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Go ahead and vote, but it doesn't matter


What does Walter Matthau have to do with All-Star Voting in the Bud Selig Era?

Say something good about our team, you jerk!

Attention, pundits: You WILL acknowledge the Cardinals' inherent greatness, or suffer the consequences. The Best Fans in Baseball will not be ignored. #mustnotbeabletoread RT @JoshuaLBall: Wow @...

Even more baseball questions from my dad

The last couple days I've been answering baseball questions from my dad, who hasn't closely followed baseball since the Dodgers and Giants headed for the West Coast. Not because he was a fan of...

More baseball questions from my dad

Yesterday I answered some questions my dad asks me when we watch ballgames together. They're the kind of questions that ... Seem simple at first But often require lots of research And most...

Baseball questions from my dad

Whenever I watch a ballgame with my dad, he inundates me with questions. And not the kind of questions that can be answered with a quick search at No, they're usually...

Latest on San Jose's lawsuit against MLB

Baseball Nation recently obtained audio of a conference call between San Jose city officials and an attorney representing Major League Baseball. In the excerpt below, you can pinpoint the exact...

A better way to vote for All-Stars

Over at Beyond the Box Score, Ben Horrow surveyed the top players and pitchers over the last calendar year, and found a few surprising names. Check it out. Looking at stats from the last 365 days,...

CEO needed. No experience necessary.

Our own Jim Baker, who is a terrible writer and an even worse person, recently wondered, I still don’t get why teams will invest millions in players yet allow those players to be managed by a...

The Astros' Cypher School

The Crawfish Circle Boxes caught a glimpse of Jeff Luhnow's draft board, and ... it's an enigma! First, the fanboy in me got excited as we tried to piece together what I hoped was an indication...

Johnny Bench, consummate straight man

The movie Contact would have been a lot better if, instead of the video of Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games, the aliens had sent us this:


One thing missing from Amalie Benjamin's excellent piece on baseball games getting longer ... ... is any mention of Bud Selig, who in 1997, declared: [T]here are things we can do to quicken...

Geese don't lay eggs in Phoenix

The Arizona Diamondbacks, alone among major league teams, have not been shut out this season. Every other team was shut out in April, and most of them by the first or second week. The Mets made it...

Dirty Cheaters

I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters. Most of them are about The Pentavirate—a secret society of the five wealthiest people in the world, who run everything, including the newspapers, and meet...

Hey, have you got any nails that need hammering?

Peter Gammons has a new column out about the rigors of the 162-game schedule and the importance of depth. "The way it is now, you really need 35 to 37 players before the season's over," says...

Bill James on how to fix minor league baseball

What follows is a partial transcript of a panel discussion at last March's SABR Analytics Conference, featuring Bill James, Joe Posnanski, and Brian Kenny (you can watch the whole thing here). The...

The opposite of Steve Trachsel

Remember Steve Trachsel? According to Wikipedia, Trachsel was nicknamed "The Human Rain Delay" because he liked to check his email and Twitter between pitches. Something like that. Anyway, I know...

Rueful Rany Royal Rooter

♫ ... In their caps they look much cuter,Maybe all they need's a tutor ... ♪ Home runs, since May 15: Travis Wood, 2; Kansas City #Royals, 2. — Joe Sheehan (@joe_sheehan) May 30, 2013 I...

This is a tricky gray area.

One more thing about that Jeff Nelson call ... In case you're not up to speed on l'affaire Nelson, go watch this. I'll be here when you're done. Okay, here's my question: Did Justin Grimm or...

Defensive stats and 8-track tapes


Fighting obsolescence

So you're saying there's a chance

According to the soulless automatons who run the internet site, Miami has about a 0.1 percent chance of making the playoffs. So if you could travel back in time, like Huey Lewis,...

The quality start and its discontents

Bruce Miles, mild-mannered Cub reporter, defends the quality start from its detractors: What's that, you say? Isn't a quality start six innings and three earned runs, for an ERA of 4.50?...

Yer pants too long

If you think about it, almost all the best people have manifestos. [Pause to let you nod in agreement.] Paul Lukas, ESPN's resident uniform authority, has one, too, and it's well worth your time: ...

The Illuminati made me write this

I have a friend who believes basically every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike, even the ones that contradict the other ones. Turns out he has that in common with Steve Carlton: "The...

20 things I would do as Commissioner


Len Kasper, the Cubs' play-by-play man, recently penned a column about what he would do if he were "commissioner for a day." He has a lot of great ideas, like adding a fifth umpire to each crew (to...

Taking the "order" out of batting order

From the "Hey Bill" page at Bill James Online: Hey Bill, I've long thought this would be a fun if crazy way to play baseball: No fixed lineup; every turn through the "order" the manager is free...

"Oh, Busch Stadium is going to collapse someday."

A fun (by which I mean slightly horrifying) tidbit from a recent Will Leitch podcast: Leitch: I was actually down the field [of Busch Stadium] a couple years ago ... It was 2007, so the stadium...

O, Baseball! O, Spring! (a photo essay)


A photo essay

How to think about intentional walks


Seriously, do baseball fans really pay good money to see the best players not actually play?

"What is my opinion of his performance?!?!"

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Lee Elia's poignant encomium to Cub Nation. Which reminded us of the second most famous manager diatribe ever caught on tape. Not as angry, nor quite so...

Lee Elia's touching tribute to Cub fans

It was thirty years ago today that Lee Elia delivered his touching encomium to Cub fans. WARNING: THIS IS WILDLY UNSAFE FOR WORK UNLESS YOU WORK AROUND A BUNCH OF SAILORS. (H/T to The New...

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