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Knicks, Possessions and Dribbles.....Oh My!

As some of you know, I charted each possession during the Knicks/Mavs game a few days back. One fanpost request later, and here we are. So I'll re-post the data I added in the recap thread, and...


Its about that time. New Knicknames.

I hope it isnt too soon, but Melo and Chauncey need Knicknames STAT. Yeah, that was corny. Lame jokes aside, yall know the drill. Lets get to it. I noticed Melo is sportin a 007 avatar on twitter,...


Denver "Knicks" vs Boston Celtics Game Thread

Seth wasnt sure if he should make a game thread for our fallen soldiers.....So I went ahead and made one. I will be watching our former troops do their best to bring Denver a win, and Im sure some...


Say It Isnt So Walsh.....

So Im on Alan Hahn's twitter, gettin ready for the Rookie/Soph game, and what do I see? Apparently, the tweet is gone. But I just saw we offered Gallo, Chandler, Curry , the 1st for AR, and Felton...


Fun Facts From The Box Score: LFF Edition

In the spirit of not making a retread type FanPost, I decided to take my love of number crunching once again and shine some light on our friend Landry Fields. As I said with the Gallo/Wil...


The Gallo/Wil Conundrum......

So I know myself and other P&T residents have wondered why it seems Gallo and Ill Wil cant seem to get it going at the same time. No one really knows for sure, but I wonder if they ever have had a...


I Will Never Diss Gallo.....

And here's why. Felton and Amare are our unquestioned leaders. Co-captains. New to the squad. Chip on their shoulder, something to prove. And every night they play as such. Fierce, nasty, want to...


A Heart"Felt" Post

I really hate to be the parent around here. I also really hate that this fanpost is about Melo (partially.) But what I am seeing is a bunch of miscommunication getting everyone worked up. So I'll...


Why fellas? WHY?

I haven't been around much for the past week (thanks for noticing) and I have come back to see......The same bickering from the summer. My question is, why must every single loss be pinned on...


P&T.....Heed my call.

The day of reckoning is here. The hands have almost fully been dealt. Wade, Bosh, and HWSNBL (He Who Shall not Be Liked) have formed a triangle of hate in Miami. However, unlike the fanbases of...


Salmons rumored to opt out.....

Word around the rumor mill is that John Salmons wants to opt out and become a free agent this year. How do you guys feel about him as a Knick? What price would it take for you to warm up to the...


Is HWSNBN ruining teams FA plans?

I touched on this in another thread, but I really believe all of this LBJ groveling is hurting teams as far as bringing in free agents. Imagine you are D Wade, or Bosh, or JJ. Amare even. You're...


Nate Robinson.....How Do You Feel?

He is destroying the Magic right now by himself. How do you guys feel watching this? I'm actually proud of him, he is performing on the big stage like we always knew he could if given the chance....

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