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Jeffrey Bellone is an avid sports fan and diehard follower of the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Leafs.

He started his own blog Over the Whitestone in March 2012.

He lives in Connecticut with his beautiful wife and daughter.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL New York Jets
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
User Blog

What if LeBron James was a baseball player?


Okay, okay, so you've heard enough about LeBron James, and don't need to hear more about him on a baseball site. But this is sort of neat. What if LeBron was a baseball player? He would be Mike Trout times two.

What's up with Josh Donaldson?


The A's slugger is having another strong season, but had a hiccup in June.

Danny Duffy is a fun topic at saber parties


Danny Duffy is exciting Royals fans. His 4-6 record is offset by a 2.80 ERA. What do the saber people say?

George Springer might even get better


George Springer has been striking out and hitting home runs in his rookie season. His home run against David Price was an important one.

Zack Wheeler stole Andrew Heaney's night


We were all waiting on Andrew Heaney's debut, but it was another pitcher who stole our attention.

Travis d'Arnaud is off to a historically bad start


As a thirty year old Mets fan, I can't remember a player, particularly a highly touted prospect, starting their career as poorly as Travis d'Arnaud at the plate. Let's see what the numbers say.

Why the Padres one-hit win wasn't unusual


One-hit victories are rare, but we should be paying attention to the number of batters who reached base

Bartolo Colon, a misleading ERA, and big ballparks


Looking at Colon's ERA, you would think he is having a bad season. But we know better than that... Especially in the ballpark where he pitches his home games.

Lefties who pitch inside to righties


Which left-handed pitchers throw inside to righties the most often? How does it help them?

Hitting while striking out


Justin Upton strikes out a lot. He also hits for a pretty high average, which is strange.

Winning with silent bats


The Mets are off to a surprisingly good start in the standings. It isn't because of their bats.

What happened to R.A. Dickey?


Is it more than knuckleball problems plaguing R.A. Dickey?

Beyond the Box Score guide to box scores


We call our blog "Beyond the Box Score," so how do we look beyond the box score?

Gio Gonzalez and his curve


Gio Gonzalez proves how a pitch can evolve over time and still be effective.

2014 Team Previews: Philadelphia Phillies


Can the Phillies make one final run? Or is it time to look beyond 2014?

Lagares and pitches outside of the strike zone

Juan Lagares struck out a lot last season, but he was one of the best hitters in making contact on pitches outside of the strike zone. What does this mean?

The curious hitting of Didi Gregorius


Didi Gregorius struggled against left-handed pitchers last year, but not as you would expect.

Dice-K's Resurrection

After a dreadful start to his Mets career, something changed in Daisuke Matsuzaka to make him more effective. What was it?

Do April slumps bring rest of the season flowers?


How much does a hitter's performance in April impact the rest of their season?

Carlos Torres: Starter or reliever?

A look at Torres's splits between the starting rotation and the bullpen.

Mets Stat of the Day: Slugging at Citi

The Mets have struggled to hit at Citi Field. Which players struggle the most at home versus the road?

Stat of the Day: Hitting when the count is 0-2

Which Mets hitters were toughest to strike out on 0-2 counts in 2013?

Stat of the Day: Turning 0-2 counts into whiffs

It's one thing to build an 0-2 count. Which Mets pitchers were able to turn the most favorable count into strikeouts?

How difficult was that play?


While we await for MLB Advanced Media to provide us with the best quantitative data we have ever seen on fielding, we will rely on what scouts see to decide who makes the most difficult plays.

Mets Stat of the Day: Fielding difficult plays

Fielding evaluation is getting much more quantitative. Yet, there is still room for qualitative evaluation put into numbers. Based on Infield Edge scouts, which Mets were able to make the most difficult plays?

Mets Stat of the Day: Junk hitters

Which Mets have the most—and least—success with hitting pitches that pitchers want them to chase?

Mets Stat of the Day: Meatball hitters

Nothing says meatball more than a fastball down the middle of the plate. Which Mets were the best (and worst) at hitting dead red pitches in 2013?

Mets Stat of the Day: David Wright in home runs

Breaking down David Wright's 222 career home runs.

Mets Stat of the Day: Ike Davis getting on base

Taking a closer look at Ike Davis' propensity to get on base in the second half of the season.

Mets Stat of the Day: Best spring hitters of 2013

Who were the Mets' best hitters during spring training last year? And did the quality of pitching they face matter?

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