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Zach Britton's sinker is the key to his career

Britton fell off the prospect map after under-performing in his first three chances in MLB. This season though, he's reinvented himself as a reliever and used his sinker to remind us all why he was once one of the best prospects in all of baseball.

Yovani Gallardo's career aided by constant tweaks

Yovani Gallardo has made significant changes to his approach multiple times in his seven year career, something that's somewhat strange for a pitcher who's been as successful as he's been. How has Gallardo tweaked his approach and what does it mean?

Did Lester change his release point?

Anecdotal evidence seemed to suggest that Jon Lester changed his release point in 2013, but does the data back up that claim? What else might be at play in Lester's second half resurgence from last year?

Cincinnati Reds Team Preview

An analysis of the Reds 2013 season, the moves they made during the offseason, and what we can expect from them in 2014.

Is Cole Hamels the key to a Phillies re-build?

The Phillies have a valuable trade chip in Cole Hamels that they might need to consider using if the team continues to flounder. Ruben Amaro, Jr. has been reluctant to re-build in the past, but the time has likely come to look to the future in Philly

Who was 2013's most average starting pitcher?

A quick analysis gives some insight into which starting pitcher was the closest to league average for 2013 based on strikeouts, walks, and home runs.

What caused Cliff Lee's renaissance in 2008?

Taking some old analysis from Mike Fast we can look at what made Cliff Lee's incredible improvement from 2007 to 2008 possible. Lee went from a nobody to the best pitcher in baseball, and we don't know a whole lot about how he was able to do it.

Examining the Astros' signing of Jerome Williams

The Astros signed veteran pitcher Jerome Williams who hasn't exactly been "lights out" over the course of his career. Was this move a mind boggling waste of $2 million or another shrewd pickup by Jeff Luhnow and company?

How small keys to success made Max Scherzer an ace

Max Scherzer went from a solid starting pitcher to a legitimate ace after making a few simple tweaks that helped him get the most out of his stuff. PITCHf/x allows us to dig in and see what Scherzer did to improve so much over a few seasons.

Detroit's other great pitcher and his best pitch

Anibal Sanchez was terrific last season, success that was partially built on his changeup usage. The pitch, something that Sanchez has seen improve over the past few years, gives him a tremendous tool with which to fool hitters.

Examining Ubaldo Jimenez's Unique Approach

Ubaldo Jimenez seems to customize his approach to each at-bat depending on the situation he's presented with, and even how the at-bat itself changes. PITCHf/x allows us to examine Jimenez's pitch usage in depth with an eye to the situations he's in.

A look at a forgotten free agent: Ervin Santana

Ervin Santana hasn't gotten much press lately, but there's reason to believe he can be a solid pitcher for a new team. His adoption of the sinker makes him a ground ball threat who can pitch effectively whether ahead or behind in the count.

Sonny Gray: Why He'll be an Ace for Oakland

PITCHf/x shows why Oakland may have found themselves an ace in Sonny Gray. Taking a deep look at Gray's pitch usage, release points, and pitch mix allows us to see why the young pitcher was so successful in 2013, and could be an ace in the making.

The art of the strikeout: Darvish vs. Guthrie

What is the difference between the best and worst pitchers in MLB at striking guys out? For Yu Darvish and Jeremy Guthrie, there are a few factors. The most important of which is ability to miss bats. Learn how Darvish does it, and why Guthrie can't.

The Art of (Not) Walking Batters: Lee vs. Locke

A look at the best and worst pitcher in MLB when it comes to BB/9, this article teases out the differences between Cliff Lee and Jeff Locke to figure out why Lee is so good at limiting walks while Locke, well, is not.

PITCHf/x Profile of Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright has been downright dominant. How has he been able to be so effective in 2013? Taking a look with PITCHf/x allows us to get an inside look at how Wainwright has been so effective.

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