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2011 Small Forward Free Agents the Clippers Should Target

Hey ya'll! I have been off the grid for the last couple weeks but I have not forgotten that the Clippers are clamoring for an efficient Small Forward, with veteran experience, in order to fill  the...

From: http://www.bet.com/news/celebrities/2011/05/24/blake-griffin-hits-cedar-sinai-sports-spectacu...

From: http://www.bet.com/news/celebrities/2011/05/24/blake-griffin-hits-cedar-sinai-sports-spectacular-with-jordin-sparks.html "Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin and Jordin Sparks attended the 2011 Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular, arm in arm." "Held at the Beverly Hills Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Sunday (May 22), Griffin and Sparks, who were photographed on the red carpet together, were two among many of entertainment's biggest stars."

Who is down with J.R. Smith?


From the article: "Smith suggested Thursday he’s there was a 'strong possibility' he’d sign elsewhere next summer as a free agent" At a height and weight of 6'6 and 220 pounds, respectively, J.R. Smith is considered a Swingman. Since the Nuggets got Chandler and the Italian Stallion from the Knicks, he has pretty much been a non-factor. In fact, Karl has been playing Felton and Lawson together, so Smith's time is pretty much non-existent at SG. I wouldn't want to the FO to put too much attention on J.R. Smith, but I mean when he is young (25yrs) and he is a good shooter (especially when he is on fire). His problem seems to be that as his minuted decrease so does his productivity (a la Randy Foye), so he will not be a smart signing if he comes off the bench and plays less than 20 minutes per game. Next year, I believe we are set at SG, with EJ starting and his Foyeness as a good backup. J.R. Smith is not the answer at SF,since he is undersized for a SF and turning him into a somewhat good defender would take a miracle that God himself cannot answer, but offensively he is a good option!

Most Improved Player Voting Results


Obviously, Kevin Love won the award! But it was interesting to see that Eric Gordon received three total votes, one for second place and two for thrid place, which is a total of 5 points. If EJ never injured his wrist, would he be higher in the voting list? I think so!

BG Once Again Named Western Conference Rookie of the Month


"It is the sixth consecutive month Griffin has been honored as Rookie of the Month, the first time a rookie has swept an entire season of Rookie of the Month awards since Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) accomplished this feat during the 2005-06 campaign." Depending on the teams record next season (if there is one), I have no doubt that Blake Griffin will not only be an All-Star but an MVP candidate! Clips should just produce a statue of him dunking and place it at the entrance of Staples Center!

Willie Warren is back, again!


"Overall, Warren appeared in 15 games with the Jam, averaging 19.2 points, 5.7 assists and 4.0 rebounds in 27.3 minutes per game." Not bad, not bad at all!

Would Gordon Hayward Been a Better Fit?


Gordon Hayward has seen his minutes and scoring increased in the last few weeks. On Sunday's game against the Kings, he started at SG and in 41 minutes he posted 19 points, 8-14 shooting, 2-3 from deep, 3 boards, 4 assists, and one turnover! This year it is clear that he has been more effective than Aminu. Personally, I wanted Hayward instead of Aminu. I am tired of us getting players with plenty of "upside" and "future potential" and honestly think Hayward would have been a great fit here!

AK-47 Knows This is Likely his Last Year in Utah


A lot of people in the Nation have been clamoring for the FO to get a proven SF veteran during the offseason. Among the names of potential signees is Andrei Kirilenko, the thirty year old Russian sensation making $17.5 million this season. Throughout the season he has been banged up and has missed plenty of games. So what does everyone think? AK-47 states he wishes to stay in Utah, but it likely won't happen. So should the FO make it happen? Obviously he will not command anywhere near what he is earning this season, but it appears that he would be a coveted SF for a team lacking one! Can we say "cost-effective?"

Larrybrownsports.com agrees with Mo, Fisher is a dirty player


"In case you don’t understand the reference, Hines Ward is often called the dirtiest player in the NFL. Mo is exactly right. Fisher comes off as a well spoken, friendly guy with a smile, but he really is a guy who loves initiating contact." - Larry Brown

Great angle of EJ's clutch three to send the game to double overtime! By the way, if ya'll havent...


