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Another look at replacement level

I mentioned this idea in passing in the Corey Hart extension thread. In short, I think we're defining 'replacement level' wrong, and the end result is that we're overvaluing guys at 'easy' defensive positions and undervaluing guys at hard ones. The rationale is fairly involved, but I try to go through it all in a reasonably accessible way.

Analyzing the Corey Hart extension

Corey Hart may be worth his new contract extension. But he may not have been a good choice for the Brewers.

Mike Leake just wins

Analysis of Leake's out-of-this-world win totals in college.

Brewers claim RHP Marco Estrada from Nats

First thought: At least it's not Johnny. Second thought: Really, we're claiming pitchers the Nationals don't want? Tim Dillard DFA'd to make room on the 40-man. John Sickels rated him #19 among Nats prospects, noting he had "no evidence to support" the idea that Estrada would have a good 2010 season. Check out his splits for more lack of evidence.

Brewers ZiPS available at BTF

Surprisingly good projection for Edmonds (though a bit worse than Gerut), and Lucroy is projected to be best among backup catcher options. Note the very middle-of-the-road (read: better than you may expect) line for Dave Bush, as well. Not so much for Manny Parra.

Nady to sign with Cubs

Pending physical. Sounds like a nice deal for the Cubs. Nady is a solid platoon player and maybe a good everyday player, and with Soriano and Fukudome in the corners, Cubbies may be really, really glad to have him. EDIT: Jon Heyman says it's $3.3MM with $2MM in incentives. Now the Cubs' cheapest of four outfielders with an outside shot at being the best.

Sheets signs with A's

A's beat writer Mychael Urban reports that it's a done deal, press conference at 3 p.m. CST. EDIT: Looks like it's for $10MM plus incentives. Will be interesting to see the full breakdown.

Let's Sign Mike Cameron Anyway

We've got Carlos Gomez now.  I haven't looked really closely at his numbers, but my first take is that it's a fair deal.  The Twins get a somewhat better player for 2010 in J.J. Hardy, but we get...


What we should've traded for Zach Greinke last offseason: A photo essay

In case you hadn't heard, Zack Greinke is having a(n) historically great season.  I would express his value in terms of Yuniesky Betancourts, but Yuni has negative value, so that would be...

Minor League Notes - 07/07/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 48-37Won 5-4 vs Albuquerque Isotopes (LAD) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 45-40Lost 6-1 vs West Tenn Diamond Jaxx (SEA) (box / pbp)Helena Brewers (Rookie) -...

Minor League Notes - 07/05/2009

Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 45-38Lost 11-8 vs West Tenn Diamond Jaxx (SEA) (box / pbp)Brevard County Manatees (High-A) - 46-28Won 3-1 at Tampa Yankees (NYY) (box / pbp)Wisconsin Timber Rattlers...

Minor League Notes - 07/03/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 46-36Won 3-1 at Round Rock Express (HOU) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 45-36Lost 5-3 at Tennessee Smokies (CHC) (box / pbp)Brevard County Manatees (High-A)...

Minor League Notes - 07/03/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 45-36Lost 7-5 at Round Rock Express (HOU) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 45-35Won 4-3 at Tennessee Smokies (CHC) (box / pbp)Brevard County Manatees (High-A)...

Minor League Notes - 06/30/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 44-35Lost 5-1 vs Oklahoma City RedHawks (TEX) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 43-35Lost 7-2 at Tennessee Smokies (CHC) (box / pbp)Wisconsin Timber Rattlers...

Minor League Notes - 06/29/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 44-34Won 11-1 vs Oklahoma City RedHawks (TEX) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 43-34Lost 7-2 at Tennessee Smokies (CHC) (box / pbp)Brevard County Manatees...

Minor League Notes - 06/25/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 42-32Lost 4-0 (6 innings) at Albuquerque Isotopes (LAD) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 41-32Won 12-1 vs Chattanooga Lookouts (LAD) (box / pbp)Brevard County...

Minor League probable pitchers

As I mentioned in yesterday's minor league notes thread, there's a new feature at MLS. Click over for all of the day's minor league games and scheduled starters. Some teams don't announce scheduled starters (or do so erratically), but most of them are there. It'll be updated daily.

Minor League Notes - 06/24/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 42-31Won 8-3 (15 innings) at Albuquerque Isotopes (LAD) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 40-32Lost 8-5 vs Chattanooga Lookouts (LAD) (box / pbp)Brevard County...

Minor League Notes - 06/23/2009

Nashville Sounds (Triple-A) - 41-31Lost 1-0 at Albuquerque Isotopes (LAD) (box / pbp)Huntsville Stars (Double-A) - 40-31Won 6-1 vs Chattanooga Lookouts (LAD) (box / pbp)Brevard County Manatees...

Twins 7, Brewers 3

Interleague is over soon.

Minor League Notes - 06/22/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesLucroy, JonathanHuntsvilleC2000220.259Walla, MaxwellAZL BrewersRF3021010.375Brewer, BrentBrevardSS5010001.239PitcherTeamIPHRERWKHRERADecNotesJeffress,...

Minor League Notes - 06/21/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS4010010.2952BSalome, AngelNashvilleC4120010.2722BLawrie, BrettWisconsin2B4000010.268Lucroy, JonathanHuntsvilleC3200200.262G...

Minor League Notes - 06/20/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS4120010.295Salome, AngelNashvilleDH4110000.2662BLawrie, BrettWisconsin (2)DH3010020.274Lucroy, JonathanHuntsvilleDH4010030....

Minor League Notes - 06/19/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS3211100.292Salome, AngelNashvilleC6332010.2672B, 3BLucroy, JonathanHuntsville (1)C4011010.265Lucroy, JonathanHuntsville (2)C3...

Minor League Notes - 06/18/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS5100110.292Salome, AngelNashvilleDH5222000.258HRLucroy, JonathanHuntsvilleC4100010.265Green, TaylorHuntsville3B3113100.287HRG...

Minor League Notes - 06/17/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS5000020.297Salome, AngelNashvillePH1000000.253Lucroy, JonathanHuntsvilleC4031000.2712BGreen, TaylorHuntsville3B4010000.286G...

Minor League Notes - 06/16/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS2001000.303Salome, AngelNashvilleC4000010.255Gillespie, ColeNashvilleLF3000000.200Gindl, CalebBrevardCF3011100.288Brewer,...

Minor League Notes - 06/15/2009

Top Prospects: BatterTeamPosABRHRBIWKEAVGNotesEscobar, AlcidesNashvilleSS4000010.305Salome, AngelNashvilleC3000000.262Lawrie, BrettWisconsin2B5031011.2732BLucroy, JonathanHuntsville (1)C4222010.2612...

Eric Arnett's workload

Yesterday I spent some time building a pitch-count estimator based on the play-by-play data I've accumulated for college baseball. When teams spent $1 million or more on pitching in the first...

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