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Trip Gate Pops it's ugly head again

Looks Like Westoff was right in saying the Pats were doing the same as we did Not to...


Mangini Out In Cleveland

I know It's not exactly Jets related, but ex-head coach Eric Mangini was ousted from Cleveland earlier today after another poor season going 5-11 including a last second loss to the Jets in OT.  He...


3 Jets to the Pro-Bowl

The Island, The Blindside, and the Center make the Probowl for the NY Jets. Darrelle Revis was voted second behind Nhamdi Asomougha, Nick Mangold was First in the Voting while D-brick was Third...


Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)

Thought I'd throw that out there and remind everyone where we were last year....who could forget the classic Rex speech of about how  "Manning, Clark, Addai, Reggie Wayne, Freeney, Mathis, Brackett...


The Punishment of Alosi

Hey I wanted to get feedback from the Jets fans, what do you think the Jets, and the NFL will do with him after the flagrant hit on Carrol.  I think he should lose his job, no place for that in the...


Woodhead Has broken all ties with us

I didn't WANT to let him go.  I always liked this guy and I hoped, "Who knows, we might get him after his contract expires"... Now I'm on Yahoo Fantasy Football and see this Woodhead used to play...


Get BS out of here

I'll start this thread, Off with His head? We say that the run game was effective but we started off with the passing game against an underrated Patriots Secondary who lets up so many yards because...


Richardson As A Wideout

Seriously? How many times will B.S. call a run out of this formation after he shifts into the backfield? It doesn't work and it definitely doesn't confuse the Defense on what their doing.  At LEAST...

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