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Colts Fans Rank 6th in Fan Loyalty (Sorry Brad!)


Looks like Brad is wrong on this one..... These guys say Colts fans are 6th in the league when it comes to fan support and loyalty.

Rik Smits finds a home away from hoops … on a dirt bike?


Nice article about what the big fella is up to these days.

Ole Miss fans want to hire Peyton Manning as head coach


Peyton's response is funny, although sad. 'Just tell them that I'm 0-10 as an assistant for Indianapolis.'

Hall of Fame voting - Reggie round 2


here's some non-lockout related Pacers news. It would be cool if Reggie and Mark Jackson could go into the Hall together. If McGinnis also gets in this would really be Pacers Weekend at the Hall of Fame. That being said, we all know the HOF voting is a joke. Vlade Divac and Rebecca Lobo??? seriously?

Marcus Pollard to appear on 'The Amazing Race'


The article doesn't fail to mention that he played basketball at Bradley, a fact mentioned by every single TV announcer for every single game that he ever appeared in.

Peyton Manning is America's #2 favorite athlete


number 1 was Jeter. Peyton is #1 for women, white people, Generation X (35-46) and people in the South.

AJ Moye playing for the Frankfurt Skyline. I don't speak German, but if you do, please explain what...


AJ Moye playing for the Frankfurt Skyline. I don't speak German, but if you do, please explain what they are talking about.


Peyton Manning in the Onion

I'm sure some of you have read some of these stories, but its been kinda boring with the lockout and all so here are some pretty funny Peyton related articles on the onion. Peyton in the Onion   my...

Jim Irsay doesn’t rule out future return by Tom Moore


Looks like the whole "Polian/Irsay ran Tom Moore out of town" story was just a little off base.

ESPN Polian draft analysis


Polian and his best player available strategy. I hope the best player available this year is an OT.

1998 pre draft chatter.


This is an amusing blast from the past that I stumbled upon. It talks about the Colts picking Leaf, Peyton sliding to number 4, and a possible Kerry Collins for the number 1 pick trade. Thank God we made the right choice

Mike Vanderjagt now a Pizza Man


A "Where are they now" update.

Trading Granger would be a huge mistake


I agree with most of what this article has to say. thoughts?

New Offensive Coordinator goes back to Boise St.


looks like we need another hire now. [NOTE]: I should have mentioned this earlier. Thanks to Jamison for the link.


Offensive Line Help

I know I am getting way ahead of myself and I am NOT giving up on this year's team yet. As long as we have Peyton, we are always a threat to get hot and win the Super Bowl. That being said it's no...


OJ Mayo?

I know that PF is a more pressing need for us than SG right now but what about OJ Mayo?   h...

Reggie and Cheryl in High School


I was rooting around on ebay and found this, a yearbook from 1979 featuring our favorite brother-sister basketball combination. the price is a bit steep IMO.

The Disgrace that is the Pittsburgh Pirates


First of all - good luck to Lou, I hope he enjoys his retirement and everything. "Financial records show Pirates win while losing" As a sports fan, this article about the Pirates makes me sick. If I was a Pirates fan, I would stop attending any games, I would not buy any merchandise or contribute money in any fashion until the team is sold. MLB should step in and do something. They are not even trying to win. The key quote that I read is as follows: Economist Roger Noll, a Stanford University economist, said: "Probably the Pirates would be less profitable if they tried to improve the team substantially." Hopefully the team is sold and put under new management (even though it means another NL Central rival) I feel bad for the Pirate fans for having to put up with this.

Peyton, the Union & a possible lockout


I thought this was an interesting article, particularly the part about why its bad for players in general in Peyton takes a hometown discount. Also, he is so far ahead of the game he is already planning for next off-season if there is a lockout.

Chris Paul to the Pacers? No.


well, CP3 wants to be traded. In a perfect world I think that we have the right amount of expiring contracts and young talent to pull this deal, but he says he only wants to go to teams like Orlando and New York, so lets not start dreaming.

The Colts should go for undefeated


I know this is a hot topic but I think the Colts shold play their starters every week. winning the super bowl is great and should be the goal, but by going undefeated AND winning the super bowl we would become the greatest team in NFL history and be remembered for all times sake. sure, its a risk, but in my opinion the reward outweighs the risk opinions?

Byron Scott fired


I'm sure everybody has heard about this by now, but ex-Pacer Byron Scott was fired by NO. Hmm.. Scott, Mark Jackson, and Sam Mitchell, 3 availa

Silver's 32 Questions/Freeney


Silver predicts Freeney will keep his streak going all year and win defensive player of the year

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