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Arnovitz - Olshey and the Clippers


Great in-depth read on Olshey's rise, why they got Paul, how he's changed the Clippers, etc. Hiring Olshey is turning out to be similar to landing Griffen. I had always thought he was the difference maker, part of (and perhaps the main reason for) the sea-change we are witnessing. Those who belittle him don't know what they are talking about.

Arnovitz (TrueHoop) - the Clippers' Efficient Woody Allen Offense


This is a great read. When you have good players, the simple stuff can work well, particularly during the regular season. Note that our defense is now 22nd (it was 25th or worse before the last three-game stretch)

Chris Paul's go to move


Interesting breakdown of the killer that is CP3, sans the typical negative "it's the Clippers" statement at the end.

Dave Berri (the Wages of Wins dude) thinks the players should form a league


Smart man. He also points out that the players have not been aggressive enough, which echoes what the agents have been saying all along. If the players want to win this, they need to start using their big guns. Right now.

Sheridan teeing up with Berger, wojnarowski and Bucher


They are all basically saying that the union has conceded too much already and that the agents are right (as expressed in the letter yesterday). They seem to think the agents are looking out for the players. Sheridan is more bullish than the others on getting a deal done quickly because he thinks Stern can force the owners to move. Call me skeptical.

Hubbard at Sheridan Hoops - Stern Under Pressure


Hubbard worked with Stern for 8 years. He sees this situation similar to the way I see it - that we could lose the season. I continue to believe that this is a problem of the owners' making - given that revenues are so high, why are so many teams losing money - and who is or should be responsible for fixing that problem? The NBA is at a crossroads. Fascinating. Pass the popcorn.

Sheridan Hoops - Amnesty Irrational


Here is the Sheridan Hoops take on the proposed Amnesty clause. I agree with the take. As I previously mentioned, Amnesty basically allows a do over for the wealthier teams, making it more difficult for the smaller markets to compete. Now maybe I would like it more if our large market team acted like a large market team. However, it doesn't and there's no way they ever will so long as DTS is there. They also mention that this is a bad proposal for lesser players.

NBA Lockout - Where Did The Money Go?


Matt Moore has an interesting article up at CBS. It seems much oft eco us is now on the other expenses that the league claims are spiraling out of control and the question being asked is why?


Wages of Wins - Do The Players - And Cities - Really Need the NBA Owners

Actually an interesting article from Mr. Berri.  He describes the lockout situation as one in which the owners are "extorting" the players.  He also discusses an idea I raised in an earlier fanpost...

D-Will : NBA players have options overseas


Very interesting article. D-Will confirms that he had the backing of the union, that he can play without voiding his current contract, that he's getting insurance, and that he thinks there's a large market for NBA players or at least stars elsewhere that can pay them substantial money. All of this is in line with my initial reaction to the news. We will see how it plays out.

Opening Statements Baylor v Clippers


The Clippers' argument is that the firing was justified based on the team's record. Baylor argues that Roeser told him that team marketing is based on selling "success" or "hope." I think we know which the Clippers were (and are still?) selling.

Kings to Anaheim Becoming Reality?


Looks like it's gonna happen (subject to approval)

Tentative Agreement Denver / Nets Re Carmelo


Apparently elite scorers are valued in the League

Suns Unsuccessfully Shopping Childress


The Suns have been unsuccessful in their attempts to trade forward Josh Childress, according to executives. Phoenix signed Childress to a five-year, $33.5 million contract this past summer. He is averaging just 17 minutes per game. Unbelievable - Childress could lead any team to the promised land.

David Stern on Contraction, Etc.


Interesting discussion with David Stern on NBA contraction (possibly New Orleans) and other topical issues.

Hmm - Houston aggressively pursuing Melo


And they are willing to trade Kevin Martin and draft picks. For those of you who like to gauge what should be done based on what Morey does, and for those of you who may be hesitant to grab Melo (at the right price), this is quite telling. I've always thought that Melo would be a great asset to the Clippers. I hope they are doing what they can to get him.

Heisler v. Simmons


Check out Heisler going after Simmons in this interesting article


Foye and Gomes - Clipperblog Analysis

I thought as we debate the wisdom of the Foye and Gomes signings that it might be helpful to review the analysis that Foster did over at Clipperblog and ESPN LA.  I thought that the analysis was...

The Curious Case of Mike Miller - Sports Illustrated


This article from 2009 talks about Miller's perplexing reluctance to shoot with the Wolves and the problems that it was causing for the team. The same problems continued in Washington last year. When I raised the issue before, some (ok one uninformed John R) repeatedly ripped me because my stated concern conflicted with what his trusted stat service says about Miller. I love Miller's game historically. I think he'd be a good player on the Clips for the right price. However, before the team signs him to be the starting SF, they should make sure that he will shoot the ball when it is passed to him when he's open.

Bulls Free Up Cap Space By Trading Hinrich to the Wiz


Chicago is certainly doing whatever it can to position itself. If this goes through.

Want LBJ? Trade for CP3


How badly do we want LBJ? According to this article, you can greatly increase your odds to get him if you trade for CP3. Questions abound: The Clippers could conceivably trade for CP3, but would that also allow them to sign LBJ? What would the Clips have to give up to get CP3 (assuming the article is to be believed)? Any trade would have to include BD, but who else would you include? Blake Griffin? Is he enough? How many of us would agree to trade Blake Griffin and BD for CP3 and LBJ? What about BD, BG and EJ? Talk amongst yourselves . . .

Rick Bucher - MDSr retained as GM because DTS needs him as a witness against E Baylor


MDSr went along with the DTS charade re Baylor for several years. Now he has them over a barrel. The only reason he's there is to save DTSr's arse. That I think puts to rest the canard that they're keeping him around because of his basketball acumen. Pathetic.

D'Antoni doing well in New York


To everyone who is inclined to believe that coaches don't matter, or who thinks there's something to the notion that coaches can't win unless they have the perfect lineup, this article about what D'Antoni is doing to transform the Knicks is an eye opener. Enjoy

Monta Ellis' Transformation Into A Quasi-Elite Player


I've always been high on Monta's potential. Not surprisingly for those of us who appreciate Monta's potential, getting rid of SJax has been great for Monta (addition by subtraction) as discussed in the linked blog post. Enjoy

Coach Lawrence Frank Must Win To Save His Job


He takes full responsibility. For some reason, he's not blaming the injuries or saying that this is all so complicated that fans cannot understand. Who is this guy and why can't he just blame everyone else like MDSr does?

Brandon Jennings Thriving Under Coach Skiles' System


Interesting article from about the rise of Brandon Jennings and the success to date of Coach Skiles' approach to the rookie. Apparently Coach Skiles gives him the freedom to run the show but still teaches. So far it's paying off. This is interesting in part because in Chicago at least Coach Skiles was known for yanking players at any time.

K Durant and Thunder go off last night


They are an exciting young team. Kevin Durant goes off for 30 on 10-16 shooting, 5-5 threes, 2 blocks, in 31 minutes. Westbrook flirts with a triple double. Jeff Green and young Harden looking good. Durant is already special. The sky is the limit for him.

Clippers Waive Mark Madsen


I wonder if this means they are getting ready to sign someone. How much money is saved?

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