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Keep Jean Segura In Your Thoughts and Prayers


News has broke that Jean Segura's 9 month old son has died. Tragic and sad. Prayers for the Segura family.

Lincecum Declines Giants Offer, But Prefers Short-Term Deal


Could Lincecum be a good fit with The Angels? Is he worth a shot?


As Angels Turn it Around is AL West Still In Play?

So, The Angels finally seem like they're starting to put things together. The offense is rolling, the starting pitching has been putting together quality starts, and the bullpen (with a few...

Angels Revisiting a Trade for Marmol


"The Cubs' signing of Fujikawa could lead to the Cubs and Angels revisiting a possible Carlos Marmol trade, tweets Jim Bowden of" I hope this isn't true. Why does this Marmol nightmare continue to rear its ugly head? That's like saying "I wasn't able to get that delicious steak I wanted because they ran out. So, I guess I'll just settle for a rotten apple from the garbage."

ESPN makes the case for Trout as MVP over Cabrera


A good article by the four letter network (dare I say?!).

Joe Mauer Placed on Waivers


Wouldn't that be something? Scioscia must be salivating right about now...


The Ultimate Fan Experience: Yet Another Amazing Development During My Trip to New York

At this point, it may seem like I'm gloating about the good fortunes I've had thus far during my time watching the Angels play in New York. But nothing can top what happened to me early this...

Even though the game was a bust, tonight was one of the best experiences at a baseball game I've...


Even though the game was a bust, tonight was one of the best experiences at a baseball game I've ever had. A bonus of sitting in one of the Legend Suites was that we happened to be sitting right next to Arte Moreno. We talked baseball much of the evening. Let me tell you, he is a wonderful human being, and one of the nicest guys I've had the chance to meet. I'll post more photos of our experience later. P.S. Just in case you're wondering, I ALMOST asked him about buttercup, but I just couldn't muster up the courage! LOL


Headed from The Big A to The Big Apple

As one of my last adventures as an unmarried man, I'm heading out to New York city with my good friend Patrick to watch the Angels play (and hopefully beat) the Yankees. In fact, I'm 39,000 feet...

Bleacher Report: Dodgers management could make a statement by trading for...Mike Trout!


This piece is bizarre, absurd and hilarious all at once. Robert Pace of the Bleacher Report believes The Dodgers "can make a statement at the deadline" by making a trade for, among other players, MIKE TROUT. The fact that anyone claiming to be a "sportswriter" would even publish something like this blows my mind. Pace writes: "After a good rookie season, Trout is hitting .301 with four homers and 12 runs batted in, which isn’t an astronomical feat but is commendable at his young age." At this point, one might ask Mr. Pace "exactly how much crack did you smoke before writing this?"

T.R. Sullivan discusses AL ROY. No mention of Mike Trout.


Rangers MLB Website reporter T.R. SULLIVAN doesn't know who Mike Trout is.

I thought some of you would enjoy this =).


I thought some of you would enjoy this =).

FOX Sports' Jon Paul Morosi:Trumbo hit the ball louder and farther than Pujols or Morales


Rex Fregosi mentioned in his last post that Kendrys Morales was hitting the ball even farther than Albert Pujols (which is exciting). This article mentions something that is, in my opinion, equally exciting: Trumbo set aside his glove and put on a thundering display in the batting cage. He is known for his power — 29 home runs last year — and hit the ball louder and farther than Pujols or Morales (at least for one day). Looks like we may have a three-headed offensive monster!

Mariners OF prospect Halman murdered


Seattle Mariners OF prospect Greg Halman has been stabbed to death. It's being reported that his younger brother has been taken into custody as a suspect. Very tragic =/.

Mike Scioscia talks Mike Napoli trade


Scioscia talks the Napoi trade and the Angels GM search, among other things. Sosh says that Napoli's "durability" was the biggest factor in trading him for Mt. Vernon.

OC Register Speculates Bud Black Could Be Angels New GM


I, for one, think this would be AWESOME. Too good to be true?

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