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College football editor, SB Nation. Co-host, Shutdown Fullback. Editor emeritus, SB Nation Atlanta.

I root for the Falcons and every college football team, but especially ones that don't exist yet.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jasonkirksbn

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User Blog

RichRod hits Bielema with 'Speed' spoof

The people now demand the Arkansas head coach spoof himself into 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Do other sports worry about pace?

Because of tempo, college football is becoming a little bit more like other sports, and a little bit less like traditional football.

Kliff Kingsbury rapped 'All I Do Is Win'

It's good enough, but Bret Bielema would prefer a chopped-and-screwed version, for safety reasons.

The college football coach draft

Ten of us drafted coaching staffs from among all 128 FBS head coaches (and then some), including graduate assistants and all. Critique away!

Fat men running to 'Wobble Baby'

Enormous people are moving very quickly. The most beautiful exertion of effort in all of sport is upon us, finally set to the appropriate music. Let us celebrate mass and acceleration.

The Animal Combine

Humans are pretty good at the NFL Combine. But what if we let other animals compete too?

Combine analysis: These dudes are HUGE

NFL prospects are being weighed and measured in Indianapolis. They're all really big. Let's break down what you need to know about each player.

You don't have to work *that* hard

We could all take things as seriously as possible and make a show of trying as hard as we possibly can. Or we could get the job done and go enjoy some sunsets.

Precious college football memories

Now you can bring a beautiful piece of college football history into your home.

Manziel: 'From a Frito into a Dorito'

Chips are delicious.

USF dominates the All-Midmajor Recruits Team

We assembled the best incoming 2014 freshman in the five non-power conferences into offensive and defensive two-deeps. Two teams tower over all the other little guys, with one setting itself up for a future New Year's run.

The Mizzouminati: Missouri's Secret Society

Sports Illustrated has peeled back the first layer of your eyes. Now peel back the others.

Signing Day central

Stay tuned right here as the 42 best uncommitted football prospects make their National Signing Day announcements. Some will be on TV. Some won't. It's a big mess every year, and that's fine.

The best Signing Day stories

Was Davonte Neal's post-Signing Day announcement the most absurd scene in recruiting history? Oh, goodness no. Here's a batch of legendary recruiting stories that make the Neal episode look mundane.

Championship-claiming time! Auburn adding 3?

Auburn wouldn't be the first school to go back in time and present itself with a trophy based on historical murk and college football's century or so of complete disorganization.

Syracuse coach calls Atlanta 'softnosed'

Between this and whatever the latest thing Jim Boeheim said about North Carolina was, you have to wonder how in the hell the Orange ended up in a Southern conference.

It's not about pay-for-play

Tuesday, college athletes at Northwestern University began an attempt to create a union. And if you actually listen to them, they're not calling for that thing you're disagreeing with them over.

Players forming college football's first labor union

Remember that #APU marker that some major college football players wore on their wrist bands during the season? Unfortunately for the NCAA, that whole thing isn't going away. ESPN reports departing Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, who's been among the All Players United movement's most outspoken players, is leading the formation of an actual union for college players. It might work, too -- read this by lawyer Patrick Vint on how the beginnings of the union compare to the MLB Players Association and just what it is that the group hopes to achieve.

Why all coaches get husky

One time, [former SMU assistant] Johnny Ringo and I were on the road when I was at SMU. We had home visits at 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and then 8:30 p.m. I swear to goodness, I had no idea we ate at all three places. We're driving down 635 in Dallas, and I told Coach Ringo, 'I have to undo my pants.' I didn't realize I ate so much because I was too busy trying to impress momma. If you go in there and you don't eat, you're in trouble. You can't say no. You eat.

That's Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett in Jeremy Crabtree's collection of weird recruiting stories. One can't exactly expect to land a commitment during an in-home visit while merely nibbling at the meal the player's mother has made. And now you know why all coaches eventually sprout polo paunch. That and the 167-hour work weeks.

Early bowl and Playoff projections

Gone are the days of only having a mere 35 college football bowl games. Starting in 2014, we'll have 39, counting two Playoff semifinals and the new National Championship. So let's take a very, very early look at how this thing could shape up.

Watch Auburn's band watch the Kick Six

That happened. And then they played music.

Super Bowl rooting guide for college fans

College football fan, you're going to watch the Super Bowl in two weeks. But if you don't already have a favorite team, you're probably going to fall back on college ties in order to make your pick. That's where we come in.

Potential Alabama starting QB Luke Del Rio announces he's leaving

Walk-on Del Rio, a former three-star recruit, announced on Twitter he's transferring, despite having a decent chance to replace AJ McCarron as the Tide's starter. As you can see above, quarterback is now a big question for Bama. Unless Jameis Winston's Florida State backup, Jacob Coker, transfers over, as many are speculating could happen.

Don't underestimate James Franklin

Vanderbilt won a lot with new Penn State head coach James Franklin in charge, but it didn't set the world on fire. The thing we have to remember is how little the Commodores won before Franklin took over.

Coaching carousel tracker

We're collecting every college football head coaching story you need to know right here, and we'll update this list as December and January roll on.

BCS Championship Bingo

We could've done a BCS drinking game, but drinking games are for 11th-graders. Bingo is the viewing game of sophisticates.

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