy and K/BB

Brandon Beachy is currently posting a 4.07 K/BB ratio after 9 GS and 50 IP. This is pretty impressive for a 24 year old, especially if he keeps it up for the RoS. To put this in a historical...

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