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Mayhem Returns to Florida


Our favorite meltdown artist on our payroll, but not on our roster returns to the Sunshine State in a deal with the Rays. I don't know about you guys, but I felt better when he was further away.

Stanton, Cishek and Dunn Re-Signed


The Marlins avoid arbitration with Stanton with a one-year contract worth $6.5 million.

Samson to Test His Survivor Skills


Have you guys seen this yet? The always entertaining Grant Brisbee tells us that our team president is gonna be on Survivor. He should do well, considering he has been the winner of Survivor: Marlins Front Office Edition.


One fan's take on the "Bartman Game"

Fish Striper Jeremy Hulme's take on an alternative history of the infamous Bartman game.


Player Nicknames

Jose Reyes has an arm...


Even though he's not a Marlin anymore, I thought you guys might enjoy this anyways.

Argument in favor of "Defense Wins Championships"?


This was a fascinating article about the Pirates transformation as a team and the snapping of a decades-long losing season streak. Congrats to them and perhaps a lesson to us?

Class in the wake of tragedy


I wanted to share this video for a few reasons. It highlighted how the Nationals handled it with so much class. Hats off to that organization for being citizens of the city. I also found this video particularly interesting because the admiral that is thanking the Nats used to be my captain when I served aboard USS Enterprise. He was and still is a stand up guy.


MLB All Star Rosters are in (mostly)

At 6:30pm today, most members of the All Star squads were revealed at (link: For the NL, they are (S denotes...

Marlins vs. Padres: Game 79 Thread and Ichthy

Well fellow Fish Stripers, it appears we are without a game thread to start the game so I'm creating this to kind of take it's place until we have one. Short and sweet, it's Jacob Turner vs. Eric...

All-Star Game Voting


Since today was an off day for the team, I did some random surfing and ended up checking the All Star voting status. It looks like once again, the Giants fans are voting early and often, but is this truly the right system? I don't believe so, but I can't really think of an alternate "good" way. Ideas?

Pitchers and Game Pace


Here's an interesting read on pitcher pace from Baseball Nation. We knew as Fish fans that Mark Buehrle cruises, but how does he stack against the league in pace? (H/T to Jeff Sullivan)

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