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Is the Third Time a Charm?

Twenty plus years of history suggests this season might be a disappointment for the San Diego Chargers. But let's see if the past really is prologue for 2014.

A Fresh Look at the San Diego Chargers' History

By eschewing win totals, and using different types of win percentage, we can compare Chargers teams from 1960 all the way through to 2013.

The San Diego Chargers need Los Angeles

Let's take a look at how the Chargers feel about the Los Angeles market. It's not unlike how one might view their mistress, especially one who might be getting remarried in the near future.

Both Mayoral candidates failed Chargers fans

When it comes to the stadium debate, both David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer missed a key opportunity to separate themselves from their predecessors, and from each other.

Divisional Playoff Grades: Chargers at Broncos

The Broncos ride dominant performances from their offensive and defensive lines, and flip the script on Mike McCoy's control the ball strategy to end the Chargers' Cinderella playoff run.

Wildcard Playoff Grades: Chargers at Bengals

Mike McCoy and Marvin Lewis play a game of Texas Hold 'Em. McCoy holds an ace in the hole, while Lewis holds a 6 of clubs. McCoy tricks Lewis into going All-In with Andy Dalton, and takes home a...

Was Mike McCoy's First Season a Success?

Based on what we've seen this season, Mike McCoy appears to be at least a league-average Head Coach. If he continues to learn from mistakes, and improves as a game manager, he could become one of...

Week 17 Grades: Chiefs at Chargers

I'm still somewhere between euphoric and exhausted. Yes, the Chargers didn't play a great game, yet somehow managed to win their most important regular season game in about 5 years and are headed...

Exclusive Interview with Natrone Means

BFTB gets a chance to interview legendary San Diego Chargers running back Natrone Means about his career in San Diego, Jacksonville, back in San Diego, and what he's been up to since retiring from...

Week 16 Grades: Raiders at Chargers

The Chargers overcome another shaky 1st half against their rivals from the north, and manage to remain alive for a playoff berth thanks to some help from Buffalo and New England.

Week 15 Grades: Chargers at Broncos

The flickering flame that is the Chargers playoffs hopes burns for at least 1 more week, thanks to the best defensive game the Chargers have played all season, and a marvelous all-around team...

Week 14 Grades: Giants at Chargers

With fan disfavorite Eli Manning and the New York Giants serving as the piñata, the Chargers put their biggest beating on an opponent this season, and kept themselves on the playoff respirator for...

Week 13 Grades: Bengals at Chargers

The Chargers remain on life support for the 2013 season, thanks to some terrible self-inflicted mistakes from 2 top offensive players, several ill-times mistakes from the defense, and more...

The UT's sales pitch for a new San Diego stadium

Doug Manchester and John Lynch, under the guise of a seemingly innocuous UT San Diego Editorial, have in fact started their latest push for a new stadium in earnest, behind Kevin Faulconer's...

Week 12 Grades: Chargers at Chiefs

Just as it appeared Alex Smith had pulled the plug on the Chargers' 2013 season, and yet another season was buried in the Arrowhead Stadium turf, vintage El Capitan steals a victory from the...

Week 11 Grades: Chargers at Dolphins

The Chargers' 2013 season is officially on life support after losing a must-win game against a Miami Dolphins team that seemed to be on the edge of implosion.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Who's Your Man?

The City of San Diego is holding a special election on Tuesday the 19th to identify the candidates who will have the opportunity to replace ex-mayor Bob Filner. Where do they stand on a new stadium...

Week 10 Grades: Broncos at Chargers

Sunday's game was Exhibit A, where the uselessness of dominating Time Of Possession (38 minutes to 22 minutes) against the Denver Broncos is revealed, unless accompanied by touchdowns.

Grades: San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins

The Chargers find a way to lose a crucial game they had no business winning in the first place, and likely end up doing irreparable damage to their playoff chances.

How big should a new Chargers stadium be?


Any speculation on a new football stadium for San Diego and the San Diego Chargers should center on what exactly needs to be built. It's something like a Goldilocks quest: in this case, not too...

Week 7 Grades: Chargers at Jaguars

For the first time, Mike McCoy's San Diego Chargers finally finished a game on the road against an inferior opponent and came away with a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Whose fault will it be if the Chargers leave town?

Chargers fans don't trust the Spanos family, and not without reason. For almost 30 years, this lack of trust (along with a helping of cavalier disregard) is fundamentally why the Chargers can't get...

Week 6 Grades: Colts at Chargers

Thanks largely to terrific coaching on both (yes, both) sides of the ball, the Chargers ride a 2-to-1 time of possession advantage, steady offensive play, surprisingly solid defensive play, some...

Week 5 Grades: Chargers at Raiders

Yes, the San Diego Chargers had their first laid egg of the Mike McCoy era. This would be bad enough under any circumstances, but did really have to be against the Raiders?

Week 4 Grades: Cowboys at Chargers

Turns out, the Chargers didn't need a Romopocalypse. They just needed Mike McCoy and his staff to coach the pants off Jason Garrett and his staff, and another near perfect performance from Philip...

Week 3 Grades: Chargers at Titans

The Chargers travel all the way to Nashville to discover precisely how many mistakes it takes for them to lose to an equally mediocre team. The answer is: Quite a few, actually.

Week 2 Grades: Chargers at Eagles

The San Diego Chargers ride a 2-to-1 Time of Possession advantage, plus a 2009 Philip Rivers rerelease to a huge road win against the NFL's newest "thing" (Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles offense).

Week 1 Grades: Texans at Chargers

A mostly new coaching staff learns the first truth about this Chargers roster... they're not good enough to beat a quality team like the Houston Texans making mistakes along the way.

Do the Chargers have any hope for the playoffs?

The road the playoffs for the Chargers is a bumpy one, but Jeff has found 3 key items in favor of the Chargers having a shot at the playoffs in 2013.

Examining the new San Diego Chargers offense

Thursday night was our first look at how Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt will apply the Erhardt/Perkins offense to the San Diego Chargers, with a little sprinkle of Peyton Manning thrown in.

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