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Why the knicks are struggling?


I say it's more of stagnation on offense but he makes a valid point as well.


Rex Ryan: Overachiever

The Jets were awful this year. They were bad in 2011. They were good in 2010. They were mediocre in 2009. Through Rex's four years of coaching, he has accrued a 34-30 record with two AFC...


GB-Seattle: Integrity of the NFL ruined

Throughout the season, the biggest issue has been the NFL locking out the regular referees and employing replacement refs. Though their have been numerous horrendous calls upto Week 3, there...


NFL Power Rankings: Preseason

With the regular season less than two days away and preseason being laid to rest, now seems to be an appropriate time to list my first edition of power rankings. Although I have previously stated...


Preseason: The Ultimate Smokescreen

Summer is on its way out the door and with that begins a new season of football. Every fan looks forward to the upcoming season with unbridled optimism, believing their team has a shot. Detroit...


Darrelle Revis: A HOF Player That Deserves HOF Pay

There's been a growing paranoia amongst Jet's fans regarding the contract status of the team's stud corner, Darrelle Revis. Revis, considered the best CB since Deion Sanders, is entering the third...


Jet's 2012 Rookie Projections

Last year, I took a shot at predicting how our new draftees would fare throughout the season. For the most part, I was within reasonable vicinity of my predictions that I decided to do it again...


Make or Break Year for Rex Ryan

Underneath all the hype of Tim Tebow, criticism of Mark Sanchez, and mess of our locker room is a point the media has seemed to miss: the 2012-2013 NFL season will define Rex Ryan's tenure as the...


Adjusting to Weaknesses

Despite the win against the Dolphins, it's still clear this team has a lot of weaknesses. The offensive line still has trouble getting push in the running game, Greene has trouble getting to the...


Will teams begin to adjust to Mike Westhoff's scheme?

Against Miami we saw the trouble the short kickoffs gave our kick return team, leading to one turnover and short return. My question is do you think teams will begin to kick short to neutralize...


Week 2 Observations

Football is just getting into the swing of things and teams are starting to show their true colors.  Like always, there is always a plethora of story lines to appetize even the savviest football...


Help watching the Jets at college?

Hello all, I will soon be leaving for college in the Maryland area. Unfortunately, I will not get the Jets locally and will have to deal with the Redskins and Ravens playing. I know there are a...


Jet's 2011 Rookie Projections

As the season nears it's becoming clear that the Jets are going to be more dependent on the younger players.  Gone are Old Vets (Ellis, Cotch, Price) and in are the new generation of Jets.  Last...


Common Misconceptions about the Jets

Isn't it frustrating when a random football fan makes fact-less claims about your favorite teams?  The past two years, many football fans have had a plethora of misconceptions about our New York...


Expectations for Sanchez

As we all know, Mark Sanchez is entering his third year in the league.  Most people, including Rex, believe that the third year is where you'll see the most improvement in a player, especially...


Final Thoughts on the Season

This had to be probably the toughest loss I've encountered in my short life span being a Jets fan.  And a million times tougher than last years AFC Championship loss.  For one, I came into this...


1st Quarter Report

As we all know our Jets have come out of the first quarter of this season in pretty good shape, sitting at 3-1.  I know today is Monday and this probably should of been up at the beginning of the...



Hello all Dolphin's fans, as we all know first place is at stake Sunday night?  As much our fans dislike each other let's keep it civil.  Rec this so it stays afloat the fan posts.  Any questions...


Sunday Observations

I don't remember the last time the Colts started 0-1; is this the year you get to the playoffs Texans? The Pats offense looked explosive, the Dolphins offense...anemic The Lions absolutely got...

Schefter is reporting that Coles is working out for the team and will most likely sign a deal. ...


Schefter is reporting that Coles is working out for the team and will most likely sign a deal. Very interesting and I like this a lot more than T.O. Thoughts? (Thanks to Dvdil for letting us know in Flight Connections )

Brunell to the Jets on a two year deal. Interesting, I don't really agree with this. Is this the...


Brunell to the Jets on a two year deal. Interesting, I don't really agree with this. Is this the end for Kellen Clemens?


Top 10 games for next year. (10-5)

     Seeing as it's July, and football news at a minimum, I've decided to list the top 10 games in terms of excitement and how the game will turn out.  I won't predict the game (Like Matt's recent...


What to do in the draft?

So with the draft nearly a whole month away many of us wonder what Mike T will decide to do in the draft.  Will he play it safe and draft a Hughes or Odrick at 29.  Or will he make his usual draft...


5 gameballs for the season.

On Sunday we saw the end of a great season, as we fell to the mighty Colts 30-17 in a highly competitive game. Seeing as it's officially the off-season I have decided to reflect on the season. ...


Playoff chances got better with a loss. Huh?

  Yes our playoff chances improved this week even after a loss to Atlanta.  This is what we need to happen for us to control our own Destiny. According to the Jets, they need the following to...


3 Things I want to see Sunday during the game.

  1.  Jump out to an early lead.                  I can't stress how vital this is.  Our nightmare scenario is playing from behind and being forced to throw the ball downfield with an erratic...

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