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I absolutely love the Angels .... and whovever's playing Boston.

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Jerome Williams is heading to Houston


One year incentive laden deal. Plan is for him to be a starter.


HH Official Prediction: Who Signs Tanaka?

The soap opera is nearing a close. By Friday, January 24th Japanese sensation Masahiro Tanaka must sign with an MLB team or he will no longer be on the market. Simple question: who signs him? T...


Greatest Game(s) You've Attended.

There's nothing like going to a ballgame. The home whites, the road grays, hot dogs, beer(?)....absolutely no better way to spend a summer evening. Please share your favorite stories of going to...

Giants to sign Tim Hudson


2 years, $23 million total. He was a guy many posters, myself included, hoped to bring to the Angels. The price tag exceeded expectations. Also, Jeff Nieman elected free agency. Anybody think he might be a decent pickup?


HH Official Prediction: Will Scioscia Be Fired?

The Angels season will come to a close on Sunday. Starting Monday, heads will fall across the MLB landscape as managers and front office people become accountable for losing and disappointing...


Angels Trade Candidates: Digging Holes to Fill 'Em

With one of the weakest farm systems in baseball, the Angels would normally be expected to trade some MLB level pieces to replenish the system. However, the farm is so weak, that appears to be...


Scrap Heap Pickups: Is There Anybody Out There?

Hey you, out there in the cold, getting lonely getting old can you feel me? As we head into the final week of Spring Training, the Angels still have the same question marks they did heading into...

Chris Young?


Put me solidly in the not sold on Hanson camp. Chris Young is likely to be available and is a fly ball pitcher. Anybody think maybe the Angels should pick him up and let Hanson start the year on the DL?


Halos Heaven Tales and Tips From Tempe

With the beginning of Spring Training games, the eyes of Angels fans turn to the Arizona desert. Some of us are going to make new Spring Training memories in 2013 and many have great ones to share...

Torii Hunter to the Tigers


According to Ken Rosenthal it is a two year deal. Although it was expected, I'm still sad to see him go.

Trout Unanimous AL ROY


The BBWAA got it right. Congratulations to the kid.

Mike Trout wins Silver Slugger


I'm happy for the kid. He should add another trophy on Monday.


The Path to the Playoffs: An Angels-centric View of the MLB Schedule

The big talk among Angels fans is the likelihood of the Angels making the postseason. The good news is that they have ample opportunity to play their way in as 20 of their remaining 51 contests...


Who Has Impressed You this Spring Training?

A rundown of the Angels who have had the most impressive Spring campaigns.


Who Are You Pulling For This Spring Training?

What players who would benefit from a strong spring are Angels fans rooting for?


The Angels and Why You Became a Fan

We all come to Halos Heaven because we are fans of the Angels. For some of us, it's been a lifelong love affair. Many were brought in by the championship season of 2002 and even more are coming on...

Prince Fielder Heading to Motown!


9 Years, $214 Million - Prince Fielder is at 1B for the Detroit Tigers.

Fausto Carmona is not Fausto Carmona


In a truly odd case, not only is the Domincan pitcher older than he claims, he is also a different person entirely. Trying to obtain a U.S. visa using a stolen identity has landed him in jail


Kerry Wood?

Apparently he's not heading back to the Cubs and he fits DiPoto's vision of complementing Walden rather than replacing him. .

Lyle writing for the stRangers


This offseason just keeps on giving. Here he compares Josh Hamilton to Pete Rose. Enjoy him Texas!


What Today was Supposed to Be

Today was supposed to be the day we sat in front of our computers grinding our teeth, hoping, swearing, praying and looking for updates (or lack thereof) regarding the worst offensive player in...


Ryan Doumit?

Ryan Doumit is a free agent, is only 30 years old, and has a proven track record of offensive success. Did I mention he is a catcher? I am surprised his name is not brought up when discussing...


Improving On 86 Wins Through Pitching

The Angels won 86 games in 2011.  That win total allowed them to stay home during the playoffs and do some housekeeping in the front office.  Had they won 98 games, the team would have made the...


Tendering Mathis: The One Decision That Will Tell All

Currently, there is much speculation about who, exactly, is in charge of the Angels.  Do the roster decisions get made by the general manager or the field manager?  As of now, there is no way to...

Mathis: A Winner and a Slugger by Lyle

"The Angels are 43-29 this season with Mathis catching, playing .500 in the rest of their games. In his career, the Angels are 213-154 when Mathis starts -- a .580 winning percentage. To all those critics who keep asking why Scioscia plays him, that's the short answer. The manager likes to win." -- Lyle M. Spencer

Should Branyan Play More?

This isn't a new idea. I know better than to judge a left handed hitter's performance by an appearance at Yankee Stadium. The Angels offense is in serious need of some thump and Branyan supplies...

CBS Piles on Sosh and Mathis


This is mainstream national media laughing at Sosh for continuing to play Mathis. Supporters (Lyle) of the two have bashed Halos Heaven (ignorantly) of being just a fan site full of sabermetricians. Well, now what is their defense?


Looking Ahead: The Series to Decide AL's Playoff Picture

The Angels are currently 2 games behind the Rangers for first place in the AL West, and 6 1/2 games behind the Yankees for the Wild Card; meaning Texas is still within striking distance of the...

Abreu's Option Vested Yesterday


In typical Abreu fashion, he recorded three walks, no hits runs or RBI and hit his magic number when he came up in the 9th inning. We can now officially end all the buyout or "keep the option from vesting" comments.

Beltran to the Giants


On a great day to be an Angels fan, the news keeps getting better. Carlos Beltran appears to be heading to SF, not Texas

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