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Four Blazers rank among NBA's hundred worst players: ESPN

According to ESPN's player rankings, four members of the Portland Trail Blazers rank among the the hundred worst NBA players. Link (Actually it's worse than that, since ESPN ranks 500 players and...

The Week: Paul Allen released a rock album and it's not terrible


Found this article on The Week--and I thought BE folks would get a kick out of it. I'm copying the first few paragraphs here, but follow the link for the full text. "On Monday, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated $1 million to the Jane Goodall Institute for wildlife conservation and ocean research in Africa. On Tuesday, he dropped a rock album. All in a week's work for the 60-year-old retiree, who in addition to founding Microsoft with Bill Gates, is now a sports magnate, a philanthropist, Forbes' 53rd-richest man in the world, and a pretty good songwriter and guitar player. Everywhere at Once, Allen's first studio album with his band The Underthinkers, is the kind of easy, country-rock that a dad who grew up loving the Eagles could probably get behind. Allen wrote or co-wrote all 13 songs, and plays guitar on every track, alongside collaborators like Chrissie Hyde of the Pretenders, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, and Joe Walsh of the Eagles."


Wiggins and other 2014 draft prospects

This title might be a little misleading, because I don't have much to say about Wiggins--just questions. I'm curious about why so many people are convinced Wiggins is a sure thing? After hearing...


Timbers Gear Question

At matches I've seen folks wearing a couple hoodies that are pretty rad, but I can't seem to find them anywhere (official timbers shops, online, lloyd cntr...) and I'd really appreciate any...


NBA admits it: Blazers beat Thunder last night

After reviewing the controversial "goaltending" call against LaMarcus Aldridge (block of Durant layup with 6 seconds in the game) the NBA admitted today that the call was wrong, LA legitimately...


Blazers Army-Part 2

  We are off to a great start—75 comments and almost 400 votes in the poll, with a solid majority supporting the idea of some type of Blazers Army fan organization. Thanks to everyone who voted and...


Time for a Blazer's Army?

I've been to a couple Timbers games now, and am totally impressed by the Timbers Army and the amazing atmosphere they create. I'm thinking the same concept could translate to the RG pretty well and...

Thunder just signed Perkins to 4 year extension


So much for the theory that Perkins was waiting for free agency to team up with his buddy 'Bron in Miami. I think OKC just became the NW division team to beat for the next several years--or at least until realignment.

Simmons: Oden will probably never be healthy


The following is from Bill Simmons Trade Value article, the same one featured on the Main page, with discussion of Batum. The text below is from Simmons discussion of Andrew Bynum, but note the bottom 2 players on the list and the implication. Simmons: "A list of the most memorable centers and power forwards of the past 35 years organized by their first six regular seasons for "games played," "games missed" and "number of seasons in which they played 90 percent of the games." Dwight Howard: 489 --- 3 --- 6 Karl Malone: 489 --- 3 --- 6 Tim Duncan: 451 --- 9 --- 5 David Robinson: 475 --- 17 --- 5 Kevin McHale: 475 --- 17 --- 5 Charles Barkley: 472 --- 20 --- 6 Dikembe Mutombo: 471 --21 -- 5 Robert Parish: 469 --- 23 --- 5 Hakeem Olajuwon: 468 --- 24 --- 5 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 467 --- 25 --- 5 Dirk Nowitzki: 444 --- 48 --- 5 Kevin Garnett: 442 --- 50 --- 5 Patrick Ewing: 438 --- 54 --- 4 Moses Malone: 428 --- 66 --- 4 Alonzo Mourning: 409 --- 83 --- 2 Shaquille O'Neal: 408 --- 84 --- 2 Yao Ming: 404 -- 88 --- 3 Ralph Sampson: 395 --- 97 --- 3 Chris Webber: 329 --- 131 --- 1 Andrew Bynum: 309 --- 169 --- 1 Bill Walton: 223 --- 269 --- 0 Sam Bowie: 207 --- 285 --- 1 Greg Oden: 82 --- 266 --- 0 What jumps out? First, the durable guys remained durable throughout their careers, with just one exception: McHale, who ruined the second half of his career by bravely (and some would say foolishly) playing on a broken foot in the 1987 playoffs. Second, anyone who missed more than 80 games and couldn't play in 90 percent of the games in at least four of their first six seasons went on to have injury-plagued careers. (That includes Shaq, who played more than 68 games in a season just six times and missed an average of 18 games per season.) And third, if you can't stay on the court at your youngest/healthiest/freshest/most energetic, it's a pretty safe bet that things won't change as you get older. It's straight DNA: Some dudes are structurally built for 82-game NBA seasons, others aren't. So if you make the argument "If Bynum can stay healthy, he's a franchise center," just make sure you also mention that we have 35 years of evidence that there's a tipping point when "If he can stay healthy …" becomes "… he's not going to stay healthy." We're there with Andrew Bynum. He's not going to stay healthy. If I were the Lakers, I would trade him right now. (Actually, what am I saying? They should definitely keep him! The guy is built like solid oak!)"


First Fanpost!

Just thought it would be rad to be the first poster on this site. Go Timbers!!! I found a link here from BlazersEdge, and I'm looking forward to having another major sport in town--especially one...


Brandon Roy's Mental Health

  I caught an LA feed of the game against the Clippers the other night and the Clips announcers discussed a topic that I haven't heard much about from the Portland area media. In the second quarter...

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