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Lifelong Kansas State University fan. Obtained a BS in Architectural Engineering from KSU in 2003.

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Fantasy Football 2014

Hey all, Last year, a couple of you had mentioned that you would be interested in joining my fantasy football league. I've finally renewed the league and am looking for new managers who would...


SEC isn't all it is cracked up to be.

I know most of us here already believe that the SEC is overhyped, and that ESPN has a lot to do with the "strength" of the conference. It has been discussed time and again on this site. A buddy...


"Jeremy's Method" for determining who should play for BCS NC

Some of you might recall my fanpost about this last year. Here is is for a refresher. Brief synopsis: I am using Sagarin rankings because they include all FBS and FCS teams in one composite...

Bramlage family loses 6 in plane crash


Plane crash in Florida today claims lives of Ron and Becky Bramlage and four children. According to my source, Ron's father is Fred Bramlage.


Game of Thrones - Season wrap

Well, now the long summer has really begun. Not only are all KSU sports finished for the time being, Game of Thrones, season 2 finale aired last night. I guess I'll have to survive on TrueBlood...


Game of Thrones thread (season 2, "first quarter" wrap)

So, we are three episodes into season 2, not quite a third of the way through the season. So I guess this post is more like the first intermission at a hockey game, rather than a break between...


BOTC campus lunch and Game of Thrones

Attention all BOTC folks in Manhattan. We tried organizing a BOTC lunch in the Union about 6 weeks ago (or perhaps longer) and some of us were not able to make it. Given the recent happenings with...

Totally off topic. Didn't we have a discussion on here not too long ago about how different parts...


Totally off topic. Didn't we have a discussion on here not too long ago about how different parts of the country refer to carbonated beverages. This is a much more detailed map than I have ever seen before.

So, an OU guy posted this on my facebook wall today. Kinda cool.


So, an OU guy posted this on my facebook wall today. Kinda cool.

Tag yourself in the Cotton Bowl photo!


Pretty cool interactive photo of the entire Cowboy can zoom in and find yourself in the picture and tag it with a name and team. I didn't go, so you won't find me in the picture. I also don't know if you have to have a facebook account in order for this to work, but I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share with all of you who did go to the game.

McGruder named Big12 Player of the Week


Very appropriate since there wasn't a whole lot of other action in the Big12 this week. And he was, afterall, named the MVP of the Diamond Head Classic.

Nice story about the Gronkowskis


I've been telling everyone I can about Glenn Gronkowski. A friend of mine (who I have already told about Glenn) sent me this link that another friend sent him. It's great to see others getting (seemingly) as excited about Glenn as I am.


Update on the method to determine a "true" champion (or who should be playing in the MNC game against LSU)

So, yesterday I mentioned I sent Martin Manley of Upon Further Review (with KC Star) all of the info regarding my method of determining a "true" conference champion, or who should be playing in the...

College Bowl Pick'em


Hey all, I just created a bowl pick'em on Yahoo! The idea was to invite my fantasy team, and I thought I would invite anyone from here who wants to participate. This will be a free pick'em. Password: kansas


A possible way to determine a "true" champion

or a participant in the BCS title game in the event of a tie. This method tries to give more credit for the "good" wins, while at the same time penalizing a team for a "bad" loss. The method is...

Cool picture (I think) of some of the fireworks on the roof of Vanier Football Complex for the...


Cool picture (I think) of some of the fireworks on the roof of Vanier Football Complex for the Family Reunion Game against EKU, September 3, 2011.


What was your Major?

So, I decided the conversation about what everyone got their degree in was getting lost in the other thread, so I thought I would migrate it over here. Plus it givs me a reason to try creating a...

Raphael Guidry Big 12 Special Teams POTW


Guidry has been named Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week for his two blocked field goals against Texas Tech. (Just as I had surmised in the post game celebration thread)



There's a whole new dimension to the twitter universe. Spread the word! tewwt [toot] noun1. Digital Technology. a very short, crappy (unpopular), message posted on the Twitter site, or one that is...


Goodnow, Marlatt, and Kramer myths debunked

So, I promised that I would get to the bottom of the real story and report back here with my findings. I have asked several people in this office who have been here much longer than me (wow,...



Hey all, I just left got back from a "meeting" at the Forum at the Union with President Schultz and Provost Mason discussing the K-State 2025 plan. Believe it or not, EcoKat was mentioned by...


What KSU football players eat for lunch

So, I was just eating lunch in the Union.  I was standing in line at Panda Express, and Meshak Williams got in line behind me.  I was going to ask him if he has definitely locked up the starting...

Great Food Truck Race


Manhattan will be featured prominently in the upcoming episode of Food networks' The Great Food Truck Race. Sunday, Sept 4th at 8:00 pm CDT.


Totally random KSU sighting

I don't know if any of you watch True Blood, but on tonight's episode, when Hoyt goes over to Jason's house, Jason is watching a football game on tv. The game happens to be a KSU game at BSFS. I...

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