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There and Back Again; A Look Back and Grade of the 2013 Off-Season

After a miserable 6-10 off season ending in a franchise quarterback flopping, a defense collapsing and the Tim Tebow Saga, the New York Jets begun a transition to a new era under new GM John Idzik...


Murphy's Law and the State of the Jets

After a long break and extreme boredom, I've decided to come back to GGN in a non-lurker way at least on a small basis. Hooray! Right? Right? ... Fine. I DON'T NEED YOUR SYMPATHY. Anyway, I...


GGN Thread About Nothing # 58 The Best

A Man Can Get Karate Kid Montage - You're the Best (via 805Bruin) Fun Fact, Gillette Is, in fact, the best a Man can get. Behold, the Glory and amazingness of Gillette The best a Man can...


GGN Thread About Nothing #57 Hallelujah Part Two

Hey everyone. After a Bronco Sponsored and Coon skin hat themed TAN, we are back to our normal scheduling. I realize we already did a Hallelujah when I was going through a rough time, but the...


GGN Thread About Nothing #55 Higher Ground/Roxanne

Well, this has just been the song I've been listening to recently. An epic mix of Sting and Stevie Wonder. Also, Cstroh, When can I expect the formal apology detailing how awesome the TAN...


GGN Thread About Nothing #54 Festivus

CSTROH, YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR NEW OVERLORD. I SENTENCE YOU TO A THOUSAND YEARS MISERY OF WATCHING THE JETS! MWAHAHAHA...oh wait... Here's your typical blahblahblah and don't forget to unrec the...


GGN Thread About Nothing #53 Down Under

Dabu is gone, 3rd tan in a week..... MADNESS, TIME FOR MY TIME TO SHINE People, Unrec the other ones and rec this so the other two go away Here's your typical blahblahblah Jack-A-Thread...

Ref Lock out ends

NFL announced late Wednesday Night/Early Thursday Morning that the Lockout has ended


NFL Films Founder Steve Sabol Passes Away

NFL network has just announced the Steve Sabol has passed away due to complications of his Brain Tumor. The football world said good-bye to a legend of the sport Tuesday. Steve Sabol,...


Steve Sabol Passes Away

According to the NFL, Steve Sabol has passed due to complications from his brain tumor. He was the most influential man in NFL history in my opinion. More than Vince Lombadi and Brett Favre Could...


GGN Thread About Nothing #17 Lunch Special

Now, this is a concept that many other sites are using currently, they are: Jack-A-Thread (JAT) Off-Topic Activities (OTA) at Pats Pulpit: yeah, this is a pat fan thing. The guys there are nice...

Not Out Of The "Hard Knocks" Woods Yet

They're still considering us...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


Switching Defenses? More Likely Than You Think

via Well, in the uproar with Quinton Coples being our draft pick there were some interesting comments by both GGN users and the Coaching staff. Coples wasn't necessarily an...

It's A "Hard Knock" Life for HBO

The Falcons actually turned it down. So there is a "chance" we go back...I'm against it, but whatever happens happens. Surprising they actually turned it out though


Gang Green Nation Unites!

Fair warning. This isn't necessarily a full out post, rather a thread so see where we could meet up. I also have no idea what happened to the end of this post. The shading just...

The Cleveland Browns Have Even More Fans of What They've been doing!

The Cleveland Browns Have Even More Fans of What They've been doing!

Tebow Time Late to the Party

He won't actually be a Jet until Saturday, according to both NFL and ESPN

Another "Island" in NY?

Apparently, Webster thinks he is on the same level as Revis...What?

Even Derrick Mason Sticks up for Sanchez

I don't know who's right here, but now The one who has already come out and talked about how messed up our locker room was is defending Sanchez

Sal Alosi Gets Another Chance

I believe that everyone gets a second chance, so this is nice. He messed up big time with tripgate last year


It's Been A Long Way-A Look Back To The (Offensive) Moves We Made

Well, The season is over for us. I Waited a couple of days to start this so I could let emotions cool down and be able to have an objective opinion on the moves we made. If you can remember, I...



Apparently Shotty is still receiving high interest for NFL HC jobs, including the Dolphins....What? How is this guy still getting attention? Honestly. At least if he goes there we can have the...


TNF Thread

In case anyone feels like talking about the game-nice to see J-Co get a score and seem happy there


A bit of Revenge

I don't have anything to really prove this, but when Greene got the direct snap and got into the endzone, Sanchez seemed to have a nice block on Hall. A bit of revenge for his infamous flinch


This is why I hate MNF

Not because of the Pats Winning... Just shut up Jon Gruden, please just shut up!


Don't Look Past the Patriots

Now that I've thrown out a misleading title-lets get to my real point.  I'm Completely disregarding the title and I'm looking at the rest of the season for our Gang Green.  Have you looked at...


Santonio Holmes Charity Event

It was a great time last night-guys from Mark Sanchez, Holmes, Rex and Tanny, Plax, Westermen, much of the D-line and practice squad players showed up. If you can afford it-head to the event next...


Nick Folk has been REALLY good

He broke the franchise record for field goals made in a row from the start of the season with 11. Obviously broken yesterday on a tough kick he could have made, but WOW

Ryan Fitzpatrick to stay in the Division

Not directly Jets related, But the Amish Rifle is staying in Buffalo for 6 more years. The way he's played, along with Brady and the possibility of the Fins getting Luck, we may have one of the hardest division in football when it comes to QBs. Besides the NFC South


New Security Measures at Games

According to the NFL network, Starting November 20th, Handheld metal detectors will be used by Security on entry to the game. Clearly a result from lack of security, from examples like the taser...

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