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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Time to Move On

I know yesterday was a sad day for many of you. Nobody likes to see someone lose their job, and Barry Trotz is a good man who's done lots of great things for this city. But this team had to make a change...and it was the right decision.

Monday's Dump & Chase: The Season Is Over

For us, anyway. Our offseason begins today, and I'm really hoping this team wastes as little time as possible articulating what they plan to do to change course. Another year of "Predator Hockey" is unacceptable.

Sunday's Dump & Chase: The End of the Road

Here we are. The final game of the season, in The Land of 10,000 Members of the Suter Family. It seems like only yesterday that we began complaining about this team. And now it's over. But don't worry folks,the offseason begins in just a few hours.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Dear Bridgestone Arena...

You guys have a really hard job ahead of you this evening. I feel bad for you...I do. But you have some tools at your disposal to make things easier, right in your own arena policies.

Friday's Dump & Chase: The Clowns Are Coming!

What a great way to end the home schedule last night, huh? Free donuts for everybody for the first time this year! Well, I hope you enjoyed it., because it's time for the final appearance of America's Worst Fans.

Friday's Dump & Chase: Preds Head to SoCal, Bro

Dude, I like totally can't believe we have West Coast trip this late in the season. What a total bummer. Now we have to, like, stay up late and stuff for games that don't even matter. Not cool, dudes. Not cool at all.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Let's Just Take A Week Off

No games 'til Friday, yo. I know the next games are way out west, but dang...are they taking the train or something?

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Jogging to the Finish

Seven games left, you guys. That's it. Time sure flies when you're having fun, as they say.

Friday's Dump & Chase: The Power of Positivity

So, people are saying that I've changed this team's luck with the power of my mind. It sounds crazy, but if you guys think that's what happened, who am I to disagree?

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Let's Try Something New

In case you haven't noticed, things have been pretty negative around here lately. The team has had two disappointing seasons in a row, and we're all pretty frustrated.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Who's Next?

With Seth Jones potentially unavailable tonight, it looks like MDZ will make it back out. So who's next? We know it will be somebody, because when you're way, way, way out of it for the season, what's important is that messages are sent.

Monday's Dump & Chase:How Many Cups Have You Won?

Excellent question, Hawks Fan. The answer is zero. You burned us on that one.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Just Score 6 Every Game

I should totally be a head coach. Really, though...last night's game was very entertaining. Up and down, lots of scoring, and the guys seemed really aggressive. It helped that Calgary sucks, but still.

Friday's Dump & Chase: Preds Get Back to Work

We're on the home stretch here, folks. Position for a Top-5 pick is on the line tonight, and I have to say, I believe in this Predators team.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Things Are Going Badly

Not unexpected, but still. Honestly, I'm all out of feelings when it comes to this team. It is what it is, and we can expect more of the same until some major changes are made. Is anybody willing to make them? I'll believe it when I see it.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Seven! Eight! Nine!...

Fourteen games left. That's it. And while the Preds haven't been officially eliminated...c'mon, it's over. So what are you looking for in these last few games?

Sunday's Dump & Chase: The Slow Descent Resumes

The slow, sometimes painful descent continues. It was fun while it lasted, but The Great Win Streak of 2014 had to come to an end at some point.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Got Your Playoff Tickets?

JK LOLOLOLOL. Look, I like the wins as much as anybody, especially against the hated Blackhawks. It's always a great time. It just would've been nice to get some when it actually mattered, you know, in the standings.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: The Preds' Best Forward?

I guess so, right? He's got 40 points, 2 less than Shea Weber, but 5 more than anyone else who's still on the team. And what's up with Nick Spaling? He's got as many goals as Cullen and Stalberg COMBINED.

Monday's Dump & Chase: How Low Can the Preds Go?

They look pretty locked in to 6th worst right now, which means they're only sort of average at being terrible. Good grief.

Friday's Dump & Chase: This is the End

Last night's game was a great sample of what we're in for the last 20 games or so…Pekka plays great, we're "tough to play against", don't score many goals, etc.

Thursday's Dump & Chase: The Aftermath

So I guess a few trades happened yesterday, huh?

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Wild Speculation Edition!

Welcome to the last full day before the 2013-14 trade deadline! As you can see below, lots of people have some ideas about potential deals. As for the Preds, I'm leaning towards the belief we'll have an extremely quiet (or silent) deadline.

Monday's Dump & Chase: Will He or Won't He?

We know he's not the savior this year. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, as the saying goes. But if he's ready, and there's no reason to believe he isn't, then he should be the starter tomorrow night.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Getting Closer!

There are tons of recaps out there, but the important thing to to know is that Pekka actually played, in a real live game, and played well.

Friday's Dump & Chase: Points For Everybody!

The Preds won last night! Yea! But so did basically everybody else. Booooooo! Dallas, Minnesota, Winnipeg and Phoenix all got points last night, which should show you just how difficult making the playoffs will be.

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Why I Hate the Lightning

For those of you who are unaware, the Predators run a promotion with Dunkin' Donuts which awards each fan in attendance with a free donut should the Predators post a shutout at home. This has turned out to be the cheapest promotion in sports history.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: NHL Hockey is Back!

The league returns tonight with the marquee matchup everyone's been waiting for…Carolina at Buffalo. Buckle up, folks…this one's for all the marbles!

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Whatever.

I haven't really been paying attention, but apparently Canada took first place in something or other today. Congratulations, I guess.

Game Thread: Team USA vs Canada. Again.

Here we go, guys. It's time for revenge. For the 2010 Olympics. For that disaster in the women's game yesterday. For Alanis Morisette, Justin Bieber, and gravy on fries. (Editor's Note: Gravy on...

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