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A Championship Trifecta for Ohio? Maybe.


Several of Ohio's major sports teams are one verge of doing something that no other state has seen. Will we feel the euphoria of victory in one year or the anguish of defeat in that same span?

Bengals Excitement is in the Air


A new season of Bengals football is starting and there is a certain excitement in the air. But is this feeling something that we should grab hold of?

[Bengals Training Camp Preview] - Linebackers


Heading into training camp, the linebackers look to build on last season. Here is a look at who will be looking to make the team.

[Bengals Training Camp Preview] Bengals Running Backs


Running backs are considered a dime a dozen, where you can pick one up and he will provide the team with a lift. They are asked to carry the ball into a pile of humanity and absorb hits from all...

[Bengals Season Preview] Previewing Weeks 10-13


The up-coming season looks to be one of the toughest as they make their run to a third division championship in six seasons. This is a preview of the what to expect heading into this part of the...

The origin of the Cincinnati Bengals


Everyone knows about the current Cincinnati Bengals franchise was established in 1968, but they are not the first professional football team in Cincinnati nicknamed Bengals.

The Strike Years


The NFL has been one of the more successful professional leagues since its inception in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. It has endured many tumultuous times including the...

The Bengals First AFC Central Championship


Including the preseason, the Bengals are scheduled for five prime time games this season. Since the start of Monday Night Football (MNF), primetime games have become highly coveted, growing to a...


Pittsburgh's true feelings about Big Ben

This link is to an article published by the Columbus Dispatch in Sundays paper about how fans despise Big Ben in Pittsburgh, plus some examples of how he has alienated business and restaurants. ...

An Unusual Rivalry


Rivalrys between teams are a common scene. In this one, the rivalry became between two coaches.

The 1981 AFC Championship Game


NFL games are played in almost any kind of weather, but the Benglas played in a game that had a wind chill factor of -57 degrees.

Getting to know the Draft Picks


Knowing much about the late round draft picks is a difficult task. This will introduce you to two the Bengals third day picks.

The Bengals Best Diamond in the Rough


I know you're probably tired of "the Best of" articles that have recently appeared, but I couldn't help myself. We have discussed the best first round pick during the Marvin Lewis era and in...

The Best Top Pick by the Bengals


We discussed the best top pick in the Mavin Lewis era, but who is the best first round pick ever made by the Bengals?

Who is The Best 1st Round Pick in the Marvin Lewis Era?


Marvin Lewis has been a big part of the draft selection process, with most of the selections over the past seven years making instant impact. Of those choices, which is the best pick he has been...

Drafting a Wide Receiver


Mel Kiper has made a career of speculating what a team should draft in the first round. Now his thinking seems to be flawed when it comes to who the Bengals should take.

Which Tight End should the Bengals draft?


The Bengals have been eyeing several tight ends in preparation of the draft. Who are they and what how may they fit into the offense.

Is Mike Brown a Spend Thrift?


Since following into his father's footsteps, Mike Brown has developed a reputation as being a spend thrift.  We fans have accused him of being Ebenezer Scrooge.  Not willing to part with the pretty...

Jay McDonnell's Free Agency Wishlist - Restricted Free Agents Edition


When a team looks to continue building on the success (or eliminate the failures) from the previous season, they look toward signing a veteran that could fill a need. As fans, we all have our own...

Identity and the Bengals: Are They Becoming a Rehabilitation Center for Criminal NFL Players?


The identity of a team is one of the important aspects when marketing a team. The recent trend of the Bengals to sign players with a criminal past may cause an identity that may not seem favorable...

A look at the Mock Draft picks for the Bengals


With the end of another NFL season, the off-season presents a number of opinions of how the draft will playout. This is look at some of those draftnicks and who they think the Bengals should select.

Is Shayne Graham Worthy of Re-Signing?


Shayne Graham is now a free agent, able to sign with any team he desires. Do the Bengals make a run at him or do they look elsewhere to find another kicker?

May The Bengals Have Peaked Too Early?


This season was beyond expectations, but the dismal finish may have been a product of peaking to soon.

Is a Bengals Collapse Coming?


Are the Bengals on the verge of collapsing and missing the playoffs? Past history may indicate this is true, but this team may not remember those days.


Article offers Insight into Lewis and Brown's Relationship

The Washington Post published an article today on the relationship between Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown.  It shows how the decision makers can disagree on how a team wins, but are able to come...

Who is to Blame for the Bengals Offensive Struggles?


Bob Bratkowski has come under fire for an offense that is struggling to put up points. Is this a fair criticism or should the blame be shared elsewhere?

Are the Bengals Super Bowl Contenders?


The Bengals have stunned the AFC North taking it by storm. But do these victories over the Ravens and Steelers lead them to the promised land?

With the Bengals Flexing Their Muscle; Will NBC Flex Their Schedule?


The NFL is coming up into their Flex Schedule with NBC where they can move a high value game into the prime time slot. With the Bengals playing well but not slated for prime time, could one or more...

The Bengals Played a Perfect Game


The Bengals put together a game that can only be described as perfect.

The Bengals Had a Letdown - Now They Must Get Up for da’ Bears


The Bengals had a letdown against the Texans, now they face da' Bears in a game that both teams need to win.

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