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Fan from North Jersey, encompassed in a land surrounded by Giants, Jets, and Cowboy's fans I don't trip at the thought of stepping outside with my Eagles Green on all day. Bleed green baby.

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  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
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Offseaon Projection with a mock draft

I'm bored of waiting for the damn draft so I decided to make a post about my opinion on how things have shaped up so far and full mock draft. Bear in mind that it is MY OPINION, it's not set in...

Redskins lose fan base..Awesome


It's unfortunately not the Cowgirls but when a division rival is doing so terribly that nobody will show up for the game or even stay at the start of the 3rd quarter..that's bad. Fly High Baby.


Apparently his agent is open for a trade which I can't say that I blame him. After he played sparingly in 2012, beasted during the preseason, and was inactive for the first game of the week. I really hope he doesn't go because he's a terror off the edge and is very deadly. If there is anybody who should be inactive week 1 it's Geathers not Curry. Geathers has flashed during the preseason but Curry has just been a nightmare for offensive lineman. So what if he doesn't play gap responsible, let him rush the passer and kill. If he gives up big plays then pull him aside and tell him what he did wrong and why he has to play each gap. It's the kids dream to be an Eagle and nothing would make him happier than being a productive player for years to come. KEEP HIM ROSEMAN AND STOP TRIPPIN.

Why The Eagles Will Suck

Look at this uninformed D-bag. He may have one or two points about the likes of their defense (Kerrigan, Orakpo, Cofield) being able to put some pass rush on our O-Line but it definitely won't be one sided. I can't wait till week one now where the Eagles tear through them candy-ass Redskins.


Clay Harbor

Are we Harboring Clay? (Lame, I know..) via I'm not really a giant fan of any of our TE's right now, as they all have their faults and upsides, but I'm trying to figure...


General thoughts and the draft

I would just like to say that first and foremost NOBODY knows what Chip Kelly is going to do, the best NFL analysts on ESPN and NFL NETWORK are guessing and speculating just as good as we are. With...


Why the Redzone troubles?

Apologies to the BGN if this post was suppose to be a fanpost or a fanshot, I'm pretty new to the site so my bad. I'm just trying to get something off my chest about what I've seen for the past few...

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