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Week 1 Grades: Texans at Chargers

A mostly new coaching staff learns the first truth about this Chargers roster... they're not good enough to beat a quality team like the Houston Texans making mistakes along the way.

Do the Chargers have any hope for the playoffs?

The road the playoffs for the Chargers is a bumpy one, but Jeff has found 3 key items in favor of the Chargers having a shot at the playoffs in 2013.

Examining the new San Diego Chargers offense

Thursday night was our first look at how Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt will apply the Erhardt/Perkins offense to the San Diego Chargers, with a little sprinkle of Peyton Manning thrown in.

What's the actual cost of a new Chargers stadium?

What does the funding for a new Chargers stadium in San Diego really look like? What are the team's other options?

A Sneak Peek at the New Chargers Offense

What will the Chargers offense look like in 2013. Looking at the history of the new HC and OC gives us a hint.

A Summation of the Norv Turner / A.J. Smith Era

Dean Spanos has done what he needed to do. It's worth a brief pause to look at the past six years, if for no other reason than to avoid making the same mistakes.

Grades: Mediocre Was Good Enough vs. Jets

Rex Ryan tries to embarras Norv Turner further by playing Greg McElroy at QB... and embarrasses himself in the process

Grades: A Hideous, Epic, Unmitigated Disaster

Ron Rivera and Rob Chudzinski roll into town with Cam Newton in a Santa Suit, and give many Chargers' fans what they've wanted for 3 Christmases... the certainty of The End.

Grades: What the Chargers Could Have Been

It only took 12 games, 4 preseason games, and a full training camp, but the Chargers finally showed what they could have been - with the right offseason moves, injury luck, and a coaching staff...

Grades: Norv's Horrible Gameplan Costs SD the Game

If the game is blacked-out, and there's no one in the stands to see it, did the Chargers actually blow another 4th-quarter lead?

Picking the Next Chargers Head Coach

When it comes to the NFL, you're either trying to find a QB, or trying to maximize the value of the one you have. When the Chargers search for a new Head Coach and/or GM, answering the Philip...

Week 12 Grades: It Wasn't Pretty

Let's just face it, folks... no team finds ways to lose like the 2012 Chargers.

San Diego Chargers Blood Drive

Let's take a quick break from the "I hate A.J. Smith/Norv Turner/Philip Rivers/Dean Spanos." or the "I want Bill Cowher/Jon Gruden/Brian Billick" conversations and recognize something good.

Chargers Grades: The Defense Was Okay!

This is the death rattle of A.J. Smith's Chargers. If Dean Spanos has any conviction about wanting to field a championship franchise, this past Sunday will go down as the "Last Stand Hill," or...

Week 10 Grades: Chargers at Buccaneers


The Chargers have become a perpetual tease - like watching all those Bikini Car Wash movies, only to notice you're watching USA Network instead of Skinemax.

Grades: Another Big Win Over the Chiefs

The Chargers try like happy hell to give away a game that Kansas City wants less than Romeo Crennel's, Scott Pioli's, and Matt Cassel's job security. Still, 4-4 is better than 1-7.

Grades. Chargers at Browns

The Chargers certainly took a big step following the disaster versus Denver and the buffoonery of the Bye Week. Unfortunately, it was a step off the cliff - without a parachute.

Week 6 Grades: Broncos at Chargers

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Like a bad slasher film series, the question for the Chargers is not if they'll kill themselves and their beleaguered fans with mistakes, but...

Grades: Chargers at Saints

The defining trait of the 2012 San Diego Chargers thus far is an inability to put teams away. They've gotten away with it against teams with average-to-awful QB play. Against good-to-great QB...

Week 4 Grades: Chargers at Chiefs

Last Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs delivered the game to the Chargers as quickly as an overworked and under-tipped Denny's waitress. To their credit (and for the 3rd time this season),...

Week 3 Grades: Falcons at Chargers

Handing out grades to the San Diego Chargers' players and coaches after reviewing their loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Week 2 Grades: Titans at Chargers

Sometimes, it's better to be lucky. Sometimes it's better to be good. Sometimes, you're lucky and good, like the Chargers in their home opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Downtown Stadium situation facing significant delay


Due to the changes made in Redevelopment laws in California, the downtown stadium site preferred by the Chargers and current city leadership is in jeopardy. This relates to Tailgate Park, and who will assume ownership of the property - the city, or multiple agencies - which is not expected to be resolved until Fall 2013.

Week 1 Grades: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders


The Chargers play a solid game on pass offense and defense, avoid critical mistakes, and are ready for dinner when the Raiders serve up a win on a silver platter

San Diego Chargers Passing Offense 101


In this introduction to the Chargers passing game, we look at the passing trees run by receivers and backs. This system started with Don Coryell, nearly 50 years ago.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Rules of the Game


The NFL released a memo to all 32 teams laying out the league's framework for any franchise that wishes to move to LA, and we might as well discuss how it affects the Chargers.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: This Is the Song that Never Ends...


Unfortunately, San Diego's stadium issue has turned into a political song that repeats the same verse over and over again.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Recent Developments


We'll take a brief look at the latest information regarding the Chargers. We'll also take a brief glimpse at what's happening in San Francisco, St. Louis, and Minnesota.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Union Tribune’s Vision


The San Diego Union Tribune dives into the stadium debate with a plan of their own. How much of the plan holds water?

Why the Chargers were right to retain Norv Turner


History and statistics are on Dean Spanos' side. Bringing Norv Turner back for a 6th season is a solid football decision.

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