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Baseball is a set of arbitrary conventions invented by humans for the purpose of having fun...

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Oh, No! The Countess and the Butler...

I haven't been to a library in a very long time. Then, there was this library, and I went to it to wait for a friend and do some drawings on a rainy day. It hadn't rained yet, so that's after the...


Illustrations - Betcha By Golly, Wow (and, then, some dancing Jim Leylands)

Hello, Tigers fans! I do mainly baseball-related drawings. Also, I'm really rooting for the Tigers, although the main team I cheer for is the Milwaukee Brewers. Sadly, I can no longer find the...



- - - - - Except, it's not West Bend. Except...Robin Yount probably is going to be in Arizona and/or currently is there. I've never tried Robinade, but I like the idea of it a...


Logo-related content

The possible existence of a logo specifically for the main editor for the Brew Crew Ball site is no longer in question... The process... (note: read it starting from the bottom of the...


A Very Brew Crew Holiday Special

(Using selective memory, as this would apply more to a few months before December, 2011) - Anytime I draw something Brewers-related with Tony La Russa, I think of Brew Crew Ball. Specifically, the...

I got mentioned in this article via HBT: "The Mets are appealing a scoring decision to try to get R.A. Dickey a no-hitter. They will lose."

It's a small thing, but it makes my day! I sought out the CC 2008 ruling - "judgment of the scorer was not ‘clearly erroneous,'" and realized this would likely be used as a precedent for the R.A. Dickey/Mets appeal. I'm glad it was useful. Now I should stop typing, or something.

How to Draw the Brewers Glove/Ball logo - a Graphic that deconstructs everything for you. They...


How to Draw the Brewers Glove/Ball logo - a Graphic that deconstructs everything for you. They aren't really in any sequence, but, I find it to be a good and concise way to visualize how everything goes together. More than anything, I did this for myself yesterday, because it really never dawned on me that it's a lot easier than I'd made it out to be. So, if this helps or interests anyone, have fun. Maybe impress some friends or if you're on a date or something...maybe it will even get you a date! Like, draw it next to a phone number, or something. UPDATE: Some advice for the b, and something I didn't notice, before - Even though it's the 4th comment down, I'm linking the comment for added emphasis because it's fun to throw links into everything. Thanks, PagsBrewCrew!

Interesting article on Aoki

Christina Kahrl put up an interesting piece today on Aoki, which includes projections and also points out an overall trend in both NPB circuits (Aoki played in the Central League) - offensive output was down across the board by more than a full run due to a change in the size/make-up of the baseball. Kahrl thinks he is a "Ron Roenicke kind of player." For some reason, that made me laugh.



So - what would you say if I told you our Head of Scouting Operations in Japan goes by the name of . . . . . . . wait for it.... wait - - - (Three more seconds) 小さく勤勉な犬 !!! Her name...

Are you...birthday? (Saito might be back)

Mariners planning to meet with Fielder tonight

(Now that Justin Smoak is healthy... how about we trade for Justin Smoak after Prince makes the decision to go and hang out with Ichiro?)

The Brewers are Still Interested in Aramis Ramirez

"This tweet by The Brewer Nation (link) suggests the Brewers have made an offer to Ramirez this weekend, and it could be a three-year deal with a mutual option for a fourth. No word on the terms of the reported deal, as of yet." - Jim Breen

Greg we zullen je missen (Comment #224)

I'm not sure what it is about Cedric; the way he and other Dutch fans are saying goodbye to Greg Halman on an mlb condolences and memories page. "Greg we zullen je missen" (translation; Greg, we'll miss you) is just playing itself over and over in my head. Zullen je missen - the sweetest and saddest thing I'll probably see and remember. Considering the gravity this situation holds, and the shock; I always consider it a blessing in disguise when there is an opportunity to cry, and you where a person has no choice. I stood absolutely no chance of dodging this after the Dutch farewells. So many people love him, and it makes me feel a lot better, knowing this. Here is the full-page link.


We can have many, many, many Vendittes . . .

(many, many, many and also a whole lot of LaRussas Vendittes!)

MLB Labor Agreement Expected to be Announced Monday

Maury Brown discusses a few of the new Labor Agreement scenarios. In the article, he mentions the possibility of a luxury tax for teams at or below a bottom threshold (yet to be determined). But let's say it is $40M, as suggested in the article. A club would still receive revenue sharing, but if the payroll does not increase after 2 years, they would be taxed. I'm going to get some sleep, and figure this out tomorrow. It's sort of/kind of a salary-cap. Or it has that feel to it. I don't have a problem with this, except that it seems like another poke at teams who - - um - - - rely on the Rule IV draft and international development to not spend, or something. Selig is a real trip, isn't he?

Iron Man in Japan

Cal Ripken Jr. chronicles his State Department trip to Japan

Well, I don't think there is really anything to add to this. If I'd published the FanPost I wrote...

Well, I don't think there is really anything to add to this. If I'd published the FanPost I wrote about goals and guidelines for 2012, it would have been a waste of virtual paper. Now I think there actually is something I could add, so just think about this for a minute, because it's really important... If the Brewers are going to win a lot of games, they need to know about this video. I'm glad I could help the team, and they don't need to thank me, or give me game tickets or anything. *Or would it be rude to turn them down? I probably should just accept them.


Welcome to the World of the Milwaukee Squirrels (And Friends)

On behalf of all of the Eastern Gray Squirrels, I'd like to clear something up. Thanks to Jess, for letting me use her account to let you know about a huge misunderstanding. If you've seen a small...


Jemile Weeks was Ready for his Major League Debut Much Earlier than June of this Season, but he had to Out-think The Bear, First.

The Oakland Athletics... have made the path to the Majors a steep hill to climb for a gifted infield prospect. To play 2nd base, you have to learn how to play the drums and then compete engage in...


Game 162 Stress Disorder/Illness? Me, Too! (pt. I)

  First off, this is probably a better way to explain one of the symptoms is to let these hacks experts step in. Alright, thanks again show-offs experts!       Time for the real experts (i.e....


Kind of Brew - the film

 "He plays the infield shift the way it should be played." - Richard Rickie Darnell Weeks  ...


Baseball is Music to My Ears - - - Or at Least on Manuscript, it Looks like it Sounds Good.

... because first I have to finish writing my Brewers music, and then there is the matter of distributing it to people who are capable of playing the music. What I need these people to do is...

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