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My name is Jeff Wiser and I'm a huge advocate for advanced metrics in baseball research. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I'm loyal to my Seattle Mariners to a fault while the Arizona Diamondbacks have become a close second. You can find my work at Beyond the Box Score, Inside the 'Zona and BeerGraphs. Always looking to engage in intelligent dialogue about sports and/or beer! Professional in education dreaming about baseball in DTLA.

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  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
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User Blog

Signs of life in the desert


Despite a nearly lifeless season in Arizona, two players have unexpectedly stood out over the last two months.

Mile-high disappointment


The Rockies have been terrible in 2014 despite some hope coming into the season. What the hell went wrong?

Lance Lynn's inevitable decline in value


The arbitration process is about to take big bite out of Lance Lynn's value to the Cardinals. How will the team respond?

Jean Segura's predictable 2014 hitting struggles


Although 2013 was a breakout for the Brewers' shortstop, 2014 has been anything but. Could we have seen it coming?

Robinson Cano and the Mariners after 70 games


If Cano doesn't hit for power, how does that alter the Mariners' new investment?

The Marlins are at a crossroads


Miami is facing a tough decision: make a run for the playoffs or sit back and build for the future. Which path will they choose?

Are reverse platoon splits sustainable?


Are hitters with reverse platoon splits getting lucky? Warning: Mike Trout is part of this conversation.

The Indians are disappointing at the moment


Despite the fact that the Indians have added and/or locked up several players over the last three offseasons, the team is toiling in last place in the AL Central. Is it time to give up hope?

Tyler Skaggs and the value of a fastball


What's a fastball worth? According to Tyler Skaggs, quite a lot.

BABIP: Separating fact from fiction


A look at the stat in light of hard hit data and speed scores.

A win is a win, right?


Is WAR really the best way to evaluate wins for individual baseball players? Depends on what you're after.

A resurgent Albert Pujols, kind of


Albert Pujols is showing signs of life as he chases down his 500th home run

Fact or fiction: is the Brewers bullpen for real?


The Brewers are off to a red-hot start thanks to the strong production from the Brewers bullpen, but is it sustainable production from their relievers or are they in line for a sharp drop?

Is the infield shift ruining baseball?


Barry Bloom of posed this question at last month's SABR Conference: is the infield shift ruining baseball? I think you know where this is going...

Manny Machado is the next Mike Trout


Why Machado is the most likely of a deep pool of young superstars to strike it big with his club.

2014 Rockies Team Preview


Will 2014 finally bring respectability to the Rockies or will it be another season of disappointment in Colorado?

Could the baseball landscape be shifting?


Discussing a possible shift in aging curves, one that is highly debatable, but also possesses massive potential to change the baseball landscape

Are NL catchers historically dominant?


Without a DH, National League teams historically rely more heavily on productive backstops

The Marlins are better off without Stanton


How a Miami team without Giancarlo Stanton can really be better without the All Star.

Exposed: Starlin Castro's rising ineptitude


What's behind the decline of Starlin Castro, a guy who was once thought to be the future of baseball in Chicago?

Is Cliff Lee going to end up in the Hall of Fame?


Despite a rough start to his career, Cliff Lee has settled in to become arguably the best pitcher of the last six years

Crushed: Worst pitches of 2013


Identifying the worst pitches of 2013 and who threw them

Should you build your team with money or talent?


Do high payrolls really lead to winning more games? Do strong farm systems build consistent winners? Take a look at some multi-year trends in baseball and decide how you would build your ideal team!.

Young bargains on contending rosters


To what degree should median-payroll teams rely upon minimum-salary talent when building a contending roster?

The Best Young NL Talent at the League-Minimum


Which NL players are making the biggest impact while earning the smallest salaries? We know about Jose Fernandez and Bryce Harper, but they have company, as the National League is full of...

American League Bargains - Trout and everyone else


Which American League teams are getting the most for their money by utilizing productive players making the league minimum?

Which pitchers give up the most home runs and why?


Although home run rates are essential random from season-to-season across baseball, some pitchers are particularly home run-prone. Why is that, and how can we identify them?

Saves Are Distorting Arbitration Salaries


Closers are receiving inflated salaries in arbitration but some teams can and should take advantage of the situation by keeping young pitchers out of the ninth inning


AFL Standout: Kaleb Cowart, 3B, Angels

While many prospects are flashing their bright upsides in Arizona’s Fall League right now, none have continually impressed me more than Kaleb Cowart, third base prospect for the Angels. At just 20...

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