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Did Brandon Albert Re-Sign?


It's no secret Brandon Albert was in Kansas City yesterday. But why? Hopefully it was for contract talks. As of now, no one knows, except those whom were present. Brandon took to Twitter yesterday and had a few brief tweets. No sign or indication a contract had been inked, but it makes you wonder.

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at LB


Linebacker? ILB? When will the Chiefs draft one? Will they sign one via FA? I've compiled a list of some valuable ILBs that will be available in FA, and compiled a list of possible college prospects that could fill in the ILB pos. next to Derrick Johnson. These next couple months will be very interesting to see what teams make what moves and to see who goes to where.

TomahawkChop Offical 2013 Mock Draft v1.0


Here it is ladies and gentleman. The first official Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Mock Draft from TomahawkChop! The Super Bowl is over with, and the offseason is upon us, what left do we have to look forward too? The FA signing period? The NFL Draft? Well if you ask me, I bet more fans are looking forward to draft...(cont.) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/first-official-tomahawkchop-2013-mock.html#more

Is Alex Tanney Special?


With the soon approaching 'official off season', teams are going to start making roster moves. It's going to be real interesting to see what the Kansas City Chiefs do in the coming months. Seems like the only position most Chiefs fans are concerned about is QB. And rightly so. Both Quinn and Cassel started 8 games a piece last season and they combined for 8 TDs and 20 INTs. The end result is probably the worst in franchise history for the Kansas City Chiefs. A lowly record of 2 wins and 14 losses. The only team to go longer in a season without a lead? The 1929 Buffalo Bisons. The 2012 Chiefs almost made history, in the worst of ways. TomahawkChop

A Fool Returns to His Folly: Scott Pioli on Sirius Radio


Scott Pioli took to the airwaves recently and made a comment that seals the deal as him being a stubborn, ignorant, former GM. Apparently Scott doesn't learn from mistakes, or he believes he doesn't make mistakes. Thanks to AP for making this known and quoting him. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/31/a-fool-returns-to-his-folly-scott-pioli-on-sirius-radio/#more-1489

Top Free Agents of 2013: A look at SS/FS


That time of year is coming up. The Super Bowl! After the Super Bowl, teams will start cutting players. The free agent signing period is always fun, whether you’re a fan, or an ‘Armchair GM‘ playing the newest edition of Madden. Today we look at the safety position. The Chiefs are well set with Eric Berry at Strong Safety (SS). Backup SS Abram Elam is set to be a free agent in 2013. The Chiefs need to keep depth at the SS position, so offering Elam a new contract, or seeking a free agent will need to be done. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/29/top-free-agents-of-2013-a-look-at-ssfs/#more-1406

NFL Rumor: Matt Flynn is on the trading Block


I sent a tweet out to Arrowhead Pride at 8:08am predicting a Matt Flynn Rumor Post. Boy, I couldn't have been more right on. Joel Thorman went ahead and got that puppy started on AP at 8:53am. I can only hope he was working on this before I tweeted this rumor out to AP. Otherwise I may get a small sense of satisfaction if I was the one to break the news to AP first. Although I doubt it. Wishful thinking, wishful thinking. For another take, read here: http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/23/nfl-trade-rumor-matt-flynn-is-on-the-trading-block/#more-1285

From The Senior Bowl: A Few Insights w/BJ Kissel


Had a rather brief, yet nice discussion with BJ Kissel earlier this afternoon about a few QBs at the Senior bowl and about the CBs. Thanks to BJ for making this possible and giving the readers at Arrowhead Pride and Chiefs360 some insight.

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at CB


Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at CB The Chiefs need a top CB to play opposite Brandon Flowers in 2013. The question is, how are they going to acquire that CB? The free agent market? I hope so. There are going to be a number of real good CBs available. The 2013 NFL Draft? I hope they take one there also. Some good CBs coming out of college too. Assuming KC does get a top tier CB, the Chiefs could possibly have one of the best CB duos in the NFL. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/19/top-free-agents-of-2013-a-look-at-cb/#more-1145