Great angle of EJ's clutch three to send the game to double overtime! By the way, if ya'll havent checked out last nights NBA top ten, I am proud to announce that this was the top play!

Eric Gordon likely back on Saturday per Lisa Dillman


Great news! I just hope he doesn't drive to the hoop when there is traffic!

Eric Gordon will still be out for a few


Per Lisa Dillman Twitter: "Talked to Eric Gordon at practice. Improving. Not enough to return tomorrow." "[Eric Gordon] Wants at least a couple of full-fledged practices before coming back." Sounds like he is practicing, so hopefully he is back when Clips face B-Diddy on Saturday and the Suns on Sunday!


How is your Fantasy Team(s) doing?

Whoever said love is blind, obviously was been blinded. So, as Clipper fans in a fantasy league I am sure most of us have two or more Clipper players in our team! So how is that working for...

The Beard is Having a Cavalier Impact with Cleveland


From Yahoo Sports: "Cleveland’s fans have quickly adopted Davis as a favorite. The bearded guard got a rousing ovation when he checked in with 5:32 left in the first quarter and made a quick impact. He scored four points and added two assists, the second coming on a lob pass across the lane to Hickson, whose dunk gave the Cavaliers a 30-18 lead." Hmm, in his three games with the Cavs, the "bearded guard" averaged 18 points, 5.6 assists, and 4.3 rebounds (I must add, that he is coming off the bench). Nobody can deny that Davis is a great player, when he wants to be! But, is this the second coming of the bearded one? Did the Clips trade him at the wrong time (when he was finally self-motivated)? In the other hand, with Davis playing, the Cavs are 1-2.

Preliminary Evaluation of EJ, Out 7 to 10 Days


"Gordon, the Clippers' leading scorer, landed hard and re-aggravated his injured right wrist and did not return. There was no flagrant foul called on the play. Although X-rays were negative, he did not travel with the Clippers to Charlotte on Sunday." - Lisa Dillman

Sighting of the Taco Bell Four Times the Steak Guy @ Clippers vs. Rockets!


Sighting of the Taco Bell Four Times the Steak Guy @ Clippers vs. Rockets!

Willie Warren Back to the D-League, Back to Reality!


I wonder how he is taking the news? Really hope he does not commit suicide! Also, did he delete his twitter?

ESPN Article on Clippers-Cavs trade


"The drill is, as always, is 'Is the player you're getting back more valuable than the potential you could get in the draft?'" said Olshey. "Our analysis at this point in February is that it was more valuable to get a 28-year-old All-Star point guard that we have for the next few years, cap flexibility to make sure we take care of business and re-sign DeAndre Jordan and have flexibility to take care of Eric Gordon as well, as opposed to speculating on another kid that's 19 years old with one year of college experience." -Neil Oshley

Mo Williams Twitter


Reading Mo William's last Twitter updates I think he feels grateful to get the he'll out of Cleveland and into. Promising young team as the Clips. On the other hand, Baron Davis Twitter has not been updated!

Blake Griffin Takes Over myspace.com


This just shows how huge Blake Griffin has gotten! Check out the Ten Little Known Facts About Blake Griffin on myspace, its freaking hilarious, especially that fact that when he was a kid he has a pet gecko named "Gordon"


Is DJ (really) worth it?

We can all agree that during the 2010-2011 season DJ has had a breakout year! DJ is currently getting paid $854,389, but we all know if the Clips would like to keep him they will have to up the...

Michael Beasley likely will sit out against the Clippers on Wednesday


If he sits out and we lose, then we truly have hit rock bottom!


Who is to blame (for the way the season has gone thus far)?

Clippers Yearly Season Checklist: Clippers are still not making the playoffs (check) Clippers are still riddled with injuries (check) Clippers are still the walking joke of the NBA (check) C...

Forbes Ranks the Value of the Clippers at $305 million


No surprise that Clips are #22, out of all the NBA teams, in value! On the plus side (for DTS), Clippers are really profitable!

Eric Gordon day to day


It appears nothing too serious. It's going to be interesting if the Clips don't play him on Tuesday at Dallas.

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