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Friday's Dump & Chase:Klein Heads to the Final!


Just not for the Predators, unfortunately. Oh well...we wish him the best anyway. Game 6 between the Blackhawks and Kings is tonight in Los Angeles...can the Kings take care of business? Man, I hope so.

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Thanks For Nothing, Kings


C'mon, L.A. You had it right in your hands, and you blew it. Pull yourself together and take care of business tomorrow, ok? You don't want a Game 7. The Rangers are in the same spot tonight...can they close out Montreal?

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Touchdown, Canadiens!


I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I'd be willing to bet that teams win a very high percentage of games in which they score 7 goals. Just a hunch.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Blackhawks Lose Again!


I hate the teams I hate in exactly the same way I love the teams I love. And I hate the stupid Blackhawks.

Monday's Dump & Chase: Happy Memorial Day From OTF


While it's just a day off work for some of us, for many, it's much, much more. Thank you to all the veterans and their families for your service and sacrifice.

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Pekka's Back!


Another game, another shutout. That's the Pekka Rinne we're used to seeing. I'm hoping he can lock it down one more time...keeping Ovechkin off the board could lock our main man Seth Jones in at a tie for 3rd in points for the tournament.

Friday's Dump & Chase:It's the End of the World(s)


For Team USA, at least. In my opinion, if we'd started Jonathan Quick in net, things would've gone differently. Oh well. At least we still have Pekka to watch in the semifinals, as well as Jarnkrok and Ekholm for Team Sweden.

Thursday's Dump & Chase: Way To Go, Los Angeles!


It's not easy for me to say that. It really isn't. But that's the situation we're in right now. The Kings should be stopped, but the Blackhawks MUST be stopped. So keep bringing the pain, Los have my full (but temporary) support.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Team USA Advances


In case you slept in this morning, Team USA slipped past Germany 5-4 to advance to the Quarterfinals in the IIHF Worlds on Thursday. We won't know our opponent until a little later today, but honestly...what difference does it make?

Monday's Dump & Chase:Stupid Blackhawks Win Game 1


It's still early, so I guess there's no reason to panic, but I can't stress this enough: WE NEED THE BLACKHAWKS TO LOSE.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Conqueror Of Worlds


With his two goals yesterday (including the game-winner in OT, see above), he's 7th in scoring at the IIHF Worlds. Only 1 point behind some guy named Alex Ovechkin.

Friday's Dump & Chase: One More Time


Tonight's the night! Some small portion of Southern California is on pins and needles awaiting the outcome...who do think will take it?

Pekka Rinne 2013-14 Review: A Season In The Abyss


Offseason surgery, a lengthy recovery, then an even longer recovery from the recovery pretty much torched the season for the Preds most important player.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Wild, Pens Eliminated


Welcome to summer, guys! Heads are gonna roll in Pittsburgh, but it's likely all sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs and ice cream in Minnesota. The Suter and Parise families now have plenty of time for picnics, family softball games, etc.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: More Game 7's, Please!


Montreal forced a Game 7 last night with a win over Boston, and Pittsburgh gets their third chance to close out the Rangers tonight. And we could get two more if Minnesota wins tonight, and the Kings win tomorrow.

Sunday's Dump & Chase:Happy Mother's Day From OTF!


I just want to take a moment to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother's Day. It's a miracle that my mom didn't go completely gray just getting me through my high school years, and for that I'm truly thankful. And sorry.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Stayin' Alive


Nothing's ever easy for the Penguins. They took a 5-1 beatdown from the Rangers last night, with even our old friend Kevin Klein (Hi!) getting in on the scoring.

Friday's Dump & Chase: Good Morning, OTF!


Good morning, everybody! I just want to thank everyone for their kind words for Dirk yesterday. The praise is well-deserved, and a testament to the community he's built here.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: It's A New Day!


So we have a new coach now...that's pretty exciting, right? Going with an experienced coach with a championship resume shows that ownership and management are expecting to be a contender immediately.

Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Crosby is Good Again!


He finally scored a goal last night, ending a 13-game playoff scoreless streak. As a Predators fan, going 13 games without scoring may not seem too bad, but for some of these winning teams, it's an eternity.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: This Round Is The Worst


I mean seriously...who am I supposed to root for? All the teams left range from awful to annoying to Canadian. Anybody have any ideas? I'm grasping at straws here...

Friday's Dump & Chase: Could This Be The Year?


And by "a Canadian team", I mean the only Canadian team, the Canadiens. They're off to a good start, right?

Thursday's Dump & Chase: On To Round 2!


Wow, Sharks. You really have made choking an art form. Blowing the nearly impossible to blow 3-0 lead gave your fans something to remember for a very, very long time.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Game-Seven-A-Palooza!


Flyers-Rangers at 6p, Avalanche-Wild at 8:30p, and Kings-Sharks at's what they call a "win or go home" scenario for everyone involved.

Monday's Dump & Chase: Hawks, Ducks Advance


The best case scenario was LOTS of overtimes (we got 6) and the losing team to fall apart in some totally demoralizing way (thanks, St. Louis!). And Dallas. Oh, Dallas. They say everything's bigger in Texas, and I guess that includes the failures.

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Red Wings Eliminated :(


Looks like that trade for David Legwand wasn't enough to push them over the top. Oh well...after all, How Many Cups Do YOU Have? End of discussion.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Who's Next?


Both are up 3-1 against probably two of my least favorite teams, so I hope they can pull it off. Also, we have Game 5's in the delightfully crazy Pittsburgh-Columbus and the somewhat invisible (to me, anyway) Minnesota-Colorado series.

Friday's Dump & Chase: Kings Stay Alive


Luckily for Kings "fans", the team isn't comprised of all Southern Californians. Otherwise, they would've found a way to lose the series in 3 games and just go surfing instead.

Wednesday's Dump & Chase:Montreal First to Advance


What's the Canadian word for "broom"? Whatever, it doesn't really matter. I was kind of rooting for Tampa here, but it will be Canada Man who advances, and Florida Man who goes home.

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Double-Overtime Thriller!


It's the most exciting way to win, isn't it? And it was the first playoff win in their franchise history, which I guess is pretty cool, too.

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