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Coach Pete pulling and April Fools Joke

Ummm, never would have seen this coming from Coach Pete.


Is Grant or Joe better at throwing deep balls?

This has been a big discussion and most of it has been based exclusively on opinion. So I started looking for some stats that could settle this debate. I was trying to find some stats like what...

Chuckie Keeton (knee) done for year

Looks like Utah State's QB is out for the season.

Need help getting the game.

Question: Does anyone have a Dish network subscription that would like to help me get the football game for this weekend? Story: My family is doing our annual campout this weekend and we are not going to be in a place that has the game. I am renting a Dish Network 'tailgater" and receiver so we can get a signal. No one we know has Dish network so our two options are to spend $65 to get a month subscription to watch the game (kind of worth it) or to find a friend that is willing to put a $7 (we will pay for it) addon to their current Dish subscription. So if anyone is willing to help us save some money send me an email ( Thanks

Big East to Sell Its Name to Breakaway Catholic Universities

Does every conference we leave crash in a ball of flames?

BSU is still ranked in the Harris and USA Today Polls

In the Coaches we dropped from 14th to 24th and in the Harris poll we dropped from 17th to 23rd.

Have you seen those Trick Shot QB videos on YouTube. Well here is one for FG Kicking!

Have you seen those Trick Shot QB videos on YouTube. Well here is one for FG Kicking!

BCS Standings - BSU = 22nd

23rd in the Harris...22nd in coaches and 20th in the computers.

Petersen wants to see his team enjoy itself more on game days.

"The kids sometimes try too hard, and it’s not fun," he said. "When anybody is having fun in their job, recreating, whatever, that’s what it’s all about. We started way back because this game used to be fun — it used to be fun to coach, still isn’t, but hopefully it’s fun to play. When the game is tight at the end there, we can see it. A lot of it’s not fun. ‘We’ve gotta win. We’ve gotta win.’ No, we just need to do the process correctly, we need to fight and we need to support each other and we need to have fun. It’s very easy to cross that line, and then everything changes."

BYU vs Boise State TWICE in 2012? - Vanquish The Foe

Wow... I got this to come up by dragging the "FanShot" button unto an open tab. If we win the MWC or even take 2nd place, I don't know why we would not go to the Las Vegas Bowl, but it is interesting to think that we might see BYU again in the post season.

BigEast is trying to decide on 14 or 16 members.

It sounds like the Big East wants to get all 3 of the service academies to join the conference (and BYU). Also I if the Big East only goes to 14 teams here is how the officials see divisions splitting up: "When the Big East grows to 14, league officials already have had discussions how to split the divisions. The most popular 14-team model, sources said, would be "Red" and "Blue" divisions that are non-geographic. The Red Division would consist of Louisville, South Florida, Connecticut, San Diego State, SMU, Navy and Memphis. The Blue Division: Cincinnati, Central Florida, Rutgers, Boise State, Houston, Temple and the 14th team."

BSU is #26 in AP poll

BSU has 79 points in the AP poll. Standforst and #25 has 131 points. We are still above BYU #28 (63 points) and Utah #31 (34 points).

New Mexico suspends starting QB

Looks like it is an indefinite suspension. BSU is NewMex 5th opponent (Southern, Texas, Texas Tech, NewMex State, BSU). I don't think we needed help on winning this game, but it looks like we got it.

Is something going on with Titus Young?

It sounds like Titus misses Last Sunday and Mondays practice. Here are some quotes about him from Jim Schwartz: On how WR Titus Young is health-wise: "Yesterday he was sore so we sat him out. But today didn't have anything to do with him being sore." On WR Titus Young: "Titus is excused today." I really hope that I am reading to much into this.

Watch the Browns/Lions game.

Many Many pop-up ads, but the video plays.

Wow... Nevada is using BSU to sell tickets to other games (and not in a good way).

Nevada announced Thursday that it has bundled tickets to the Boise State game with tickets to the Pack’s Wyoming and Fresno State games. That means Broncos fans who want to go to the game will have to buy the three-game "Power Pack" — $60 general admission or $81 reserved. The package will help Nevada sell tickets to its less-attractive home games and also force Boise State fans to pay more. Boise State usually has a huge cheering section in Reno.

4 Team playoff has been approved by the BCS

Still to be decided: the name of new event, the composition of and procedures for the selection committee and the revenue-sharing formula.

Boise State's BCS title shot

Sorry if this is a re-post, but ESPN insiders get a breakdown of BSU's chances at a BCS title run this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand

Eric was paralyzed in 2010 while playing football for the Rutgers. I was going to make a joke here, but I could figure out a good way to do it without offending someone.

Breaking down the Boise State football team's quarterbacks

"The first couple days, Nick Patti, being his first practices, did some things. It’s easy to recognize Jimmy’s arm. You should have seen a couple throws he made on the post. Grant, in the vertical game, he’s done some things. Joe, it’s shown that he’s the most experienced, in his decision-making." I think I am looking to far into this but, Coach Pete said he is going to go with the QB who makes the fewest mistakes. I guess right now that is Joe.

Oregon broke recruiting rules

The NCAA is alleging Oregon violated the organization's regulations in the way it used recruiting services over the past four years.

ESPN Poll: What does the future hold for Boise State coach Chris Petersen?

Hopefully the link works... if not it is on the homepage. It looks like the west coast thinks that Coach Pete already has his retirement home setup here in Boise. And the East coast doesn't know BW so who cares what they think.

I think I missed some OBNUG Blog Bets... If I remember right we won blog bets against SDSU and...

I think I missed some OBNUG Blog Bets... If I remember right we won blog bets against SDSU and Wyoming, but I have not seen them posted/linked here on OBNUG. I tried to search the other bloggers sited, but I just felt dirty and had to leave before I could find them. Have the blog bets been made and/or posted yet? Do I need to get my mafia friend to "persuade" the other betters to pay up?

Injury update:

Petersen said running back D.J. Harper (right ankle) could return this week, but that cornerback Jamar Taylor is probably out for the Wyoming game. He said Tyrone Crawford, who left the San Diego State game, should be OK. Reserve quarterback Grant Hedrick (leg), who did not travel to San Diego, should be suited for the Wyoming game, Petersen said.

Utah and the Pac12 South Division Championship

Evidently even at 4-4 in conference Utah is still in it for the Pac12 South Division Championship. While this does not have a direct impact on us the better that Utah and TCU do in their new AQ conferences the better all of us nonAQ schools look. So here is a breakdown on the 3 schools left in the South Division Race and what it would take for each tram to win the devision. UCLA needs either a win at USC OR for Utah to lose to Colorado. Arizona State needs to beat Cal at home AND for UCLA to lose at USC AND Utah to beat Colorado. Utah needs to beat Colorado at home AND both UCLA to lose at USC AND Arizona State to lose to Cal.

SDSU injury report.

Among other injuries SDSU could be without their two starting RBs.

Two Cornerbacks out for SDSU

Junior cornerback Jamar Taylor (leg) and sophomore cornerback Ebo Makinde (hamstring), the starters against TCU, aren’t likely to play this week at San Diego State, Petersen said. That leaves true freshman Lee Hightower and sophomore Quaylon Ewing-Burton as the only experienced options.

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