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Reports of Front Office Drama Completely Overblown

Fact: if opportunity knocks, and Thomas Dimitroff is not at home, then opportunity waits

Worrilow was Named to the USA Today's All-Joe Team

Fact: Paul Worrilow's mother has a tattoo that reads "son"

Fullbacks Review: It's All About DiMarco

Fact: Patrick DiMarco was once bit by a highly poisonous spider; after 5 days of horrible, mind-numbing pain, the spider finally died

Falcons Still a Very Disciplined Team in 2013

Fact: Mike Smith has a rare, incurable form of disco fever

Tice: O-Line Must Play With "Bad Intentions"

Fact: Mike Tice brushes his teeth with pine cones; he enjoys the piney aftertaste

Jacquizz Rodgers Getting Substantial Raise in 2014

Fact: Jacquizz Rodgers recently adopted an elderly dog then taught it a variety of new tricks

The Falcons Shouldn't Cut Justin Blalock

Fact: Justin Blalock is often questioned by the FBI, just because they find him interesting

Justin Blalock Addresses Scheme, Communication

Fact: Justin Blalock's words carry so much weight they'd fracture a lesser man's jaw

Trufant Named to All-Rookie Team

Fact: a Desmond Trufant hug is the organic, fair trade equivalent of a flu shot

Lamar Holmes Wants to Progress, Get Better

Fact: Lamar Holmes right thigh has its own area code

Vick Back to the Falcons? Keep Nightmaring ...

Fact: Michael Vick makes rainbows cry

Can Mike Tice Make a Difference in 2014? Maybe.

Fact: Posing with a hand on his hip doesn't make Mike Tice look skinnier

Peter Konz: Chopping Block a Real Possibility

Fact: Peter Konz couldn't karate chop his way out of a styrofoam box

William Moore Ready to Lead the Falcons' Defense

Fact: William Moore placed third at the World Series of Poker using UNO cards

Where Does Harry Douglas Stand Heading into 2014?

Fact: Harry Douglas' wallet is woven out of chupacabra leather

Matt Ryan Had Elite Accuracy in 2013

Fact: Matt Ryan's annual Cinco de Mayo party starts on March 8th

Roddy White: Offensive Line Must Improve

Fact: once a cashier didn't give Matt Ryan correct change; Roddy White roundhouse kicked the cashier in the face

Matt Ryan Breaks Franchise Passing Yardage Record

Fact: When Matt Ryan drives a car off the lot, it actually increases in value.

Falcons-Panthers Post-Game Injury Update

Fact: Joplo Bartu's heart is literally made of gold - it weighs 27.4 pounds and is valued at $325,600 USD

Tomorrow's Game Isn't Meaningless for Trufant

Fact: Desmond Trufant once grilled a football; he used a lemon pepper marinade

Gonzalez for a Playoff Run in 2014?

Fact: Tony Gonzalez's cars never run out of gas; they're too afraid of him to do something stupid like that

White Making Strong Case for Contract Extension

Fact: We've got to hold on to Roddy White, 'cause it doesn't make a difference if we make the playoffs this year or not; we've got each other and that's a lot - for a chance at the Lombardi, we'll...

3rd Overall Pick Still in Reach for the Falcons

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff doesn't chew his food, his mind bullets (that's telekinesis) liquify it for him

Peters, Motta Headed for Injured Reserve

Fact: every time Corey Peters goes on injured reserve, an angel loses its wings

Falcons-49ers Post-Game Injury Update

Fact: Corey Peters' tears cure acid reflux

Reeves: Falcons' Failures Unrelated to Effort

Fact: Matt Ryan can eat an entire cheese wheel

Smith: Falcons Won't Sit Matt Ryan

Fact: Mike Smith doesn't like any chicken in his noodle soup

Falcons Can't Defend TEs - How Do They Fix That?

Fact: Zeke Motta once swallowed a live chicken whole

Mike Smith Doesn't Mince Words, Wants Babs Back

Fact: You immediately black out if Jonathan Babineaux points at you

Falcons-Redskins Post-Game Injury Update

Fact: Tony Gonzalez curls Lazy Boy recliners

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