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Leo Durocher's range

Leo Durocher won 2,000 games as a manager for the Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, and Astros. But between baseball stints, he liked to appear on television, always playing himself, and always finding out...

You don't mess around with Bench

Some people are blessed with two incredible talents ... Bo Jackson, Jim Nabors, L. Ron Hubbard ... Johnny Bench was not only the greatest catcher of all time, but is one of the great variety show...

The all-free agent team

Our own Jim Baker, who is a genuinely awful person, nevertheless had a great idea years ago, I think in his email newsletter. Jim's newsletter, by the way, was like the Velvet Underground of...

All-Field, No-Hit Stars

Where would we be without the good glove men who can't hit their own body weight? I'll tell you where: Nowheresville. Not that all of these players are hopeless with the stick. Some are youngsters,...

We have always been at war with PED users

or, how steroids are like the flu shot

A new Battle of the Sexes

Now that we know the ugly truth behind "The Battle of the Sexes," namely that  Bobby Riggs took a dive in his 1973 tennis match against Billie Jean King, it makes you wonder about this shameful...

The poster boy of steroids outrage


Bill Madden is, to use one of his favorite terms, the poster boy of PED outrage. Actually, Madden hardly ever talks about "PEDs," only steroids. To the steroid scolds, everything is steroids....

Bosch could be indicted, despite MLB "assurances"

Back in June: Before [Tony Bosch] would agree to a deal, sources said, he wanted an assurance that MLB could help mitigate any criminal exposure ... In exchange for Bosch's full cooperation,...

WARP speed ahea... I'm so sorry.

The computerees at Baseball Prospectus are revamping WARP, or Wins Above Replacement Player. WARP is like Wins Above Replacement, in that it tries to answer the question, "How many games did Miguel...

I collect urine for the city

By now you've heard that Ryan Braun, in an effort to rally support from his fellow players, told them that the man tasked with ferrying Braun's urine sample to the testing laboratory was an...

What kind of manager will Ryne Sandberg be?

Some excerpts from Ryne Sandberg's Hall of Fame induction speech which might or might not be revealing: Harry [Caray], who was a huge supporter of mine, used to say how nice it is that a guy who...

The ex-jock perspective

I just discovered @HeardOnMLBT, the wonderful Twitter feed dedicated to promulgating the wit and wisdom of Harold Reynolds and Mitch Williams, Hosts-for-life of MLB Tonight. "Pitchers control...

The human element

Strike, strike, strike, ball, home run. Heckuva job, blue. Related:The case for robot umpires in 3 pictures

Is Jose Iglesias this year's Orlando Cabrera?


The Tigers looked pretty solid -- notwithstanding Jhonny Peralta's impending (and now actual) suspension -- but they made a big move anyway. Are they following the 2004 Red Sox' lead?

Was J.B. Shuck's catch really a catch?

If you haven't already, watch J.B. Shuck's amazing catch from last Friday. A buddy of mine, let's call him Mike,* is of the opinion that when a fielder leaps over the outfield fence and leaves...

Who's the best all-around player?

A few months ago I asked, "Who's the best player in baseball?" I tried to come up with an objective method to answer the question, but when it came time to vote in the accompanying poll, a...

The rules have changed.

We all know about the miracle healing power of titanium, right? I don't have to go into a lengthy blah-blah-blah about how titanium has been scienterrifically proven* to increase your body's energy...

Still more baseball questions from my dad

Whenever I watch a ballgame with my dad, he asks me a lot of questions. He doesn't really care who's up or down, he's more interested in macro stuff... What percentage of left-handed hitters are...

How long can Dayton Moore survive?

They're getting weary in Kansas City ... Look at tonight's #Royals lineup & take a moment to reflect on who built the roster. Yeah, year 7. — Craig Brown (@royalsauthority) July 24, 2013 T...

Postcard from an enthusiastic young man

Rob Neyer facts: 1) Patriot. 2) Only wears V-neck shirts. Says other kind "chokes my neck." 3) Avid postcard sender.

The Worst .300 Seasons Since WWII

Over the weekend, Neil Weinberg of New English D found The Nine Worst 100 RBI Seasons in MLB History. Without giving too much away, I encourage you to read 'em all, Joe. For some reason this...

Baseball in the Selig/FOX era

Timothy Burke at Deadspin has the skinny on how FOX manipulated the audio feed during Neil Diamond's performance at the All-Star Game to make the New York crowd seem more exuberant than they...

When will Bud Selig catch the cunning Ryan Braun?

The Wall Street Journal filed a brief in our noble crusade to reduce the amount of dead time during ballgames: By WSJ calculations, a baseball fan will see 17 minutes and 58 seconds of action...

The greatest non-All-Star

Mike Axisa of Eye On Baseball made a terrific All-Star team of players who never made the All-Star team. I always thought Tim Salmon was the best player never to make the team, but Axisa found...

Future TV analysts of the world, unite!

If you've read all the articles at Baseball Nation and its affiliated websites today, and are still desperate for media to consume, I recommend this terrific anti-Selig broadside from Kris Liakos...

Last place All-Stars

It's time for our semi-annual look at players who have excelled this season while toiling for the dregs of their respective divisions. Pos Player Team NotesC Jason Castro...


Jon Heyman, 1998: If everyone took andro, McGwire still would be the only one with 62 home runs. He hit 49 as a much skinnier rookie, and his best attribute then, as now, was his timing. J...

Let's all go see Hank O'Day's great-grandnephew

Road trip! In a rebuke of steroid-tainted stars, baseball writers didn't elect any candidates to the Hall this year. For the first time since 1960, there will be no living inductees. The only...

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