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KP and Tom Penn chatter. Sexual Harassment?


May shed some light on the situation...but it is hearsay until proven.


Lesson from tonight's game

Portland Trail Blazers rosterTonight's game against Detriot provided a valuable lesson to the Blazers, that hopefully they will apply in the playoffs.  It was clear what the game plan was for...

Rasheed Wallace T'd Off


Rasheed is entertaining now that he's not on Portland's roster. Seriously, this guy cracks me up. Check out the whole article. It's pretty good. Rasheed isn't a bad guy (it's not like he drew a gun on his teammate...errr...Gilbert Arenas), but he seems like he's perpetually stuck in the 1970's (think Maurice Lucas in "The Breaks of the Game"). And truthfully, I love his candor - though as a fan of the team he's playing on his moments of candor are often cringe inducing. "Bad news for the NBA. Rasheed Wallace is getting the Tim Donaghy book. "I want to check it out and see what’s there," Wallace said last night." "Either way they’re going to get me," Wallace said. "If I don’t say nothing I’m going to get fined, and if I say something I’m going to get fined. So I might as well say something about what’s on my mind, what I want to say. They’re going to hit me up either way. I’ve been through that before in Portland. When I wasn’t talking to the media they were fining me. But then when I did talk to the media they didn’t like what I had to say, so they fined me some more. So I was like, ‘Well, (expletive), if you’re going to fine me I might as well say what the hell I want to say.’ " "See, they think they can control people with money. Everybody don’t live like that. That’s how they live up there in that office. They think, ‘Oh, I’m going to hit him in the pocket. That’s where it will hurt.’ No, it don’t hurt me. I didn’t have it growing up, so, I mean, either way it don’t hurt me. As long as my family’s cool, I’m cool. It ain’t hurting my family. I make sure of that."

Resilient Blazers Are Nowhere Without Roy


Brian T. Smith's latest article on the Blazers. The guy seems a little pollyannish, but I do like his articles anyway. He makes some valid points in the article. One is that Nate McMillian should be considered for coach of the year (this could change by the end of the season). And the other is how incredible Roy has been since Oden went down. I don't think the Blazers can hang on forever without good lowpost rebounding and defense...eventually opposing teams are going to figure out that we vulnerable in the middle (such as Philly and Elton Brand did) and attack us there. Hopefully I'm wrong, but nevertheless I'm going to enjoy our success for as long as it lasts.


Trade Drawer - To trade or not to trade?

It's pretty apparent, that we have a serious talent gap on our team.  Even when considering Rudy shouldn't miss too much time, we just don't seem to have the horses to get us much further than a...

Awesome BRoy story by Quick


We are lucky to have Roy. What a difference a leader makes. Just think the last time we were thinking about contending Rasheed Wallace was leading us.

Free NBA League Pass 10/27-11/3


You can view NBA League Pass for free 10/27-11/3. Also, right now you get free NBA league pass broadband for the whole regular season with the NBA league pass TV subscription...this is actually pretty cool, b/c you if you miss a game you can go back in the archives and watch online. If you live within a 150 mile radius of Portland don't order it, b/c the games are probably blacked that case you can order games directly from the Blazers website. Just to be on the safe side, before ordering I would check with my local cable provider regarding blackouts, if you live in Oregon, Washington or Idaho. Better yet, see if you get the free trial, then order. You get a little bit of a discount if you order before Nov 3rd.

One of these years, you're going to wake up in a strange bed in a strange room in a strange house...


One of these years, you're going to wake up in a strange bed in a strange room in a strange house next to a strange woman with strange eyes, and you're going to ask yourself, "How did I get here?" And then the strange woman is going to open her mouth to speak, but Greg Oden's voice is going to come out, and Greg Oden's voice is going to tell you to "shut up" and "go back to sleep." And then you'll wake up. It was all a dream. Except the Greg Oden part, because he'll be in your nightmares, telling you to "shut up" and whatnot. And your name will be Spencer Hawes.

Hysterical quote and observations that should warm your heart from Sactown Royalty

Who Is The Most Overrated Laker?

It seems like the media and fan obsession with all things Lakers hypes marginal players into stars.  Or turns guys who are superstars into messianic deities.    Has there ever been an underrated...

