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I love sports and watch pretty much any form of competition. If I understood Rugby, it would be my favorite sport. I am a Husker fan through and through and will cheer for them in everything (Did you know we have a successful women's bowling team? Now you do.) and hope our basketball team starts stepping it up a notch. College Football is amazing and really is the best season in all of sports.

Otherwise I cheer for the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New Orleans Hornets... So yeah, maybe living in small town Nebraska away from any professional teams made for some strange team choices... It happens.

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A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA New Orleans Pelicans
  • NFL Buffalo Bills
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NASCAR Ryan Newman
  • EPL Everton
User Blog

The Really B1G Summer Discussion


It's been a while since a really long discussion about 2013 transpired, right? Ted and I take care of that with a wild ride that covers the B1G Championship Game, Over and Underachievers, Darkhorse teams, and best games. Basically, #AllB1GEverything

They Let Me Out of the OTE Asylum


So Corn Nation's Brian Towle (@btbowling for all you Twitter folks who care about recruiting and rants about irrational Nebraska fans) thought it would be a great idea to invite my stumbling, name-forgetting self over to the CN Podcast. What ensued was 80 minutes of chatting about pretty much everything B1G. If you're the type who enjoys listening to one guy interview another who doesn't watch football about everything B1G, then this is for you. We also talk a lot about Nebraska, so there's that.

B1G 2013 // An On the Banks Rutgers Q&A


A couple of the guys from On the Banks agreed to take questions from me. Why? Well, that's probably a great question, but the results were great. Enjoy an extended look into who and what the B1G got ourselves into when it bought a Rutgers.

B1G 2013 // OTE's Northwestern Potluck


A fine dining feast featuring high expectations for the Wildcats, talk about defense (or lack thereof), a shout out to the dual QB system, and talk about Northwestern being, well, Northwestern.

B1G 2013 // Wisconsin Scored Again


A Nebraska fan hates Wisconsin? Sure, you might think this all stems from the B1G Conference Championship Game, but this cuts a little bit deeper.

B1G 2013 // Rutgers Encapsulated


What happens when the OTE staff takes on Rutgers? We give the school its entire week in a post. All Rutgers Everything... in under 400 words.

No More Excuses B1G - Indiana Said So


With a sweep of the Florida State Seminoles, the Indiana Hoosier baseball team proved the B1G can play with anyone. With no more excuses, it's time the B1G works to get better instead of working to change the rules.

The Best of the Best Defensive Backs in the B1G


Almost coming in for a landing with the 2013 Best of the Best previews. Today we look at Defensive Backs and find a lot of talent where you expect it, and a little bit where you might not. The Best of the Best DB's in the B1G are all here.

The Best of the Best Defensive Linemen in the B1G


And the previews continue. Considering the substantial loss of talent along the defensive line in 2013, it is not all that surprising that there are quite a few new names on the list. Still, I am guessing Quarterbacks are aware of all of these guys.

The Best of the Best Linebackers in the B1G


Yes, we are in the middle of B1G 2013, but I promised to fight the good fight in getting these done. So, with special thanks to Graham for choosing Linebackers as the start of our look at the best defenders in the B1G, here are the best of the best.

B1G 2013//Indiana's REAL Smartest Guys in the Room


After a bit of fun earlier today, here is the real lowdown on Indiana's coaching staff led by the extremely sharp Kevin Wilson.

B1G 2013 // A Guest Helps with Indiana Football


I am not an Indiana fan, but I definitely wanted to do my part for Off Tackle Empire this week. In order to get to the bottom of Indiana Football, I tagged my buddy from Indiana to talk all about Indiana football. Things ended... interestingly.

B1G 2013 // Illinois' Smartest Guys in the Room


B1G 2013 - Illinois continues with a look at the Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinators. Last year might not have gone as planned, but with some reinforcement on offense, the Illinois hope there is nowhere but to go but up.

B1G 2013 // Illinois Cocktail Party Preview


So you're at a Cocktail Party with the new boss and find out he's an Illini fan. Never fear! OTE begins B1G 2013 with a primer on everything Illinois with guest writer Robert from A Lion Eye dropping knowledge bombs on all of us.

The Best of the Best Kickers in the B1G


Sure, we might have just finished the offense, but before we get too much further, let's appreciate the Kickers. After all, what can be more important in the B1G than a good kicker?

Reflection Time: What OTE Means to Me


I love Off Tackle Empire. There. I said it. I know that most of you probably love our site too, but when tasked with describing what OTE means to me, I couldn't sum it up much better than I love...

Big Ten at Ten 4.18.13: All the Stories


Your continuing source of B1G stories for your morning.

The Best of the Best Offensive Linemen in the B1G


If there is an under-appreciated position in the world, it has got to be Offensive Line. Of course, this is B1G country, so we look to find the five best-of-the-best Linemen in the conference.

Checking In: A Short Chat With the New Guys


Ben Broman drops by, figuratively, to chat a little about how Maryland is doing this offseason as they get ready for one last run through the ACC.

The Best of the Best Tight Ends in the B1G


It may seem like the Tight End position has been a little less flashy over the past few years in the B1G. Still, there is a nice mix of exciting young talent and consistent Senior playmakers to make this list diverse. Also, another Indiana player!

The Best of the Best Wide Receivers in the B1G


We are highlighting the Top 5 (or seven) best receivers in the B1G. That or we are making some egregious errors. Either way, check it out and comment.

You Know What, Sports Can be Inspiring


On a beautiful spring day in Nebraska, football played the prop to one of the most inspiring events you'll see this year. What did your team do this spring?

Ted and Jesse Take Over College Football


We didn't mean to do this, but in light of the ordeal at Auburn, the scandal at Rutgers, outrage at Miami and Oregon sitting prettier and prettier, and the insanity that is the rule of NCAA...

Big Ten at Ten 4.5.13: The End is Near


Final Four, NIT Championships, Spring Football, Recruiting, and a shout out to one of the Great Ones.

The Best of the Best Running Backs in the B1G


Follow along as Off Tackle Empire ranks the Top 5 Running Backs in the conference going into the 2013 season.

ICYMI 4.3.13: March Madness and Spring Football


The end of one season bleeds into the start of another. We just don't stop around here.

The Very Early Top 5 B1G Quarterbacks


The part of the Spring where we make arbitrary judgements on who is better than who, and then let our community tell us we obviously don't watch football... because obviously.

The OTE Sweet 16 Open Thread


Let's talk about the Michigans! BEE-ONE-GEE! BEE-ONE-GEE! BEE-ONE-GEE!

Big Ten at Ten 3.29.13


Indiana, You Ruined EVERYTHING!!!



The Sweet 16 Night One Open Thread. Where we discuss the B1G's next step towards NCAA Basketball Domination.

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