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I love sports and watch pretty much any form of competition. If I understood Rugby, it would be my favorite sport. I am a Husker fan through and through and will cheer for them in everything (Did you know we have a successful women's bowling team? Now you do.) and hope our basketball team starts stepping it up a notch. College Football is amazing and really is the best season in all of sports.

Otherwise I cheer for the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New Orleans Hornets... So yeah, maybe living in small town Nebraska away from any professional teams made for some strange team choices... It happens.

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A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA New Orleans Pelicans
  • NFL Buffalo Bills
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NASCAR Ryan Newman
  • EPL Everton
User Blog

An Ode to Irrational Confidence: Huskers Beat MSU


The Nebraska Cornhuskers went into East Lansing as 13.5 point underdogs to the Spartans. They emerged with a lot more than just pride.

Revisiting Positional Rankings: An Intro and QBs


Last year we tried to rank positions before the season started. I take a look at who we listed and how each player fared this year. Also, football talk!

Power Ranking Bad Football Uniforms in the B1G


It may be signing day tomorrow, but let's take a look at some really bad uniform combinations because we can...

B1G Rising: Getting Out of the Basketball Cellar


How does a team go from worst to... slightly above worst? Get a new coach, maybe snag a new arena, and claim a pelt. The rise of this year's cellar dwellers and the fall of Purdue.

#Nebrasketball: Winning at Home


It was my first taste of basketball at Pinnacle Bank Arena, and it was a good one. Nebraska overcame its own deficiencies and won a tough game over a ranked Ohio State. Some thoughts on the arena, the game, and my experience at the new digs.

Carry On: The Cruelty of Fandom


In a short span of time, you can be quickly reminded that being a fan is generally a one-sided affair with little return. After this week in Nebrasketball, I relearned that lesson.

Postmortem 2013: Nebraska


In the great words of Blink 182, "Roller Coaster favorite ride, let me kiss you one more time." Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but let's look at all that transpired this year for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The B1G Power Poll 2013: Breaking Bad


You've asked for it a few times, and so we're going there at the end. Your post bowl OTE Power Poll. And yes, Purdue is exactly who you expect them to be.

B1G Bowlapalooza 2013: Let's Talk About New Years


Some random musings on the day before the B1G goes to work on New Years Day. Hoping for the best, but generally assuming the worst.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Open Thread


Michigan. Kansas State. Wings.

2013-14 B1G Bowlapalooza: Real(ish) Previews


I figured it was time we got a little more professional around here. Of course, that probably doesn't mean much. I have previews and pertinent(ish) info for all the B1G bowl games.

The 2013 B1G Power Poll: The Football Recapalooza


Let's take a visual look at where we've been this season. Oh, and a few of the more quotable moments from 2013.

The B1G Power Poll 2013 Finale: CHRISTMASTIME!


To finish off this season, we are going through the best - and worst - of the Christmas movies out there. Your team might be Elf and it might be a terrible ABC Family Special. Sound awesome, right?

The 2013 All Empire Team


We couldn't let awards season go much further without recognizing the best of the best. Well, at least we couldn't let things go on without breaking out the All Empire Team. Better than All-Galaxy every time.

The Delanies Part II: The (Sad Sad) Team Edition


Hey, let's give some teams an award or two. After all, it's not like this crop is getting any other awards on their own.

Bowlapalooza 2013: Word Association


Where our staff makes quick assessments of each matchup.

The 2013 Delanies - Same Long Names, New Awards!


The Delanies are back and more absurd than ever. Come find out what awards we give out to the best(ish) individuals in the B1G.

Big Red in the B1G: On Pelini and Expectations


The game ended, yet the real story seemed to have just started. Even before the red wave began their trek home, past the Hawkeye faithful basking in their soon-to-be official victory in the enemy's...

B1G Power Poll Week 13: Pie Time


Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so let's compare your favorite - and not-so-favorite - teams to Thanksgiving Pies. Note: Thanksgiving Pies as a definition/category used loosely.

Sunday Morning Coming Down: We have a B1G Game Now


Yesterday was a mishmash of rivalries with goalpost chopping, blowouts, slap fights, questionable calls, and blowouts. So let's talk about it.

B1G Power Poll Week 12: Food Court Edition


Fast Food is bad for your health. So is Purdue football. With that, the B1G Power Poll Week 12 Food Court edition.

B1G Power Poll Week 11: Rounders Edition


Because Poker and B1G Football are pretty much the same thing, right?

The State of the Race: Leaders Division, Week 12


In which we discuss how everyone not named Ohio State looks destined to not win this division.

B1G Power Poll 2013 Week 10: It's a Circus


With a wild weekend in the books, we turn to the circus for inspiration. Turns out this was an easy comparison...

The State of the Race: Leaders Division, Week 11


Yesterday Green Akers did a solid writeup on the Legends Division standing with four weeks left. In a similar fashion to last week, I will be taking on the glorious Leaders Division. As always,...

The Thrill of Victory & Agony of Defeat: NU vs NU


It was the only way this game could have ended. When Northwestern came to Nebraska for Round III of this crazy series, lots of weird things ensued. Here is the story by Jesse Collins and MNWildcat, in GIFs, comments, and (Wildcat) tears.

B1G Power Poll Week 9: Horror Movie Monsters


Let's be honest. Two of the easiest columns to write (and get feedback from your readers) are 1) the power rankings column and 2) the pop culture comparison column. Much like that magical day when...

The State of the Race: Leaders Division


The Leaders Race is down to Ohio State and a bunch of people chasing them. Sure, there are five weeks left and all for that to change, but the snapshot looks pretty clear right now.

The B1G Red: On Bo, Losing, and Lessons Learned


"I’m not meeting my expectations. I know that." - Bo Pelini in his Monday Morning Presser At one point or another, we all lose at something. I distinctly remember being a scrawny young Korean...

B1G Power Poll Week 8: The Trick-or-Treat Edition


The rankings are getting more consistent and your favorite team is compared to delicious Halloween treat. That is, unless your favorite team is Purdue.

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