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Five Trade-Deadline Excuses (and Why They’re Wrong)


A very good article that is similar to my view towards the Warriors. It's been too long since the Warriors have made a good move. Doing nothing of substance just shows how inept our Front Office is.


Troy Murphy + 1st rounder to Golden State?

According to the latest news from ESPN "As reported Thursday night, Denver would then use at least one of those future first-round picks to package with Murphy -- either in this trade or...

Warriors have messed up David Lee's Injury


Just read that Lee was not given proper treatment and antibiotics on time. Wow. There was also another link on warriors world that was deleted stating that Lee was given the wrong treatment or something like that and that if this were New Jersey, Lee could have sued the warriors...Trying to look for it now. Looks like Lee won't be coming back anytime soon.

New owners not willing to go into luxury tax.


"Way to go Steinmetz: Asking about willingness to go over the luxury tax. Answer? "I do not suspect we would go above luxury tax." 13 minutes ago via web" And this is one of the negatives to not having rich owners. At the very least Ellison would probably not mind paying in the luxury tax. Whether this is just for this season is unknown, but this is very troubling if we are trying to win a championships. If we never go into luxury tax, I'm not sure we will ever win a championship.

Genius Article On Why David Lee is better than Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh


Very interesting stuff that I have never encountered. My opinion on the recent David Lee trade: I am not a fan of this trade for the following reasons - 1) We are going to be stuck paying a lot of money for a player who might or might not lead this team to more wins. 2) We lose Anthony Randolph. In my mind, I think Randolph was starting to get it last season right up until he got injured. I personally think Randolph is the next Chris Bosh/Kevin Garnett in a few years. You can bash me all you want, but I honestly think Randolph will attain a lot of that potential. He's only 21 years old OMG. That is uber young and he will ONLY get better. This is a whole other debate so I'm not going to go too far with this. 3) I think this team's best shot of winning a championship in the future is by having a high lottery pick in 2011. There are tons of SF's there and I am highly intrigued by Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones a 6'11 Small forward with very good handles (better than Randolph's I would think since scouts have him pegged as a small forward.) And there's my two cents on the whole fiasco. As for LeBron...Going to Miami only shows that he is not good enough to get a championship by himself even with great help. Before going to Miami I genuinely thought Lebron would eventually be better than Kobe. Now, I don't think so. And Hell to the Freak no ESPN, LeBron is not better than Michael Jordan. I swear I read an article on ESPN saying a while back that LeBron was better than Michael Jordan or something like that. Pure Idiocy. Edit: And since its official I would also like to say I will continue to support David Lee in any way I can since he is a Golden State Warrior. Unless Azubuike fails a physical, all I can say to every Warriors fan out there is to think positive with David Lee, because thinking anything negative doesn't help anything out. We have to be conscious now that this decision is final and we have to focus on our other options after acquiring David Lee.


What exactly is the knock on Joe Haden?

Niners nation is the only place I have seen that thinks Joe Haden is already a bust in the making when the guys being supported (Taylor Mays) are horrible coverage guys. I want to focus on Joe...


2010 NBA Draft: Evan Turner (Possibly better than John Wall at the next level) and Hassan Whiteside (sleeper center)

I hope the Warriors get this kid if they don't get the #1 overall pick. Imagine Joe Johnson (though not quite as big in the frame yet) with better handles, great passing ability, great leadership,...


Rumor: Stephen Jackson for Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Was reading Marcus Thompson's blog and saw the trade rumor here: If this is indeed true and Riley manages to pull off...


Next Warriors Coach: Mike Krzyzewski? and Chris Bosh in 2010

After Don Nelson's contract is over, I think the Warriors should try to bring over Krzyzewski. He is a very good coach and he led the 2008 US Basketball team to gold in Beijing. I can imagine the...


Trade for Rodney Stuckey

Ever since Baron Davis left the Warriors, the team has desperately needed a tall point guard who could pass the ball. There seems to be one guy who fits the bill and may not cost too much (since...

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