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It became very frustrating that they weren't in touch with reality anymore. If something negative happened, they'd spin it positive. If something positive happened, they'd blow it out of proportion It alters your mind. -Danny Moses (Frontpoint/Morgan Stanley)

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What to Expect from Norichika Aoki on the Field


Average, Average, and Average

Royal Rumblings (12/3/13)


In other Royals news ....

Royal Rumblings (11/26/13)


Did Brett and Grifol ruin Cain?

Bob Dutton is off to cover the Mariners


The Latest Casualty in the Battle for Grass Creek

Statistical Breakdownl: Jason Vargas


It could be worse, a lot worse

Royal Rumblings (11/19/13)


Mainly looking at times through a batting order with a few extra tidbits thrown in.

Royals Repel the Injury Bug


Can they keep it up?

Must Read: Times Through the Order


Long, but pretty much nails all the points for Times Through the Order Penalty: Main Points: The first time through the order, pitchers pitch better than they do overall. This "first time" effect is magnified in the first inning, especially for the home pitcher. Starters get progressively worse as they face the lineup for the second, third, and fourth times. The fourth-time penalty gets masked in outdoor games, especially at night, and in the ninth and later innings. A pitcher’s career "times through the order" patterns have almost no predictive value. We can assume that all starting pitchers have roughly the same "true talent" TTOP, regardless of what they have shown in the past. Good and bad pitchers show around the same magnitude of TTOP. The third time through the order, all starters are expected to pitch around .35 runs per nine innings worse than they do overall. Pitch count does not seem to have much of an effect on the TTOP. For example, going into the third time through the order, whether a pitcher has thrown 60 or 75 pitches doesn’t seem to matter much. For an individual batter, the number of pitches seen makes a huge difference. The largest difference is from the first to the second time through the order. If a batter sees fewer than three pitches in his first PA, he hits 10 points better his second time at the plate. If he sees more than four pitches his first time up, he hits 25 points better on his second go-around!

Royal Rumblings (11/5/13) - Dozier, Moore and More


Dayton Moore drives me nuts.

Gordon, Perez and Hosmer Win Gold Gloves


Three out five ain't bad.

Down on the Royal Farm (10/29/13)


A little nugget I never knew about Hunter Dozier.

Keys to the Royals Off-Season: Bottom Feeding


Dayton, please look for players with upside.

Keys to the Royals Off-Season: Trade Off the Fat


What could the Royals bring back in return for Holland and Butler?

Down on the Royal Farm


Various thoughts.

Getting Rid of Dead Weight – Keys to the Offseason


Frenchy being gone saves me a ton of writing.

KC BBQ Links


Just a small sampling of irrelevant news.

Royal Rumblings (10/8/13)


A little Manaea, a little post office, a bunch of B.S. in between.

Eight Starters - Keys to the Offseason


Shields and ???????

Royals in the Arizona Fall League


Just a quick look at each of the eight players.


Baseball Book Give Away Time

I am doing a little fall cleaning and it time for some books to move on. I will post a book in the comments and let me know if you want. If so, I will just ship to you.

Playoff Open Thread: Division Playoffs - Day 1


The NL starts things off

NL Wild Card Game Open Thread - Pirates vs Reds


How many ways can Dusty Baker lose this one?

Play In Game Open Thread - Rangers vs Rays


I will blame the Ranger's loss on Ron Washington

Holland Sets Royals Save Record in 3-2 Win


Next thing you know, Dutch will be an analyst and doing play by play.


Game 159 Open Thread - Royals at White Sox

Both of you enjoy the thread

The First 2013 Series Which Doesn't Matter


It took a while this year.

Royals Rankings in the Fan Scouting Report.


A lot of the same.


Off Day Off Topic Thread

Time for Something Old, Something New

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