Reality Check on Lamar Odom


Excerpts from the LA Times: Ah, memories, how powerful. Already dealing with unease caused by swapping rock-solid Trevor Ariza for Artest, Lakers fans were worried sick these last few weeks, what with Odom and Jerry Buss engaged in an ego-fueled stare-down over a new deal. Suddenly, in the minds of many, Odom was a 10-time All-Star. In fact, despite having as much skill as anyone in basketball, he's never even been a one-time All-Star. Now don't go getting me wrong. It's wonderful that he stays here. He isn't only a great talent; he's also a good guy and a calming force. Just don't believe for a moment that he's suddenly become a player who will deliver the goods night in and night out. Memories are powerful, and sometimes fickle. With Odom, bless him, all that can be counted on for next year is more maddeningly spectacular inconsistency. It was good enough for one title. Whether it will be good enough for more isn't as sure a bet as many -- bedazzled by memories of a few great games -- seem to think.

Lamar Odom - Let's Get Some Perspective People


Here are some money quotes from Kurt Streeter of the LA Times: But some perspective is needed. Let's not forget who we're talking about. Signing Odom, as maddeningly inconsistent and frustrating as anyone in the NBA, ensures nothing more for Lakers fans than a continued roller coaster ride and another season of heartburn. Next season, guaranteed, will come moments when you'll swear he's Elgin Baylor. There will also be times when you'll swear he's Elgin your aging third cousin who comes off the bench for his church league team. Despite their great talent, if we see too much of your cousin, the Lakers just might get upset in the first round of the playoffs. And this one: Now don't go getting me wrong. It's wonderful that he stays here. He isn't only a great talent; he's also a good guy and a calming force. Just don't believe for a moment that he's suddenly become a player who will deliver the goods night in and night out. Memories are powerful, and sometimes fickle. We forget, after this last playoff run, the unexplainable pratfalls that have pockmarked Odom's career. One could sift through season after season of examples, but there's no need to go back that far. Remember that alongside those flashy playoff games last spring there were several with no luster at all. Remember Odom's two-point, 25-minute performance against Houston in Game 4, which kept that series a stalemate. Remember Denver and clunker Games 1, 3 and 4. Odom played a total of 93 minutes. He scored seven, eight and five points. And this one too: Remember how, smack in the throes of the playoffs, doctors were sending the Lakers unasked-for-advice theorizing that Odom's insatiable sugar cravings had created an NBA Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Remember how, not so long ago -- just the start of last season -- Odom was a whipping boy. When I wrote a piece last October titled "Don't be so hard on Lakers' Lamar Odom" my in-box overflowed with e-mails claiming I'd lost my marbles. Back then, in the minds of many who now say his signing ensures a dynasty, Odom was a lost cause: wonderful trade bait in a deal for Shawn Marion, a pack of pecans and an old goat. Today, of course, we talk about how great Odom is and will be. Today we prattle on about how this signing ensures the spectacular chemistry of next season's Lakers and the wisdom Odom will bring his New York City running buddy, that wack job Mr. Artest. And lastly: It was good enough for one title. Whether it will be good enough for more isn't as sure a bet as many -- bedazzled by memories of a few great games -- seem to think. Thanks goodness someone, in LA of all places, is giving a little reality check about Lamar Odom.

Greg Oden Video at USA Practice Today!

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Greg Oden Video at USA Practice Today!

Jazz Won't Be Bullied


When did David Aldridge start working for the Jazz?



Is this a cheapshot at the Trail Blazers?

Odom has been a giant source of frustration for Lakers fans. He is unbelievably talented, but often...


Odom has been a giant source of frustration for Lakers fans. He is unbelievably talented, but often acts like a space cadet during games. Once, when he was taking the ball out on the sidelines, he walked onto the court before he threw the ball in, causing a turnover. During the Lakers last home game against the Denver Nuggets, Kobe Bryant threw him a pass, but the ball hit him on the shoulder because he had spaced out and was not paying attention. On sports talk shows, Odom is constantly criticized because no one knows if he will play well or not. He can play great, and be worth his 14 million-dollar salary, or he can act like he is "missing in action."

