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Funny Comment Thread- Bleacher Report


This article by bleacher report is pretty lame...doesn't really even try to name very many "viable" options in my opinion, besides the obvious KK (sorry friends, I personally just don't see it happening this year, though I would love to be proved wrong). BUT, anyone who reads this should definitely check out the comment thread on the article. It's pretty hilarious. Quite a few really, really uninformed commenters as well as completely ludicrous comments from some fishbaiters who are high on the "Johnny Manziel Heisman crack" right now. Maybe some of us can set 'em straight.

Round and round on the Carousel we go!


ring around the rosey, pocket full of posies ashes, ashes, we all fall down! and then Tech rises from the ashes of course Wreck Em

Neal Brown Audio..."Premature" and Bowl Talk


Audio from Neal Brown's interview. I'm sure Seth will probably repost in morning links...

Now Here's a CEO Coach!


I don't even know how Moglia's record is as a coach at Coastal Carolina. Just thought it was cool story.

Drunk Fishbait Takes it Too Far. Calm down Son


Calm down son. Calm down. Ag is a good team this year, no need to fight about it. Lol SB nation link from FB I ran across.

Tuberville Apologized!


Now that's a little more like it! I applaud Coach Tuberville on owning up to his mistake, even if he only realized it after watching the video. Good for him. I think things like this pay dividends in the form of players having a greater respect and being willing to work harder. Clear the air. Work hard. Beat OK State! Wreck 'Em Tech!


Saw Tuberville walking

While I was walking to class yesterday, going over the new Rawls. I said, Hey Coach! And he said, hey hows it goin. He's much shorter in person than I thought. Thought he was taller. Anyway,...


Texas Tech vs. KSU History

Got these stats while perusing Bring on the Cats. Hat tip to the guy who put the stats together. I think his name was anon the younger. Historically we have had a hard time with Tech. 2...

Big-12 Title Threat?


Let's not get ahead of ourselves!!! Jee-whiz it sure would be nice though! One game at a time fellas.

Amendola Injury


Popped out his clavicle. Pure craziness.

New Top 25


WVU and and K-state in succession number four and 5. Fun times ahead my friends. Fun times indeed.....Here's to hoping the boys step it up a kazzillion notches this week.


Classiness from the Other Side, in the Midst of our Sorrow

Something to be proud of, my fellow V-Teamers. Something to be proud of. May it offer you hope in the midst of your anguishing sorrow and gnashing of teeth. The BEST Student Section in College...

Chris Walker Introductory Presser


Skulking around on the interwebs looking at OU game stuff. Found this too. I like the positivity!

Big 12 Standings


Just thought I'd post the Big 12 standings for you perusal purposes.

Recruits use maps? Nah, they don't need no stinkin maps...


Haven't really kept up with the recruiting scene, but this is kind of humorous, I thought. At least they're gonna try again to make the trip...

Juicy Gossip Update


Here's your juicy famous alumni gossip for the day. I thought I read something about grooms earlier.

Hance newsletter.....


good stuff on the surface of things.....

sweet video of leach


Led Zeppelin. Mike Leach. Enough said.


Facts to Argue About (Leach vs. Tuberville)

[Note by Seth C, 11/07/11 4:18 AM CST ] I edited the title because we're not going to refer to Tuberville as donkey.  This falls under name-calling and we don't need to do this. Ok, here's some...

Gleinser: Leach issue still remains


Pretty cool article in the Daily Toreador today. I'll bet anything this guy reads DTN. If he doesn't, we need to recruit him.


Maybe I'm late on this one, but thought it was pretty cool anyway. Just what if, what if Tech admin had to settle? That's victory enough for me, and hopefully for the pirate captain as well. Wishing Leach the best, and looking forward to the possibility of championship football with Tubbs as well.

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