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"And my head I'd be scratchin' While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain" --Henning
"Just because I'm presumin' That I could be a human, If I only had a heart" --Henne
"But I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mou-ess
If I only had the nerve."--Sparano

We had [Brady] down… but we didn’t kick him. We helped him up and gave him a PowerPuff Girls band-aid for his knee. What exactly did you expect would happen when we did that?

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No Orton trade?

Ok.... how about trading for Tebow then... He has enough upside... I would give a 2nd... maybe even a 1st....


If only we stopped drafting QBs in the 2nd round and drafted one in the 1st round.... That would solve all our problems...

     Now I have been one of the first one's to say that Henne was not doing the job last year.  But how many years have we wasted 2nd round picks on QBs only to expect instant gratification?  QB is...



There is absolutely no reason not to jump up and get him. I mean, even if you totally believe in Henne. Who do we have as a backup QB?

Escaping Revis Island


Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders illustrate how opposing receivers should play against Jets CB Darrelle Revis.


I am going to the East-West Shrine game tommorrow

Obviously I will be looking at the QBs... Who else should I be looking at? Names?


Suck for Luck??

Eh... just a funny catchphrase I heard today on the radio... I don't think we are that far away actually. I think Henne might develop into our guy now that he has a OC that is younger than...


Who is out there as an OC that we can be excited about aside from McDaniels?

I think Sparano can make him play nice with Marshall and Nolan. If we bring him in we instantly become much better on offense. Do you think Nolan would be that upset knowing that McDaniels got...


Andrew Luck: Start the Rumor Mill....

The purpose of this post is to give a place for people to make up nasty rumors that will make Andrew Luck drop to us in the draft.... There is a QB that drops way beyond where people would have...

Mock Draft.. Guess who they have falling to us???


As much as I would love to see one of the QBs drop to us, I can't say I would be upset about this playing out.


Where are we getting beat???

     Hey, so I was thinking about where we have really been getting beat this year, and I finally figured it out.  Below are the top 3 needs of this team.


"An easy QB to read ... He does exactly what he is supposed to"

     I have heard nothing but excuse making and blaming the offensive coordinator the head coach, and everyone else on the offense.  There have been very few of us that have accepted that Henne...


So we want "chunk yardage"

I want to see us really commit to it. We can talk about all the things we want but it really isn't going to happen until we commit to it. What would happen if we tried one running play and if it...

Hard Knocks


The crap they put on TV nowadays......


Cody looks good ....

I don't care what you say ... the guy is a traditional NT .. he eats up a lot of space ....


"so-and-so has an ankle" .. Seriously???

What is with coach's saying "so-and-so has an ankle" or "yeah, he has a knee" "he won't play today.. he has a shoulder" ... I am pretty sure that all 80 guys on the team have 2 of each of those...


My thoughts on the 53 man roster...

Ok, so I know we have done every single subject on this site more times than I am willing to count.  But to be honest, the next step is for the coaches to trim down that roster during training camp...

Jason Cole's Opinion always sucks .... but


He ranks the Dolphins D-line at 26. He says that none of the guys we have are serious playmakers..... He also favors the 4-3 over the 3-4....

GGN post regarding the financial situation of the Jets


Wouldn't it be sad if they couldn't resign Nick Mangold because they had to resign Ferguson, Revis and Harris.... We could upgrade our Center and not have to worry about a position battle, or injury questions...

Brandon Marshall on Revis Island


Brandon Marshall on Revis Island


My Avatar...

I finally have an avatar.... Mark Sanchez with a bunch of hot dogs... Rex Ryan would be so proud of him...


Soliai played the run well?? UPDATED

     So I finally got tired of people saying how well Soliai played while Jason Ferguson was out.  I decided to watch some highlights and see if I could figure out what they were talking about.  He...


We need a stud at FS....That's why we need to draft...

Either a NT or an OLB with the first pick in the draft.  Name for me if you will a FS in the NFL right now that is dominant who does not have someone that plays in front of him that QBs are worried...


Draft Day Fakeout?

So I am writing this in hopes that we will address the problems we have in the way that I believe we could.  It would be the only way to justify the front office treating JT the way that we have to...


Reasons to draft a NT in round 1 or round 2

ALL Round 1 NTs currently playing:1. Vince Wilfork (Patriots 2004- Present) 2. Casey Hampton (Steelers 2001-Present) 3. Ryan Pickett (Rams 2001-2005, Packers 2006- Present) 4. Haloti Ngata (R...


Sparano on Cody

See the full article here Cody Has To Downsize   Even Dolphins/South team coach Tony Sparano, pressed on the issue of Cody's weight, allowed "he'd have to lose a few for me." "Just watching him...


Thoughts on the Draft

Disclaimer:  This is a really long Post.   First let's access where we are at some key positions: NT      We have Paul Soliai as the starting NT for the first 8 games of the season.  Soliai is...


A Dominant NT

     I can see the benefit of an improved pass rush this year... I know it is a passing league and some of us want to go get a FS.  I saw one of the posts earlier today where someone mentioned...

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