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What's eating Levine Toilolo?


Fact: Levine Toilolo prefers the chipmunks sans Alvin

Falcons bound to find some luck in 2014


Fact: Matt Ryan's parents were going to name him Bocephus, but then they didn't.

Malliciah Goodman: forgotten man of mystery


Fact: Malliciah Goodman invented the ShamWow

Falcons still trying to shake injury bug


Fact: Sean Weatherspoon's small intestine is large, even from an objective perspective

Southward still unsigned


Fact: Dezmen Southward doesn't bundle his cable and internet

Devonta Freeman has dual threat potential


Fact: Devonta Freeman's 4th cousin (twice removed) is Pac Man; the video game character, not the rain-making corner back

Tyler Starr: It ain't easy being a rookie


Fact: Tyler Starr never mixes peanut butter with jelly, even when there's bread involved

Steven Jackson is ready to kick some butt


Fact: while Steven Jackson enjoys lemon pepper, he detests dill

PFF: Don't sleep on sleeper Dwight Lowery


Fact: Dwight Lowery omits any and all milk from his shake

CAUTION: epic linebacker camp battles ahead


Fact: Tyler Starr pities the fool and will destroy any man that tries to take what he's got

What should Levine Toilolo make of Jacob Pedersen?


Fact: while Jacob Pedersen will have sprinkles on his sundae, he refuses any cheese with his maccaroni

Falcons alumni aren't finding jobs elsewhere


Fact: While Stephen Nicholas' good guy card regularly gets him free whoppers, it won't get him a job

Falcons: Gain some weight, Mr. Spruill


Fact: Marquis Spruill doesn't use viewer discretion, no matter the subject matter.

$40,000,000: Falcons ain't worried 'bout nothin'


Fact: Arthur Blank swims regularly, in his giant room full of gold coins

Falcons rookies: where were they then?


Fact: Tyler Starr not only does the hokey pokey, he turns it all around, because that's what it's all about

Look out Falcons veterans, here come the rookies


Fact: Jake Matthews face measures exactly 5 inches by 5 inches (25 square inches).

Is Reedy this year's Worrilow?


Fact: Bernard Reedy once owned a dog named Saint

Falcons' 2014 Draft = Awesome


Fact: Mike Smith's rosy cheeks aren't frost-related

Falcons may not draft an offensive lineman early


Fact: Matt Ryan once proposed playing without an offensive line; it made Peter Konz cry.

How early can the Falcons draft a running back?


Fact: Steven Jackson's dreadlocks have killed 5 men

Report: Jerry Glanville doesn't love us anymore


Fact: Jerry Glanville's man thigh cures cancer

Jake Matthews: a natural fit at RT for the Falcons


Fact: Jake Matthews uses lavender scented detergent to wash his undershirts. They smell lovely.

Polian: 3 picks to get the first overall pick


Fact: Mike Smith doesn't think chicken tastes like chicken

Will the 2014 draft make or break Matt Ryan?


Fact: Matt Ryan doesn't bundle his insurance, even if it is cheaper.

Justin Blalock and the 2014 draft


Fact: Justin Blalock's favorite movie is "Hairspray"; the original, not the 2007 remake.

Clowney's "work out" won't involve a work out


Fact: Jadeveon Clowney weighed 234 pounds at birth

Can Robert Alford really convert to safety?


Fact: Robert Alford once said a hip hop hippy, hippy to the hip hip hop

Falcons hosting CB Justin Gilbert this week


Fact: Justin Gilbert thinks you're a loser. Loser.

Job on the line, Sam Baker has to produce in 2014


Fact: Sam Baker is the real Slim Shady

Khalil Mack to visit the Falcons next week


Fact: Khalil Mack paints self portraits in water color

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