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Day one of training camp: a tweet recap


Fact: Matt Ryan's eyes are a beautiful shade of ocean green

Julio Jones to be featured on "Under the Lights"


Fact: Julio Jones' Cheetos are cheesy, but not dangerously so

Julio Jones cleared for training camp


Fact: Julio Jones' sandals neither flip nor flop

Is Darius Johnson on the outside looking in?


Fact: Darius Johnson is so fast, he could beat Roadrunner and Sonic's illegitimate lovechild in a footrace

Smitty gets to preview all "Hard Knocks" episodes


Fact: Mike Smith doesn't have to mow his lawn; the grass dares not grow

Much is expected of Prince Shembo


Fact: Prince Shembo stalks his prey in the night, and he's watching us all

Garrett Reynolds to the Lions


Fact: Garrett Reynolds excludes any and all peanuts from his butter

Let's hope the Falcons don't have drug problem


Fact: your love is Mike Smith's drug

Bryan Cox isn't worried about statistics


Fact: Bryan Cox has an 8 inch standing vertical leap

How does Matt Ryan get better in 2014?


Fact: Sticks and stones may hurt Matt Ryan's bones, but a Panther will never hurt him

Andre Johnson to the Falcons?


Fact: Freddie Falcon once kicked Andre Johnson's butt in a thumb war

You make the call


Fact: when Tony Gonzalez cries, the hole in the ozone layer doubles in size

Projecting the rest of Matt Ryan's career


Fact: Matt Ryan can squeeze blood out of a turnip

Worrilow believes in the Falcons defense


Fact: Paul Worrilow's dog once taught Ceasar Millan to sit, lay down, and roll over.

Patrick Peterson thinks Julio Jones was right


Fact: Patrick Peterson knows what Willis is talkin' 'bout

Just one question ...


Fact: Mike Smith went gray when he was 12 years old

Look out NFL, here comes Desmond Trufant


Fact: during a recent physical, a rare combination of gold dust, plutonium, and high grade apple extract were found in Desmond Trufant's blood

Balanced offense? Not so fast ...


Fact: The sun wears coppertone when Matt Ryan is around

Steven Jackson likes what he sees from Mike Tice


Fact: Mike Tice prefers rainbow sprinkles on his sundaes

Rodgers isn't worried about Freeman


Fact: Jacquizz Rodgers was once bullied in elementary school - the bully hasn't been heard from since.

Atlanta Falcons in 3-D


Fact: Thomas Dimitroff absolutely detests cable news

Mike Smith: a comparative study


Fact: Mike Smith's sleep number is 78

Matt Ryan is now the elder statesman


Fact: Matt Ryan was heavily involved in Pluto's demotion from planet status

Trade a surprise to Akeem Dent?


Fact: Thomas Dimitroff once made Akeem Dent cry. Yesterday.

Joplo Bartu may thrive with move inside


Fact: Joplo Bartu watched the entire second season of Orange is the New Black in 1 hour and 47 seconds

Southward's "holdout" made sense


Fact: Dez Southward's tweets are 141 characters

Playing the game right


Fact: Matt Ryan has never shaken his chicken prior to baking it

Do you even free agency, bro?


Fact: Thomas Dimitroff's toenail clippings contain laboratory-grade antibiotics

Do the Falcons need veteran leadership?


Fact: Justin Blalock owns a modified red, white, and blue AR-15 that shoots baby eagles dressed in American flags

Kroy Biermann lurking in the weeds


Fact: Kroy Biermann has been here for years, rocking his peers and puttin' suckas in fear.

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