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FSU Ranked 11 In The AP, 14 In The Coaches


AP VT - 13 Florida - 15 Clemson - 21 GT - 25 Coaches VT - 11 Florida - 15 Clemson - 22 GT -24 UNC - 25

The Value of a College Athlete


"The NCAA's definition of amateurism has proven to be priceless to obscenely paid coaches, athletics administrators, and colleges but has inflicted poverty on college athletes," the report charges. It found that some football coaches' bonuses alone were worth more than the entire scholarship shortfall for their teams.

NFL Suspends Terrelle Pryor


"Pryor had accepted at the end of the 2010 college football season a suspension for the first five games of the 2011 season for violating NCAA rules. Pryor will be ineligible to practice prior to or play in the first five games of the NFL regular season after he signs." Is this a sign that the NFL will work with the NCAA to punish players or is this just a one time deal?

Welcome Back College Gameday


"The GameDay dates (GameDaytes?) announced so far: Week 1 will open the season in Arlington as LSU and Oregon face off in the JerryDome; Week 2 promises a thoroughly decorous trip to Ann Arbor for Michigan-Notre Dame, and Week 3 drops in on Tallahassee for Florida State vs. Oklahoma."

CNNSI 2012 NFL Mock Draft


26. Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida State An undersized but very productive pass rusher who seems to fit the Eagles' mold. Jenkins had 13.5 sacks in 2010. Also of note: 3. Cleveland Browns: Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma The 6-foot-4 Jones has NFL size and arm strength and has proved a lot in college already. He threw 38 touchdowns and 12 interceptions last season and should put up Sam Bradford-like numbers this season. Sam's stats from his 08 Heisman season: 328-483 (67.9%), 4720 yds, 50 TDs, 8 INTs.

Bringing Suit Against The BCS


"In an open market, at best, the ACC champ is equal to the No. 3 team in the SEC as a purely economic choice for a bowl game. The Big East champ falls far below that. So while the ACC and Big East enjoyed equal footing in the BCS, they would occupy their own caste in a reversion to the old system. Call it bowl purgatory. The real difference would be the money. Even if the system equaled what the BCS brings in now, the lion's share would be split among four conferences instead of six."

10 ACC Players To Watch


Three of the ten are Noles: Jenkins, EJ, and G5. Who would you add or take from this list?

Five Ways To End Football Head Injuries


"One thing, however, is clear: The NFL has a problem with head issues that needs to be addressed. The players know it. The owners know it. The league executives know it. The question is: Does anyone have the courage to act?"


Average Ranks of 2011 Recruiting Classes

After arguing with a Bama fan about who had the best class to date, I decided the best way to settle it was to look at a combined ranking that would take into account each program's ranking on each...

ACC Receives $21.2 Million From BCS


"The Big Ten, Southeastern and Pac-10, which each had two teams in BCS bowls, will receive about $27.2 million each, while the ACC, Big East and Big 12 will each receive roughly $21.2 million."

Senior Bowl Practice: Day 1


Nothing about CP7; however, Locker is off to a bad start.

CFB's Billion Dollar Profit


"In the school year that ended in 2010, the vast majority of the schools in one of these deep-pocketed conferences posted a profit. Four of them broke even and only one -- Wake Forest -- reported a loss."

The Longhorn Network is a go.


"ESPN will help develop, launch and operate the network, according to a news release. The deal is worth $300 million over 20 years. The network will launch in September."

Dumb Luck?


"I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012," Luck said in a statement.

Waisome To Recruit


Waisome plans to be an early enrollee and will arrive in Tallahassee in the second week of January. In the meantime, he's going to be working the phones to help his new program bring it even more talent. He didn't name specifics about who he'd be calling, but there's plenty of speculation that four-star safety Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix would be on that list.

Devonta Freeman: Silent Assassin


"I'm just ready to be a Seminole," Freeman said. "I signed with FSU on Tuesday and I'm enrolling in December. I couldn't be happier with the way my senior year went." "Coach Jimbo [Fisher] and coach [Eddie] Gran basically told me that they will play the best players," Freeman said. "That's all I ask for from a program. If I'm the best let me play, if I'm not the best I'll do whatever I can to make the team better and work harder to be the best."

Saban Cautions Juniors


"Saban said he typically supports players who are projected first-round selections entering the draft but this year he has scaled that back to top 15, due to the labor uncertainty." Do you think more juniors/RS sophmores will declare if there is a strike or a rookie salary cap or will the majority of them come back for their junior and senior seasons?

Source: Malzahn Staying at Auburn


"With Malzahn out of the picture, Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is thought to be the front-runner for the Vanderbilt head job."

FSU's Under Armor All Americans


We have the 3rd most of any school with 5 (subject to change with potential UF defections/FSU additions). The rest of the ACC has 4 total.

UNC Agent Banned By NFLPA


In its ruling, the NFLPA said the California-based Wichard is suspended beginning Dec. 1, "for having impermissible communication with University of North Carolina player Marvin Austin at a time Austin was not eligible for the NFL draft under the NFL/NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement."

Beamer on the ACCCG and FSU


"We've had a tough time over the years beating Florida State, that's for sure."

Calling All Terps


"Unfortunately, even based upon logic, it’s tough to say that Maryland should win this game. But what about this season has been logical?" "We will enforce our game plan and our will on them...This is our house! It’s another blackout, Terps Nation, so let’s be loud, and be proud to be Terrapins! We must protect this house!!!"

Big East Planning Expansion


"League sources indicated to ESPN.com Big East reporter Brian Bennett that TCU and Central Florida are the top possible outside candidates, along with Villanova...The issue for UCF is possible opposition from potential rival South Florida."

AP and Coaches Poll


In the AP Poll VT is 20, NCSU is 23, and FSU is 24. In the Coaches Poll VT is 20, FSU is 24, and NCSU is 25.

Buster Posey is a Grown Ass Man


When Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino stepped up to the plate in the first inning of Game 1 on Saturday, he told the Giants catcher that it wasn't too long ago that he was a stud at Florida State and the Phillies were facing off against the Seminoles in spring training. Posey just giggled and said, "I remember."

FSU #17 in Coaches Poll


VT is back at 23 and Miami is back at 25.

How Good Is Florida State?


"We haven't achieved anything yet," Seminoles quarterback Christian Ponder said here on Monday. "We're sitting at 5-1 right now and we're not going to the ACC championship yet. We won a couple games, four games, five games – I mean, it's not that big of a deal. "In our minds, yeah we're going somewhere right now but we haven't achieved anything yet."

Florida State leads conference renaissance


"As a fan of college football it seems right to root that Miami and FSU come back. The stage is set: An argument could be made that the ACC is the third-best conference this season (after the SEC and Big Ten)." "If you subscribe to the theory that things can't get much worse on that side of the ball (defense), welcome to a 9-3/10-2 season. Am I in the tank for Jimbo? Send a snorkel."

2010 Title Contenders


Twenty teams. Six are either on our schedule or in our conference.

Forde on FSU v UF


"Much like Notre Dame-USC, the upper hand isn't likely to change overnight; but if Fisher is up to the job, the series should even out a bit over time."

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