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Cooperstown confidential - Where are the All-black nine now?


"In assembling this lineup, Murtaugh did what no major league manager had done before or since: he penciled in the names of nine black players. Though few noticed at the time, that lineup represented a major milestone in the racial history of the game."

Former Jays Update (MopUpDuty)


MopUpDuty article which gives a rundown of the 2011 performance of 26 Ex-Jays.


80 wins not 82 wins please (+poll)

It seems as though our destiny is to finish around 0.500 .  Have you ever seen a team that stayed so close to 0.500 all season long? Providing that we are going to win half of our games we might as...

NYTimes - Bridge to Cuba's Baseball Past


An article on Conrado Marrero who lives in Cuba and at 100 years old is the oldest former mlb player.


Questions + poll

1.  What is AA's best move so far (poll after)? I'll go with the Vernon Wells trade but there are some other candidates. 2.  Is it possible there was another team interested in Vernon Wells last...

Fangraphs - Reviewing the Top 10 Prospect lists: AL East (and other prospect links)


Fangraphs' update of the AL East prospects. Here is another one from A Jay's prospect list update from Also a Travis D'Arnaud prospect of the day from


AL East Clarihews

First of all, thanks to siggian for the previous post.  Here are some more for the AL East:   Derek Jeter He has Twitter, But doesn't say how To move like cow.   A.J. Burnett Smart like bullet. H...

Elias Rankings update


Jose Molina seems like he will be a Type 'B' free agent. These rankings would still be using his Aug-Oct 2009 numbers. He hit about .200 over that period so he doesn't have to do that well to retain his Type 'B' status. He also has a bit of a margin now.


Note and Questions

In July, the Jays have scored the 2nd most runs in mlb.  Texas is first with 109 followed by the Jays with 108.  The upcoming series with Texas figures to be a high-scoring affair so naturally it...


Korean baseball

I went to a baseball game in Korea yesterday between the Nexen Heroes and the Doosan Bears.  The outside of the stadium was interesting.  First of all, there were a lot of different snacks...


Second Worst Defense in the Majors and Playoff Odds Report

According to Fangraphs we are tied for the 2nd worst defense in the Majors.  The reverse leaders are: Orioles -31.1 Fld Jays    -17.8 Astros  -17.8 Edwin Encarnacion accounts for almost half of...

Baseball America - Top 50 Prospects


Jays are: #10 - Brett Lawrie #29 - Travis D'Arnaud #45 - Anthony Gose

Alex Anthopoulos - The Song


Not sure what to think about this one. Kind of funny though...


Some open Questions

1. Is Yunel Escobar 2011 the Jays' best shortstop ever? It is closer than you might think.  Yunel is on pace for 4.1 WAR.  Tony Fernandez had 4.3 WAR in 1987 (injury shortened) and 1990.  Tony...

Fangraphs - Yunel Escobar Has Some Great Representation


An analysis of the Yunel Escobar extension. The title doesn't match the conclusion but the analysis is good.


More Questions

1.  How likely are the Jays to be in contention in September?   Also, how likely are they to make the playoffs? June will be a key month.   In the past couple of years that is when they have fallen...

Fangraphs - The Fearsome Foursome and the Super 2 Quandary


Fangraphs examines the super 2 status as it relates to 4 players (including Lawrie).


Some questions

1. Does the Jay's more aggressive style of play lead to an increased number of injuries? Along with most people here, I wasn't a big fan of Cito's managerial decisions but I also believe that his...


Will we ever see a #1 rated draft pick go over slot?

Having seen potential 1st round draft picks (such as Dickie Thon Jr.) make a lot more money by increasing their asking price, do you think a #1 rated draft pick could do the same?   If the player...

2012 Contract Issues - Toronto Blue Jays


mlbtraderumors looks at our 2012 contract obligations and free agents.


Which players will have the top 5 Fangraphs WAR for the Jays in 2011? + poll

Pick the 5 players you think will have the best Fangraphs WAR while playing for the Jays in 2011. Here is my list: Jose Bautista 5.2 Travis Snider 4.5 Ricky Romero 4.2 Brandon Morrow 4.1 Y...

New Jay has special bond with McDonald


Globe and Mail article about John McDonald and Rajai Davis


When will the Jays pass the Yankees in the standings? (poll)

Since 1987 the Jays and Yankees have changed relative position in the standings only once (1994).  From 1987-1993 the Jays finished ahead of the Yankees.  For the past 17 seasons the Yankees have...

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