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Rebuilding 101 - The simple guide on how to do it right

I'm sorry. But I really thought that this season was going to go much differently than it has. I thought we were rebuilding with our eye towards the future. I thought we had 5 lotto picks under the...


Favors "go to move" and PnR - Zach Lowe

Yesterday in the Favors edition of the downbeat I got into a spirited debate with many of my fellow SLC Dunkers on Favors and his overall lack of offensive ability and his disdain for the phrase...


Burke - SMH

I think the Jazz PR team is going to be sitting down Mr. Burke soon. Are you upset about Detroit not drafting you? Was but life moves on If you had a choice, would you play for the Pistons?...


Finding hope in the wasteland

Alright everybody. I know it feels like our fandom as Jazz fans is circling the drain but let's take a step back and take an optimistic point of view. I am definitely not a Ty apologist or a front...


Another hypothetical trade with the Lakers and Raptors

Here is the hypothetical trade: Another crazy trade idea OK, the added kicker is that we send the better of our 2 first round picks this year to Toronto in this trade. Why each team does it: T...


3 reasons why Ty Corbin should be fired

I am not a big fan of Ty Corbin. Last night I was thinking about it and I came to the realization that I can't ever picture Ty Corbin as the coach of a championship team. I'm sorry. I am just not...


This season is going according to plan... at least according to my plan.

OK, hear me out here. There were basically 3 realistic scenarios that were plausible when this season started. I'm saying plausible here knowing what we know about TY and the F.O. (Ty always plays...


Why our GM's suck, not Coach Corbin.

Alright. Maybe that was a little harsh but I think our franchise is fully stuck in neutral and the biggest reason is the front office still hasn't made a decision on Big Al Jefferson. Ty Corbin has...


Playing GM knowing what we know now.

OK everyone. I am pretty sure all of us love to play GM on this site. So let's get to it! We have a few games under our belt and have a pretty good idea of where everybody is at....


Jazz 2011-12 record when Burks played 20 mpg = awesome

I am trying to understand the complete garbage line of reasoning that playing Burks is considered "developing" and equates to the Jazz having to lose in order for that "development" to happen. Here...


Alec Burks DNP - What is Corbin thinking?

Somebody talk me out of the cliff here. What am I not seeing with Burks that would cause him to get benched over Jamal (I'm 50 years old and can't defend a tree) Tinsley and Demarre (I am a...


Big Al should play 24 min/game - A subjectively objective minutes distribution system

I came up with a way to assign minutes to the current group of Jazz players.

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