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I've been a Rays fan for nearly a decade. My fandom has grown with my appreciation of advanced statistics and I feel that my writing can allow all of us to see the game through different perspectives. If you find me inflammatory, know that I'm mainly trying to incite dialogue. It's ok if you disagree with me, but please support all opinions with evidence proving your point. Let's have fun and try to learn a little bit about the Rays, our opposition, and the best game on the planet.

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Evan Longoria's Swings by Strike Status


We all know that if you make it easy for Evan he can swing with the best of them, but pitchers have not given the slugger much to hit on the year as they'd rather let the Gator's and Peacock's of...

Catching Up On How Well The Rays Have Driven In Runners


To accrue many RBI a batter must rely on things outside his own ability. It helps to be a very good hitter, but even more importantly is how many runners are on base for a batter. Luckily, Baseball...

Rays BABIP and wOBAcon Against Since 2003


Most here are familiar with BABIP for both pitchers and fielders, but we can also use it as a proxy for defense. Mr. Maddon tweeted in early May: One of our mottos is "we catch line drives." The...

Profiling Rays Starters, Part 1: James Shields


With a bit less than half the season played so far, I thought it was high time that we take a look at how our staff has been performing. On tap today is right-hander "Big Game" James Shields. Thus...

Profiling the Brewers Offense Using Pitch F/x


With the Rays going back on the road to Milwaukee they're going to face stiff competition that has compiled an MLB-best .366 wOBA at home on their way to a 25-9 record. Previously, I touched on how...

B.J. Upton's Called Third Strikes


Is there a more frustrating sight than watching a batter strike out looking? Unfortunately, B.J. Upton has garnered quite the reputation among Rays fans for doing just this -- and the "Beej...

How Rays Pitchers Have Fared With Two Strikes on the Batter


Intuitively, it makes a ton of sense that you would expect many good outcomes when a pitcher has two strikes on a batter. In fact if you don't get to two strikes you'll never get to send guys...

Statistical Review of the First Three Rounds of the Rule IV Draft


You're going to be hearing a lot of stuff from both our authors and friends of the site scattered far and wide about how well the Rays drafted earlier this week. I'm certainly no prospect maven as...

An Early Look at Home & Road Splits


Something I mentioned on the Podcast was how much better the Rays hit on the road than they do at the Trop, and likewise, how much better Rays pitchers fare at home than on the road. Most teams are...

Matt Joyce Takes No Prisoners and Asks For No Quarter


Matt Joyce is good at three things. Fighting, screwing, and hitting holy hell out of baseballs. The byproduct of the Edwin Jackson trade has finally earned the right to play everyday for the first...

Updated Win Projections for the AL East


Earlier this week Steve Slowinski had a fantastic read looking at how the Rays should be expected to finish the year with 88 wins. Based on historic data this did not sound like enough to win the...

Walkin' The Tightrope


Caught up in a whirlwind can't catch my breath Knee deep in hot water broke out in a cold sweat Can't catch a turtle in this rat race Feels like I'm losin' time at a breakneck pace Afraid of my...

A Look at Catcher Defense in Runs


A look at some league-wide defensive numbers helps us better understand our catching situation.

Rays Top Indians 7-4, Take Eighth Series of Last Nine


via The Rays continued to scorch today behind another strong effort by Cruisin' James Shields. The Rays have now won eight of their last nine series and 21 of their last 28...

What To Expect From Brandon Guyer


via I wanted to make a quick post that tied a couple of things together regarding Brandon Guyer. We can use his park-adjusted minor league numbers against lefties and...

Trendspotting: FIP and ERA Battle For Planet Earth


Two of the most popular measures of a pitcher's performance are Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) and Earned Run Average (ERA). I expect everyone that reads here to be pretty familiar with the...

A Tale of Two Hitters


It was the worst of times, now it's the best of times. I hope they're here for a while longer. It's a given that batters are going to go through peaks and valleys for no reason or any reason....

A Rebuttal to the Berthiuame Article


For those that haven't read it yet, Steve Berthiaume of ESPN wrote a decent enough article about Ben Zobrist this morning saying that he feasts on fastballs. Ok, cool enough. I think most around...

Wacky Number Fun!


Hai, Guyz remember that funny thing the internet did?  Me neither.  Instead, I wanted to take a quick look at the End of Days, also known as, the first nine games of the season, and the following...

Know Thine Enemy: Boston Red Sox


Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack. - Sun Tzu (544 - 496 BC) For the...

A Review of Rays Plate Discipline After One Week


It's been one week, let cock our head to the side & look at the #Rays plate discipline

A Quick Look at What Hellboy Threw


I'm sorry if that title isn't your cup of tea, but until we get some good character moments, it's the only nickname we have.  I know Wednesday's start was a day game so I can't fault you if you...

Tale of the Tape: Rays-O's First Series


It's pretty easy to fall into some sort of doom spiral after three games, but we're still taking our walks and hitting for power.

Know Thine Enemy: Baltimore Orioles


If you are a frequent reader of this here internet stomping ground then you should feel fairly confident that you are armed to the teeth with knowledge about the Tampa Bay Rays. Hopefully after reading this breakdown, you will feel equally confident that you know just as much about the Baltimore Oriole batter

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