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My dad took me to my first game at The Vet on October 10, 1993, against the Chicago Bears. I remember seeing Bears wide receiver Wendell Davis running a seam route across midfield. He jumped for a ball thrown just out of reach but his legs below the knee never left the turf. The rest of his body did. Sitting in the stands, I didn’t really know what happened, not until a week later did I read about how he blew out both his knees. But it was then that I realized there is a certain toughness, a certain mystique surrounding the Eagles and its fans. And I love every bit of it.

I have here that my name is James, but that’s only because I went to Catholic school for fourteen years and was taught to always write my full name. My friends and family call me Jim, JJ, or Keane, so feel free to do the same. I also have a super-secret nickname (guess what it is!). I was born and raised in the Northeast, Parkwood by way of Olney, Academy Road by way of Rising Sun. I’m lucky to have a wife who I don’t deserve and an eleven-month old son who wears Cowboy diapers, just so he can piss and poop on them (kidding, but business idea!).

I’ve always wanted to write but never knew what to write about. Only last December did I think, duh, the Eagles, and I started blogging ( I enjoy researching and referencing Eagles history and finding old Bill Lyon and Mark Bowden articles. I also have an interest in math and statistics so I’ll post articles with numbers, correlations and regressions (and cool interactive graphs!). I’m basically prepping for the Nate Silver-ification of American Sport.

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User Blog

I Use Performance Enhancing Drugs


Confessions from an NFL player.

Pro Football Focus Grades - The Infinite Frontier


PFF Grades are a great tool for comparing NFL players in like positions, but the potential is there for so much more.

How "Intelligent" are Pro Football Focus Grades?


The methods Pro Football Focus use to grade players are a bit mysterious. And when compared to other metrics, there is some room for improvement.

Value-Grading the NFL Draft


The difference between drafting the best player and drafting the best value may be larger than we think.

Chaos Theory Mock Draft 2.0


Predicting the NFL Draft is easy.

2014 Chaos Theory Mock Draft


What if we were to forecast the NFL Draft like we do the weather?

DeSean Jackson Recalls a Ghost of Philly WRs Past


Think Cris Carter, not Terrell Owens.

Bigger, Better, Stronger - Part II


Why Brandon Boykin is the biggest player on the Eagles roster.

Thin-Slicing the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine gives us a ton of information about draft prospects, but is it all necessary?

Bigger, Better, Stronger


As the NFL Draft approaches, examining how big players impact the game.

Super Bowl XLVIII: Simulating the Game


This isn't the greatest Super Bowl simulation in the world. This is just a tribute.

Chip Kelly and the Eagles Coaching Pantheon


By winning an NFC East title in just his first season, Chip Kelly has distinguished himself from franchise icons.

A Statistic for Chip Kelly to Consider


Chip Kelly likes to place an emphasis on responding to turnovers, but has the loss to New Orleans taught us otherwise?

Can the Eagles be More Opportunistic?


If the Saints game taught us anything, it’s the importance of responding to turnovers.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Saints


Bleeding Green Nation simulated the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints. The advantage lies with the home field.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Cowboys


Bleeding Green Nation simulated the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. With the NFC East title up for grabs, give the edge to the Birds.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Bears


The Eagles have the edge, but with little room for error.

The Nick of the Irish


How big a role does luck play in the performance of Nick Foles?

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Cardinals


Eagles eat Cardinals.

Sports Science and the Health of the Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles are among the NFL's healthier teams. Can we thank Sports Science for their improvement?

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Redskins


Bleeding Green Nation simulated the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. Beware the bye.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Packers


May the best QB win.

Lackluster Thursday Night Football?


Last night, Thursday Night Football featured a 22-20 overtime win for the Miami Dolphins. But overall, how does Thursday Night Football compare to Monday Night Football?

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Giants


Bleeding Green Nation simulated the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. Thankfully, the Eagles are playing the Giants.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Cowboys


Bleeding Green Nation simulated the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. It’s gonna be a close one!

On Vick, Foles, and Momentum in the NFL


If momentum exists in the NFL (some say, convincingly, it doesn't), then Chip Kelly should start Nick Foles against the Dallas Cowboys.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Buccaneers


Coming off a bye, the Buccaneers could be sneaky.

Celek, Ertz Should Produce against Bucs


Because Revis can't defend everyone.

Simulating the Game: Eagles vs. Giants


The Giants offense is really, really bad, so the Eagles have room for error.

Eagles' Defense Lacking Identity


What is this Philadelphia Eagles' defense? I'm not even sure Billy Davis knows.

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