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Stadium Thoughts and Musings: 2012 and the Upcoming Apocalypse


As with Norv Turner and A.J. Smith, it appears that 2012 will be the make-or-break season for the Chargers and the city of San Diego.

The Identity Crisis that is Killing the Chargers.


The Chargers will continue to struggle, especially in the 1st half of games, until they realize that this is a pass first, pass second, and pass third offense.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings... Convention Center or Stadium? Both? Neither?


The Chargers' idea that the stadium could serve as a supplement to a Convention Center expansion has been floated before, but Fabiani takes it a step further this time.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Mayor Sanders' Road Trip


Mayor Sanders tours Denver, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, hoping to get ideas for a new Chargers stadium. Hey, any new idea is a good one at this point.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Nightmare is Taking Shape


Los Angeles gets closer to a new stadium. Is it inevitable that the Chargers will become their 1st tenant?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Revenue Sources


With redevelopment revenues all but ruled out, how will San Diego and the Chargers pay for a new stadium?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Hit List is Out.


At long last after several weeks, if not months (or years), we finally have a list of the teams that are being targeted for possible relocation to Los Angeles

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Maybe, finally, we're onto something!


Mayor Jerry Sanders seems interested in bringing a version of LA Live to San Diego. What the hell took so long?!

Stadium Thoughts and Musings... after the meeting.


Finally, Chargers stadium news that has more to do with San Diego than Los Angeles!!! Sanders and Spanos met at Chargers Park today.

City of Industry Stadium site asks for a new name


Apparently, Ed Roski just discovered what most of us already knew... no one wants to see games in City of Industry. He's applied for a name change of the property to Grand Crossing. Los Angeles Stadium at Grand Crossing. Sounds more like a "big deal" now, as opposed to a B-movie thriller with Harvey Keitel.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings... A meeting


Discuss Monday's announcement in the San Diego Union-Tribune regarding a meeting between San Diego Chargers Team President Dean Spanos, and San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings... from the Commish.


On the Friday before Super Bowl 45, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discussed the subject of the named-but-unbuilt Farmers Field came up,and the future of the San Diego Chargers.

Stadium Thoughts, Musings and Nightmares... an LA Story


How much does $700 million dollars change the reality of AEG's proposed Farmers Field?


2010 Chargers. Press Your Luck against the Seahawks.

  Wow, that feels better.  As we continue the 2010 season of Press Your Luck, the Chargers come off a convincing 38-13 drubbing of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  As opposed to the game in Kansas...


2010 Chargers: Press Your Luck against the Jaguars

  Now we move forward into Week 2 of this 2010 Chargers season of Press Your Luck.  As we all know in Week 1, the Chargers piled up whammy after whammy in losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.  I...


2010 Chargers: Press Your Luck Edition. Preseason Game #1

As John said when he unceremoniously released a bunch of roster writers at the outset of training camp, "you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." A.J. Smith has essentially done the...

It's Don Coryell's NFL


Don Coryell left a legacy of offensive genius that revolutionized the NFL, a revolution that has produced NFL champions, rewrote the offensive and defensive playbooks of every team in the league,...

A Big Boost for Redevelopment: Council to Study Lifting Cap


The first step to any new stadium in downtown has been taken. Still a long way to go for any real plans can be made, but without today's 8-0 City Council vote, a downtown stadium would be DOA.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings, Part 4. The Ultimate Fan Experience


How Lambeau Field provides a blueprint for the Chargers on how to create a great fan experience in a new stadium.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings, Part 3. What's the matter with Qualcomm Stadium?


As part of this ongoing series looking at stadium related issues, one of the most pressing questions is simply: What's the matter with Qualcomm Stadium?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Part 2 - Not Here...


Today, I will be looking at sites around San Diego that have been discussed, and will attempt to provide a few thoughts about why these locations did not work out.

New Chargers Stadium Thoughts and Musings, Part 1: What is Past is Prologue


Now that the offseason has begun, one of the biggest issues facing the San Diego Chargers going forward is the issue of building a new football-only stadium.

Saying Goodbye to a Legend


LaDainian Tomlinson, it has been an honor and a privilege watching you play. Thanks for everything.

Moving Forward


The Chargers are well positioned to capture a 5th straight AFC West title next season, and the playoff spot that comes with it. The question facing the Chargers is this: What's missing?

Divisional Playoff Review: Kicking the Flag Edition.


The Chargers somehow manage to play their least disciplined game at the worst possible time, allowing the New York Jets to hang around and steal a 17-14 victory.

The Principle of Calculated Risk


The San Diego Chargers, by applying The Principle of Calculated Risk, will give themselves the best opportunity to beat the New York Jets.

Don Coryell is a Hall of Fame finalist


This needs to happen. Coryell has been a criminally neglected contributor to the modern game. I think a good argument could be made that Coryell is more responsible than any other person for the game the NFL is today.

Week 17 Review. Washington Redskins @ Chargers. Final: 23-20 Chargers


The Chargers starters get out of the game with some good reps and no injuries, and the reserve players do enough to beat the Redskins and run the Chargers' winning streak to 11 games.

An Experiment - A Level Headed Assessment of Norv Turner


To begin with, can we all concede that having a level-headed discussion regarding Norv Turner is virtually impossible. I will provide some thoughts about Norv's coaching history, his current status...

Week 16 Review. Chargers @ Tennessee Titans. Final: 42-17 Chargers


The Chargers ride a dominant offensive performance, combined with timely takeaways on defense, to knock Tennessee out of the playoff chase and lock up the #2 seed in the AFC.

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