Jazz re-sign Ronnie Price


Not that he's going to cost them a lot...he was paid $1.18 million last year. However, if the Jazz are over the luxary tax, they in reality are paying his salary times 2. It's hard to read anything into this...and his signing makes sense since Maynor is the only other backup pg. But then never know?


BREAKING...Ben Wallace bought unrestricted and probably cheap

The Suns just bought out Ben Wallace.   One would assume he would come cheap, since basically he will be earning double salary $10 million from the Suns, plus whatever else the new team signs him...

Roy wants 5th year Player Option


According to John Canzano. Can at least see why Portland doesn't want to go for the 5th year. Here's the money quote: "Multiple sources told me on Monday that the negotiations between the Trail Blazers and Brandon Roy remained locked up, in part, because Roy initially asked for a player option for year No. 5 of the contract." Listen on 95.5 or read the link above at O-Live. Does this change your opinion regarding his contract negotiations?

Nice Breakdown on Hoopsworld regarding Roy and Aldridge's Contract Extension Situation


Here's a sample: "The first, and perhaps most important, point is that the contract extensions for Roy and Aldridge should get done this summer, but there is zero need to get them done NOW. " "The second point is that while it may be true Portland would prefer a four-year deal to a five-year deal, it doesn't make any logical sense from the team's point of view. Signing a shorter term contract is to the player's advantage, not the teams."

Spurs get McDyess


"The Rich Get Richer: Former Piston forward Antonio McDyess has agreed to join the San Antonio Spurs. Word is he'll sign a three-year deal with two years fully guaranteed and a third non-guaranteed year." Too bad. I was hoping Portland would make a play for McDyess as a backup PF. San Antonio is gonna be old...but they are absolutely stacked.

Orlando's take on the Hedo to Toronto signing


Here's a taste: On Friday, Turkoglu agreed to terms with the Toronto Raptors, a move he will surely regret at some point over the next five years. Trading away the chance to play alongside four potential All-Stars and contend for the rest of his career, Turkoglu took Toronto's offer of $53 million over five years and ran with it. But was the extra $8 million dollars really worth it? If Bosh does indeed leave next summer as reports indicate, Turkoglu will be forced to spend the next five years of his career, and prime, with a perennial cellar dweller. At least Portland made sense. Like Orlando a year or two ago, they are an up-and-coming team that can contend in the near future. But Toronto? Clearly money is Turkoglu's priority, and it's a shame because many never expected it out of him.


About that second does Rondo sound?

Rondo is unhappy with Boston.  He is entering the final year of his contract.  So, Boston risks losing him for nothing next season unless they can extend him this offseason.  However, they may be...


Ranking the Point Guards Using BE Metrics

I thought since John Hollinger can come up with his own metrics well then so can we.  Here's how this works: Rank your top 10 point guards (best to worst), then rank them by cost, meaning what it's...


Post Draft Thread

So this draft ended with a whimper.  We ended up shipping out Sergio and acquiring Claver, Pendergraph, Cunningham, and Mills...not too splashy.  However, I do think it is a sign that KP and the...


Introducing Your New Backup Power Forward

With all this talk about the Blazers needing a backup power forward it got me thinking about what type of player would best fill that role.  With the team as it is currently constructed, the backup...

Houston fans yelling the "N" word at Martell Webster


Listen to the podcast at the 32 minute mark. Barrett talks about Houston fans yelling the "N" word at Martell Webster. Maybe I'm pollyannish or naive, but that doesn't seem like typical fan behavior. There's always a few jerks at games, but why didn't security or other fans around do something about shutting those guys up who were yelling racial epithets? If you listen to this one at about the 10 1/2 minute mark, KP talks about being cursed at and having drinks thrown at him while he was courtside in Houston. I'm not saying Portland's fans are always classy, and by and large I am sure Houston fans are great...but they sure do seem to have a few screw balls who really crossed the line without meeting much resistance.


Blazers Got Psyched Out [UPDATED]

Or more accurately, they psyched themselves out before the game even started.  Before I go into this explanation, let me first say that the Rockets played extremely well and had much to do with the...

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