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I'm a (mostly) lifelong Trail Blazers fan, educational speaker, musician, emcee/producer, freelance writer, and Xbox enthusiast. I'm also really, really tired of all of these Chris Paul trade rumors.

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A Calm, Sensible Step-Back 3 [REMINDER]

So in January, when the Blazers were still scorching the league and generally being one of the feel-good stories of the year, I wrote this reflection piece on Lillard's favorite weapon, the...


Before You Turn the Page On Donald Sterling

A Blazersedge reader reflects on the response to Donald Sterling's prejudice and the reactions that followed.

A Calm, Sensible Step-Back 3


Getting back in the swing of doing more sportswriting. Here's an inclusive devotional on keeping a hold of my Blazer-related fandom.

Even the Blogfather is a believer [Terry Stotts interview on TrueHoop]


ESPN TrueHoop's Henry Abbott does some theorizing about the Blazers' early success, then has some Q&A w/ Coach Stotts.

LaMarcus is feelin' the love from PDX ... this bodes well for the future!


Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop interviews a re-energized, confident LaMarcus Aldridge on @TrueHoopTV

Beckley Mason in NYT: Blazers Give the NBA a Chemistry Lesson


Another glowing write-up of our favorite basketballers. Nothing particularly new or earth-shattering, just more praise from a national source to revel in. :)

Wow, even A-Woj is giving LMA & The Blazers props.


Umm... I think this qualifies as "for real."

I'm singing the anthem tonight -- I SO WISH I COULD DO THIS.


For the TL;DR crowd -- essentially a lady sings the national anthem at a baseball game, and freaks out the crowd by continuing after the first verse. You gotta watch the video to see their bewildered faces... priceless.


Give me your weird, your nonsensical... that's right: BLAZER ANAGRAMS

No offense to Dave and the rest of the passionate fans who keep sending mailbag questions, but I can't take anymore. I don't want to read another season preview, another Q&A, another injury update...

Smith: Graceful Exit for Aldridge Out of the Question


Mostly just commentary on Chris Haynes' source on Aldridge's "camp" exploring their trade options. By the way, every time I hear of some athlete's camp, I imagine some super agent storming out of their Coleman tent, trying in vain to get cell coverage in the middle of a forest.


Regarding CJ McCollum and his press savvy (*** VIDEO CHALLENGE ***)

If you clicked on this hoping for an impassioned diatribe about the nature of modern journalism and its effect on athletes, especially NBA athletes who have been conditioned into carefully...

Church of Basketball: An Interview With Dave


So this was originally written for, but the editorial staff is a little slammed at the moment, so I thought I'd get it up on my site first. Dave normally has to squeeze his faith-based-topics around basketball... this time, I thought we'd do it the other way around. ed: bumped to front page -- Ben


On Oden, Black People, Portland, and Money

Ever since the Oden interview hit, I've detected an undercurrent of confusion and frustration, bordering on incredulity, actually, regarding his statement that Portland is not a good city for a...


The 95.5 The Game Appreciation Thread

First they dump Rome, now the news leaks that the station is moving to 750 AM... and some other format entirely is coming to 95.5 ...   I'm not saying that the end is near or anything (well, it IS...

Greg Oden As the Biblical Character Job


No, really... there's good news at the end, I promise. It may not be the news you were hoping for, but good news nonetheless.


National Anthem Auditions... Open? Really??

Let me just say right up front, two things:   1.) In the grand scheme of things, what I'm about to post isn't really that important. I know this. Of course, in the GRAND scheme of life and...


Calling My Shot Now: A Blazer Trade That Works

I don't normally do this, but I've been watching some of the comments on the OLive Blazers Blog and this blog, and I have yet to see anyone propose this trade. Unlike most of the trade ideas out...

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