Kansas City Chiefs to Stick with 3-4 Defense: How It Impacts 2013 NFL Draft


Im not a huge fan on B/R, but at times, their writers can be sensible and write as if they have knowledge of a certain situation. This particular article is worth a read. These paragraphs really stand out to me: "Twenty-five years of drafting bargain-bin quarterbacks has produced zero postseason success. Actually, zero success, period. After a quarter-century of experimenting, it's safe to say that the position may be worth developing. No, a player like Geno Smith isn't being touted as a solidified franchise savior, at least not to the extent that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were. But he's a pinpoint-accurate playmaker who hasn't seen pocket protection since the last Urkel marathon. And to add insult to injury, West Virginia's defense was exploited like a broken ATM virtually every time it took the field. Remember, Smith's mediocre—at least, by his standards—bowl performance occurred in a quasi-blizzard, where snow showered the stadium like cloud confetti, and the field looked like Yosemite Sam swapped Frosty's carrot with a stick of dynamite. Still, Smith (19-of-28, 201 yards, two touchdowns) outperformed another potential first-rounder, Ryan Nassib (11-of-23, 130 yards, two touchdowns, one interception), but West Virginia's defense allowed 369 yards rushing." What do you think?

2013 NFL Free Agents: A Look at QB


We know that Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn's days on the current Chiefs roster are numbered. Once they are gone, then what? Coach Reid will have the daunting task of replacing 2 quarterbacks, maybe more, depending on how Stanzi and Tanney fare, come March 12th. Andy Reid will likely go in two directions. One veteran QB, and one rookie QB. Maybe Stanzi stays at #3, maybe Tanney beats out Stanzi for the #3 spot. Irregardless, it will be interesting to see the the QB position begins to take shape after March 12, 2013.

Who is the "Walrus?"


Who is the "Walrus?" Is it Mike Holmgren or Andy Reid? Cast your vote and decide! Let your opinion be heard, and count! http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/03/who-is-the-walrus/

Is It April Yet?


One more week and this embarrassing football season will be over for the Kansas City Chiefs and its fanbase. Hopefully Monday the 31st, we will get the good news that Pioli is fired. Also, as each passing day, week, and month goes by, we get closer to draft time. http://www.chiefs360.com/2012/12/26/is-it-april-yet/#more-784

The Fan Interviews


An interview with multiple Chiefs fans sheds light into the feelings and thoughts about the Chiefs current season, coaching, roster holes, and ideal draft picks. Everyone has a valid, thought, opinion and idea. As a fan, I see the same problems. Week after week. Hopefully next year, amny of these will be corrected. http://www.chiefs360.com/2012/12/18/the-fan-interviews/

Geno Smith? Here we go again...


Yep, that's right. Geno Smith will not leave the draft discussions. No matter who you talk to, if they are a Chiefs fan, and either of you mentions April, or draft, Geno Smiths' name is bound to be spoken. The kid has talent, and potential.

Another Pioli Contract Extension Rumor?


Looks like another rumor about Scott Pioli receiving a contract extension has surfaced recently. Possibly from a reliable source. You be the judge.

The Facts about Chiefs GM Scott Pioli


Scott Pioli has done some damage during his tenure in KC. Many disagree, and approve of the job he has done. Please follow the link, read the facts, and provide some evidence to disprove anything stated. Warning: This is a disturbing record. Read at your own risk. http://www.chiefs360.com/2012/12/11/truth-the-cold-facts-of-chiefs-gm-scott-pioli/

Cheifs 2013 Mock Draft (3 rounds)


heck here for the latest updated Chiefs 2013 Mock Draft. Includes the first 3 rounds for the Chiefs. Read it, it makes sense. Not say it's what I would do if I was GM, but it does make sense.

A Chiefs Fan Christmas Wishlist


Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year...


Matt Millers' 7-Round Mock Draft (guy knows his stuff)

Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout), has just released his newest mock draft on BleacherReport.com. Matt Millers' 7 Round 2013 Mock Draft In case your wondering what he has predicted the Chiefs to...


The Chiefs As One, and A Poll

Sunday after our beloved Chiefs came together as one, and put the Carolina Panthers back on their team plane with another notch in the L column. A great game that was long overdue. I was happy...


Week In, Week Out, It's Always The Same

It's the same discussions, every week. Who should be the next GM? Who should be the next HC? Who should the Chiefs daft with the 1st pick next April? Why is Pioli still here? Does Clark Hunt...


What Scares Me the Most...

The only place I can go with this article is into what-if scenarios. Which I will not do. So with that said, after Sundays game, I will pick this article title back up, assuming the Chiefs win,...


Thanks for the Warning Woodman

For the past 4 days I have been reading comment after comment here on ArrowheadPride. With the hundreds that I have read, I have blasted quite a few hateful comments of my own, and hence have...

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