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NCAA Approves Tougher Sanctions for Rule-Breakers


"We have sought all along to remove the `risk-reward' analysis that has tempted people -- often because of the financial pressures to win at all costs -- to break the rules in the hopes that either they won't be caught or that the consequences won't be very harsh if they do get caught," Emmert said. "The new system the board adopted today is the result of a lot of hard work and membership input devoted to protecting the collegiate model." "Under the plan, violators found in a "serious breach of conduct" with aggravating circumstances could get those postseason bans and be forced to return millions of dollars from specific events or gross revenue generated by the sport during those years in which rules were broken."

The BCS Top 25...College Commercials


" 12. Florida State Wait, the whole commercial isn’t going to be about Osceola, the Seminole mascot who rides onto the field with a flaming spear, is it? Oh. The whole commercial is going to be about Osceola. Feels like an ad Jerry Bruckheimer cut for the National Park Service."


The Week That Will Be – Week 5

Ten things that I promise might absolutely possibly happen. Maybe. A) The ACC will follow the NFL’s lead and come to terms with its real referees so we don’t have to suffer through these...

FSU's D v opposing offenses. This includes garbage time.


FSU's D v opposing offenses. This includes garbage time.

FSU's O v opposing defenses. This includes garbage time.


FSU's O v opposing defenses. This includes garbage time.

Clemson AD to Retire


What does this means for our #2 rival going forward and what bearing, if any, does this have on Clemson's position on conference realignment?


Rewriting History - Scott and Swofford Change Everything

The college football playoff proposal has been approved. While many of the details have yet to be announced (who and how many will comprise the selection committee and how the revenue be...

Playoff Announcement Within a Week?


"Swofford said he hopes the commissioners will be able to present a four-team playoff to the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee in Washington, D.C., next week." "I think we've made considerable progress on it. I think we're within striking distance on most of it," Swofford said.

Football v. Forest - VT's IPF Fight


"The Hokies have the third-longest college bowl game streak in the country, and have sold out every game since 1998. However, they have yet to win a national championship. The athletics department hopes a state-of-the-art facility nearer to the football stadium could help change that. There's only one problem: A densely wooded area chock full of old-growth trees, some older than the United States itself, is in the way."

Ohio State Drops Georgia


"Ohio State has canceled a home-and-home series with Georgia because of the upcoming Big Ten/Pac 12 scheduling partnership."

Arkansas Brings Back John L. Smith


One year stop gap to let Malzahn and Garrick McGee complete their first seasons at Arky State and UAB? Excellent opportunity for a hot assistant to get his first HC gig (hint, hint)?


Rewriting History - The Silver Anniversary of College Football Playoffs

With a playoff in college football seeming inevitable, I wondered how history might be different if this format was in place in the past. Would each respective champion have been able to win two...

Secret of SEC Success: Follow the Money


"As with almost any endeavor, it starts with money. The SEC spends more on its football programs than do other conferences: 10% more than the Big Ten, better than a quarter more than the Atlantic Coast and a third more than the Big East, according to 2009-10 filings with the NCAA." "So it appears to be perfectly legitimate — and even a compliment — to call SEC football programs "the best teams money can buy." (Insert Cecil Newton joke here if you wish.)"

USA Today Projected Top 10 (2012)


7. Florida State. Injuries and squandered early opportunities kept the 'Noles from meeting expectations this season. Defense could be the nation's best.


Is Brandon Jenkins an NFL DE?

Thankfully, Brandon Jenkins is foregoing the NFL draft and entering his senior season at Florida State. In my opinion, Jenkins made the right decision to return based on the reported second round...

Andy Staples 2012 Predictions


'9. For the first time since it was created, the ACC title game will have national title significance. Clemson, Florida State and Virginia Tech should be talented enough to contend for the national title if things break correctly. I know we say this about Florida State every year, but if the Seminoles can best Clemson for the Atlantic Division title, it will mean FSU won a lot of games. The Tigers seem like the best bet at the moment. Other than Barkley and Woods at USC (or maybe Barkley and Lee at USC), Clemson's Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins are the nation's best returning quarterback-receiver combo.'

Next Year In Sports


"Aug. 18: The Associated Press releases its college football preseason poll. Alabama is ranked first, followed by No. 2 LSU, No. 3 Florida, No. 4 Georgia, No. 5 Auburn, No. 6 South Carolina, No. 7 Arkansas, No. 8 Mississippi, No. 9 Oklahoma and No. 10 Tennessee. SEC fans flood AP offices with phone calls demanding to know why Oklahoma is ranked so high."

Richt Paid Staff From Own Pocket


"...Richt's actions broke NCAA rules on supplemental pay. But discipline was limited to letters of admonishment from the school to Richt and those he made payments to, as well as additional rules education, the report said."

Stoops Has Company - AU Expands Search


"Cooper joins a list that includes Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops and Green Bay Packers secondary coach Joe Whitt Jr. South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson is also among the potential candidates."

Class of 2011 ESPNU 150 - Revisited


Gran on Wilder: "As the year went on he picked up stuff on offense and got better and better. James is the type of back that can pound a defense. He's that guy. You think he has zero yards on a carry and it will turn into three, then six and then he will break one."

A Solution for the BCS


"A system consisting of unknown computer formulas, vested human voters, and voters who may or may not do proper research is no way to determine a champion in a billion-dollar industry." "You vote for my team this year, and I will vote for your team in the future. Maybe even cash payments? Boosters buy recruits, why not a voter?"

USA Today Bowl Projections - FSU v ND


Clemson v Florida in the Eat Mor Chikin Bowl

FSU's D v opposing offenses. This includes garbage time.


FSU's D v opposing offenses. This includes garbage time.

FSU's offensive performances this year v opposing defenses. This includes garbage time. FSU's...


FSU's offensive performances this year v opposing defenses. This includes garbage time. FSU's defensive performances v opposing offenses will be up this afternoon.

Bowden on Paterno


"He's the number one guy in college coaching and everybody looks up to Joe," Bowden said. "When something like this occurs to his program all it just says is, 'Joe, hey, you're just like all of us. You have problems like all of us.' "

FSU's offensive performances this year v opposing defenses.


FSU's offensive performances this year v opposing defenses.

WVU Files Civil Suit Against the Big East


West Virginia alleges Marinatto failed to take proactive measures to "maintain, let alone enhance the quality of competition in the league" and the school had no choice but to accept an invitation to the Big 12

The Strategy of the Vertical Passing Game


"Al Davis' "vertical game" was, in short, built on stretching the defense vertically while using all available receivers — deep, intermediate, and short — to take what the defense gave up anywhere on the field. Al's secret — and it is the same secret Gillman discovered and Walsh extended — is that the surest way to hit those deep passes is to consistently hit the underneath ones." Very good stuff.

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