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TICKETS FOR SALE, Chiefs vs Vikings, 2 seats, side-by-side.


Chiefs vs Vikings, August 23rd. I have (2) tickets for the August 23rd game available for sale. Section 327, Row 5, seats 3 & 4. Anyone interested please email Chris Atkins at c.s.atkins@live.com. Please leave a phone number and good time to be reached. I like verbal communication over text. Tickets will be emailed via a PDF attachment. If you are from the Columbia, Fulton, Jeff City area, I will meet you for the sale. Anyone outside those areas, the sale will be done via PayPal and email to send you the tickets.


GOLDEN! | From ProFootballMock.com

Peyton Manning’s Pre-Game Super Bowl Pep Talk: "Don’t Fuck This Up For Me, Assholes" By PEYTON MANNING Updated: February 2, 2014 All right, gather ‘round dickholes. Today’s the big day. MY...

The Ignorance of Non-Chiefs Fans Shines Brightly


Here's a link to an article on Fox Sports about the Chiefs and can they remain unbeaten during the second half of the season. The Chiefs will lose, eventually. If they go undefeated great, but logic says they lose at least 1. Some of the comments by these people are absolutely amazing. It is sad that these conversations bring out the ignorance and stubborness in people, especailly once facts are provided.


Without This Defense, Is This A 6-0 Team?

Good day fellow Chiefs fans! I haven't written a fan post in a very long time (some may remember me from Chiefs360.com when I was writing there) and I figured there is that one issue I need to...

LOLOLOLOL. This Thread is a Must See!!!


The Vikings have announced Matt Cassel is starting on Sunday. Head over to the Vikings blog and see what fellow Chiefs fans are saying! The Scootness has provided some great GIFs for the Viking's fan base.

Oddsmakers Say Oakland Raiders A Long Shot To Finish Season


Always a good time at The Onion. I wonder how far from right they are on this one...probably not very. ;)

Andy Reid and some Burritos!


The Onion takes a humorous jab at Andy Reid this week. A must "Reid".

Do Jags Fans Think Before They Post?


Haha! This Jaguars fan thinks the Jags are a #5 or #6 playoff seed this year AND thinks the Jags are beating KC at the start of the year. Gave me a good laugh today.

Great Artwork of Horseface


This artist has done a remarkable job creating an exact image of the one known in Chiefs Nation as "Horseface." It's as if this is really a photograph.

Haters Gunna Hate


The poll from FoxSports reveals this: Which top NFL prospect is most likely to be a bust? 6% Luke Joeckel 5% Eric Fisher 9% Sharrif Floyd 67% Geno Smith 12% Ezekiel Ansah


A Mutual Truce...Between a Chiefs fan, and Raiders Fans.

Hello Chokeland fans! Yes, I know. I said something I shouldn't have. I am sorry. I promise I won't do it again in this post. As a Chiefs fan and a fellow member of the AFC West, I...

So, I was trolling the Denver Donkeys, Mile High Report, about 15 minutes ago....


I posted that image along with the following words: A trolling I will go, a trolling I will go, High-Ho a Chiefs fan, a trolling I will go. 3 minutes later I returned. My very 1st post had been deleted and followed up by this...

For Chiefs, The Future Starts Tomorrow


At 3pm Arrowhead time tomorrow, all 2012 contracts expire and the free agency period officially begins. The Chiefs have many players that will be leaving, not given the opportunity to return. (Read more)

NFL Draft 2013: Matt Scott destroys Arizona Pro Day

Former Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott is improving upon his NFL Draft Combine results. At Arizona's Pro Day on Thursday, Scott is arguably doing even more for himself than he did at the combine a few weeks ago. I called this happening, 3 hours ago at eTomahawkChop I really hope the Dorsey & Reid are paying attention.

Could Matt Scott Be The Steal Of The 2013 QB Class?


Pro Day for the Arizona Wildcats is today. The player to watch is QB Matt Scott, whom led his team to a Bowl win over Nevada on Dec. 15, 2012. A quick, agile, Qb, he has the skill to work in a Spread/Pistol offense, yet cam from a Pro-Style offense in Arizona, giving him the ability to be able to run a West Coast offense also. Definitely a sleeper, and his stock could be rising fast after today. Continue and take a read. Could Matt Scott Be The Steal Of The 2013 QB Class?

Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"


Nope. I'm just a normal IT guy. A computer geek. A nerd minus the pocket protector. A lover of anything BioWare, Elder Scrolls, Madden and BF3 (although Curt Schilling's ex-company 38 Studios put out an awesome game in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning). But more importantly, I'm a Chiefs fan. With the recent signings that Dorsey has pulled off and the #1 pick projection being more elusive and at the same time being aimed at a CB that isn't even half of what Deion Sanders was (and Deion was drafted at #5), I think the argument for Geno can still be played. And it should be, with good reason. (Cont.) Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"

TomahawkChop Mock Draft v2.0

TomahawkChop Many arguments can be made as to what the Chiefs should do in the upcoming NFL draft and what they will do in the upcoming NFL draft. Here is the second TomahawkChop 2013 NFL Mock Draft. With the recent trade for former 49ers QB Alex Smith, the earlier rounds will see much change due to the loss of the 34th pick (rd. 2, pick 2). So let's get this mock rolling. (cont.) I'm just an amateur, but hey, even I enjoy being an Armchair GM!

Damn Raiders fans!


This guy was in line in front of me. Had to troll him and post this pic.

What If Drafting a QB Early is Still an Option?


Since the Chiefs have acquired Alex Smith by trade with the 49ers, many Chiefs fans are expressing angst and frustration by the move. Many feel the Chiefs gave up too much for Smith and many feel its time for the Chiefs organization to draft their own QB to develop into the "Franchise QB." In the NFL, anything can happen, and assuming anything can quickly backfire. Here's 1 theory. Call it a long shot. Call it crazy. Call it what you want. (Read more, follow the link) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-if-drafting-qb-early-is-still.html

Kansas City Chiefs and the QB Recycling Ideology


1983. 2012. 29 years. In that span the Kansas City Chiefs have never, ever drafted a QB in the first round. The present: 2013. Will the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the 30-year mark, refusing to draft a 1st round QB?(Cont.)

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at WR


Hello Chiefs Nation! Welcome back to the newest edition of Top Free Agents of 2013! Today we are going to take a quick look at some upcoming free agents. Then we will take a brief look at some wide receivers (WR) coming into the NFL from the college ranks, and see who the Chiefs may target in the 2013 NFL Draft. (Cont.)

Matt Cassel: Take a Pay Cut, or Be Released


Last week Frank Boal of Sports Radio 810 WHB and 41 Action News, had reported that the Kansas City Chiefs will option Matt Cassel to take a pay cut, or be released. (Read more) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/matt-cassel-take-pay-cut-or-be-released.html#more

Sign Up at Eye-Draft.com and be the GM


Attention Chiefs fans! Want to call the shots and draft for the Chiefs in 2013. Eye-Draft.com lets you do just that. Sign up now, and participate with everyone else. This will take place 1 week before the actual NFL Draft. Prizes will be won. The exact same draft rules will apply. Time frame, scouting, the whole schibang. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/02/14/sign-up-at-eye-draft-com-and-be-the-gm/

Geno Smith Interview via 610Sports Radio


Geno Smith was on 610Sports Radio in KC via phone call today. Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison asked him a variety of questions, and even threw in a previously recorded sound bite of Mel Kiper saying no QB is worth the #1 pick. I am happy I was able to eat my lunch at the office and catch the interview. Geno was very well spoken and handled himself as a professional. He didn't divulge too much information, yet he said just enough. He did however dodge the very last question. We'll get to that later. (cont.) http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/geno-smith-on-610sports-radio-in-kansas.html#more

Some Dude Compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel!


This is a must see! Absolutely riveting! What a fool! He actually compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel. I'm still in awe over this. http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/that-guy-said-kurt-warner-was-not-elite.html#more

2013 NFL Mock Draft via Chiefs360


With the NFL Draft waning in the final week of April, many NFL fans will spend the time between now and then keeping up with free agent signings and looking at mock drafts. Of course every so-called draft ‘guru,’ has his/her own idea of what team needs what position the most, but no team needs a viable signal caller more than the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though a QB is needed, no indication has been made that the much needed QB will come from the draft. (cont) http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/02/11/chiefs360-2013-nfl-mock-draft/#more-1782

Brandon Albert Has Not Signed A New Deal


Confirmed. Just got word. B. Albert has not, I repeat, has not inked a new deal. (Cont.)

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